Ring Sling: Threading and tightening for newborn.

make sure you've got your sling straight not twisted and then gather it up about just a little ways from the tail and then take take that and put it through the Rings again making sure nothing's twisted okay so then you're gonna thread it through the second part of your rings and I do the same thing bunch of that then I take this down oh okay now you want to make sure it's not twisted in the rings and at the top rail isn't folded over at all then I take it just to make sure it's all where it should be make sure that bottom rail is not twisted and then through the rings making sure nothing's folded over on the edges okay and then for a newborn you in a position the rings about where you want to my usual just a smidgen higher than I want it and you want your sling fairly tight before you put the baby so put your arm in and tighten the top rail more than the bottom rail because you're going to need a little bit of slack on this stuff under the baby's bed to make a good seat so I start with the top rail and just pull out and across your body okay so it's pretty it's pretty tight make sure nothing's bunched make sure your top rails where it should be before you put the baby in it's tightening easier this is kind of a sticky sling – cuz it's a woven wrap so it takes a little bit of precision tightening but the smoothers fabrics are gonna go go through easier okay and then again put the Rings about where you want to and you'll just pull it down under your boot in your opinion

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