RHOP: Ashley Darby Opens Up About Miscarriage & Michael Tears Up (Season 3, Episode 20) | Bravo

but, uh, Michael and I are in
a much better place. We are trying to have a family.
– You are? – Yes, we are. – I… Actually did conceive
a week before my birthday… and unfortunately
I had a miscarriage two weeks into the pregnancy. – I'm sorry
to hear that Ashley. – Yeah.
– Thank you. And I had one
when I was in my early 20's so now I'm worried about,
like, if there's something going on with my body. But I feel like it kind of
brought us closer together. In a way that um… I didn't really expect. – Choked up about it?
– Mm-hmm. And to watch that. That whole thing. But we knew one thing that
we belonged together and… I think that
we've got a long future. – Babe, that's sweet.
– So, yeah. – It's like a moment. – Will you continue
to try to conceive? – Oh, yes,
so I am now seeing a traditional Chinese
medicine doctor, and everyone
was making fun of me because I had on socks
with my slippers, but my doctor tells me
that I have a cold uterus so that means
that I have to keep my hands and my feet
and my stomach warm. – And so you've fully
come around to this, Michael? – It wasn't about
having a child or a family; it was about having
a relationship that was a good, strong relationship
so we could have a child. So, yeah,
that was always part of it. I'll say, I want to have
a child with her. There see, how was that?
Sorry. So very emotional. – Monique, does hearing
about her miscarriage change how you see Ashley? – I wouldn't wish that
on anybody. Like, um, I mean,
even when she talked about it– – All right, babe. – Oh, babe. – I know what that feels like. I wouldn't want anybody
to go through that. So… at the end of the day,
Ashley and I had a connection, so to hear of her loss,
I still feel that. – Yeah. – I'm sorry.
– I appreciate that, Monique.

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  1. I wish I had time to watch this show which I stumbled on by accident at the end of last year. Don't like Cohen: he panders to all that is low life and obnoxious.

  2. Miscarriages are rough. Nobody seems to talk about how hard it is not only physically but emotionally. It's something that stays with you forever.

  3. Funny how grimey and messy people think their sorrows will make people give af. Idgaf about any of that. She still tried to ruin what Monique had going on & was just overall a messy bully. She wasn’t concerned when Karens parents were slowing dying in front of her. That miscarriage does not affect how you treat people so stop it. What she has is a character flaw. And shes a bad person.

  4. Candice lord every time I look at her I feel like I’m looking at buckeey from flavor of love/Love and hip hop

  5. I feel like Ashley made up a story line to make people have sympathy for her because she was going to get roasted anyway about how she treated Monique. And now that the story is on the other shoe you would think she would have apologize on how she missed treated Monique but she didn’t. Ashley full of it.

  6. Yikes, these comments are sad and disgusting 😒 no matter how you may feel about her being "messy" to relish in the fact that she went through this and even LIE and say that she was never pregnant is heartless, and shows your hypocrisy. Hope yall never have to go through that 🙄

  7. He's stupid to have a kid with her. She's trying to secure a bag for her and her mom. I could understand him helping her mom out every now and then but her mom wants somebody to take care of her able body long term…i don't support lazy. Get a job!!!!

  8. It's gonna be hard 2 successfully conceive with a senior citizen. Not 2 be mean-spirited, but his sperm is not the best around, & she's 30 already…

  9. Ashley and Michael are both liars! And you people fell for it, 2 weeks pregnant? Really? At 2 weeks implantation has not even occured! Girl bye with that sad lie! How shameful of her.

  10. And news flash..it's the old one who was caught in a lie ..Ashley's husband wasn't even in Europe when the nude picture was taken

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