Rilah’s Ultrasound | Unexpected

[MUSIC PLAYING] Now that I’m finally,
like, far along, we’re going to go
see a 4D ultrasound of the baby’s features. And I’m really excited. Hello. Hi, how are you? RILAH: I’m good. I’m looking forward to
seeing the baby’s features. And I’m worried that the
baby won’t look like me. God forbid the
baby wasn’t yours. Then what? I wouldn’t be there. I want to see for
myself the baby is mine. TECHNICIAN: All right, let’s see
how the baby’s doing in there. Let’s take a look. Her head is down now. [GASPS] Let’s go. TECHNICIAN: Yeah. She’s already, you
know, head down. So that’s a good thing. Yeah, absolutely. ANTHONY: Yay. Is she covering her face? TECHNICIAN: Yeah,
she’s on her side. You see? Let me see if I can
grab it real quick. ANTHONY: Please, Malia,
let me see your ear. TECHNICIAN: Let’s see.
Let’s see. Let’s see. RILAH: Why do do want
to see her ears so bad? If I see the baby’s
ears look like mine, that would prove that
she’s mine, because my ears look like elf ears. And there’s really not
a hard way to see it. Those are my ears. There’s an ear right there. ANTHONY: Where?

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  1. This guy is literally so strange if he wants to know the baby's father just wait until she's born and then do a paternity test like seriously u don't need to be checking if the baby has elf ears 😂

  2. He has no idea how genetics work🙄 lmaoo the baby could look nothing like him but look like the mother. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  3. Young and inexperienced is a hell of a thing, young man don't go play with sex if you can't handle the consequences. Sex ain't a toy, if you never have gone there you wouldn't be wondering if the child is yours or not. We wonder why there are so many unwanted children coming into this world.

  4. Dumb. My son looks like my sister's daughter and like his other uncles daughter. If we went by looks someone would have some explaining to do!

  5. Is this boy okay. Parri wait till the baby is born she saying it's URS u don't believe you can always get a paternity test.

  6. These kids man. I’d be so embarrassed to be their parents. Looking for elf ears on a ultrasound bro. You can get a DNA test now. Like did your parents teach you anything at all? Did you learn anything in school? Poor babies man. You can have a child that looks nothing like you at all and still be yours. Man teach your children something.

  7. Is this guy for real,want to see the face and ears to see if he is the daddy, kick him into touch what a arse hole.

  8. Well, now we know how she got pregnant. He had no idea what sex was, no idea what a condom is, and above all, had no idea that if you stick your penis into a vagina it can make a baby. I bet he didn't even know what he had was called a penis. No wonder they are in the current situation. smh!!!

  9. Dude! You had s*x with that girl and you don't believe her you are the father? You can do DNA test even the baby is not around yet in the world. Get sample blood of the girl and etc duh

  10. Are u kidding he is deciding that the kid is his or not by the ears like it might all og it mothers feature you wont know until its borns

  11. So this guy thinks if his baby girl has elf ears , then she’s definitely his……. just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. How about you grow a pair and take responsibility and stop trying to find a easy way out. Dumb ass.

  12. Is this guy serious ? I'm surprised how he even managed to get her pregnant… did he even know what to do ? maybe thats why he's worried about the baby being his or not…

  13. He was trying to see if the baby looks like him from an ultrasound? News flash both of my children don't have my ears …….

  14. Just wait for him see elf ears, the kid is born, he raises her, she turns 18 and the dude finds out that it’s not his kid 😭😂

  15. He’s so stupid for thinking the baby’s ears are going to be his for sure. What if they look like the mother? Why are you questioning paternity? And why are you a legal adult sleeping with a 16 year old? Where are the parents? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  16. My son looks exactly like me, he has no features of his dad other than his height so this truly is sad that he is doing this to her, he should just do a paternity test if he’s doubtful.

  17. This kid has so much to learn …that baby could have great great great great grandma's ears , great grand pa's nose , great aunt's eyes , 2nd cousin's hair , from either side of the family of whomever made the baby , ect , ect , ect ! you fool ! Get a DNA test !!!

  18. This reminds me of Maury with their stupid idea's on if the kid is theirs or not because they dont have this and that but then end up being theirs.. Sometimes not.. Only he's a teenager them Maury Folks grown ass men 😅.

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