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  1. What a nice talk! Educative , well presented!
    Swedish collegue with a little more than 20 years in obstetrics.

  2. I’ve had 2 emergency sections one asleep due to heart rate of baby second was a failed vback my first and second 2 years apart , on my second my bladder got attached to the first c section scar so they had to detach and fix that up , I really want a third ? That section was 2 half years ago but I’m afraid if that will cause more complications or happening again I won’t have another if there a lot of risk as I can’t just take that for selfish reasons , doctors never said much about my second section about future ones I just don’t know what to do ? Getting married when my baby 3 so I’m in limbo

  3. Hi, my wife is going to be having her 3rd c-section very soon. Do you have percentages for the risks associated with having a third c-section? We will most likely still go through with the procedure but would like to compare risks. Thanks!

  4. Sir I m 39 I had already 4 c section my last c section do last 4 years ago I want 1 more baby is 5 c section is safe for me ?

  5. Hi Dr,
    I had 2 c-section and pregnant on the 3rd. My first baby was emergency c-section bcoz the fluid around the baby was very little. The 2nd baby was not progressing after induced only 4 cm opening, which ends up with c-section bcoz the baby's heart was low as they said and I believe if they could wait me I could have virginal delivery. Now I am afraid for the 3rd c-section and I don't want to go hospital quickly so that I can Labour at home bcoz they will push me for the 3rd c-section.
    Please Dr any advise.

  6. What if your OB tells you a 2nd csection is safer than a vaginal birth ? My 1st csection was an emergency and I’m currently pregnant I need answers please

  7. I had my first baby by c-section bcoz of placenta previa(complete underlying)I am afraid to plan for second kid as I heard there are chances to have pp again.Is it true and are there any ways to not to have pp.I don’t want another c-section and how many years gap is good for second child in my case.

  8. I'm having my my 3 c section next week.. My due date is sept 22. My scedule supposed to be sept 17 but my doctor change the scedule it will be nxt week because I've been taking insulin.. I'm a bit scared about it.

  9. Hi sir i m from pakistan and wanna ask u about risks of early 2nd c section i mean my 1st delivery was last year in oct n my 2nd c section is in this year in sep means next month .my pragnancy through out is norml but i m scare of my 2nd early c section i have fear of uterus damage as i heard abt it…is it really safe to hv early c section???

  10. Hello, thanks a lot for all the information! They told me my scar tissue is too thin and that is why I must have a second c-section, 4 years after my emergency c section (first water broke; then 28 hours of labor with no progress with Pitocin). What does a thin scar tissue mean? I have no visible scars on my body despite I had many accidents when I was growing up. I am thinking maybe my body heals without making big scar tissue 🙂

  11. I had my baby. Csection unfortunately but so far everything is healing nicely. 7 days postpartum. She was early 36 weeks. Emergency csection with on call dr. Bummer i was hoping it was my regular obgyn. No vbac they were freaking out because it was on file prior csection and current baby was breech. She was coming on her own couldnt stop labor. And when they cut me theh said oh she isnt even breech! She turned during labor. Oh well i finally got to experience some labor and contractions. She was in nicu for two days then she was fine after that. Thanks for all your informative videos.

  12. Is it possible to have a vbac if your babies are due 17 months apart? Thanks for your amazing knowledge! You are inspirational 😊

  13. I found your advice rediculous, I had an emergency c section with my first son as I heomeraged and needed emergency operation immediately . I was a day early with my son and had a placenta abrupt ion which I knew nothing about till my water popped and instead of water I had a river of blood. The hospital totally missed it on my scan when I was pregnant, also behind the placenta was a huge blood clot. We both nearly died and I lost 3 litres of blood. Had three transfusions, and it's messed me up mentally. I had another section 21 months after with my second son all was fine, it was a planned c section and went as planned. I'm 46, now and planning my third baby in June, I will defiantly have to have a c section as I've had two and it's my only choice, you have scared me to death with this placenta acreta and now I'm terrified something is going to go wrong , like it did in my first pregnancy. Sometimes we have no choice , because of the hospital incompetent I don't get to have a natural birth.

  14. Thank you for the video. I know someone who nearly died and had to have hysterectomy because of undiagnosed bladder injury on her third csection. Im not happy that at this moment my only choice is repeat csection because baby is breech once again and no one does ecv where I am. And vbac Drs here are very rare hard to find.

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