Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes

Let’s go ahead and look at some risk
factors here for gestational diabetes because you’ve talked about them so
let’s look at a graphic which basically gives us a little bit of an idea here
while we’re here you are at risk if you had gestational diabetes during a
previous pregnancy that’s something else that comes out in your conversations
that you have to have with the patient you’ve given birth to a baby who weighed
more than nine pounds why is that what why is the baby’s weight important? Right because the problem with gestational diabetes is elevated glucose and that is
the factor that causes the baby to weigh more and it causes some complications in
just having a larger baby. Overweight we would again seem to be another one of the common-sense issues some people unfortunately cannot prevent that when
that happens but I would imagine that in our society because we’re becoming a
more obese society every single day that that may be a rising factor is you see a
lot of women coming in you talk to them. Absolutely being overweight as a higher
risk for diabetes in general and then because pregnancy alone is a risk factor
for diabetes as you get further along it’s definitely one of these big risk
factors Are more than 25 years of age is there what’s the magic cutoff there
with 25. 25 is the age they have here but just as you get older so 25 30 35 women
just as they get older that that risk goes up.

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