22 Replies to “Robin Williams on fatherhood”

  1. Omg it's so late at night and I'm trying to laugh on the inside so i don't wake my son or husband. Can't breathe, help LMAO

  2. What the hell is in his left pocket he keeps messing with? I know damn well it ain't dick, it doesn't extend back to his crotch. Lol.

  3. To the Williams children. Consider these as old home movies of dad. He was nuts and funny at the same time. No offense.

  4. Robin William
    The man
    The myth
    The genie
    The scientist
    The legend
    The aunt
    The Peter pan
    The comedian
    (Sorry I could not get everything he was)

    He will be missed

  5. Dear Robin: I'm so glad you didn't have to be here for this. The complete castration of 90% of our men ensures that there will never be another father like you.

    I don't even believe half the shit I say, but I've been so chocked full of it, and it's gotta spew.

    And you'd be happy to know that Azeroth has a younger sister now, also Azeroth. But only the original has your tribute.

    I would like the world to be like it was before 9/11, and the takeover of the surveillance state, but I'm also ready for the true end.

    The Light prevails, and Love endures. May we find each other some day, in some deli, on a road paved golden.

  6. Haha! Don't wanna be a mom, but I will 150% be that "rich" (two wage earners and zero kids) lesbian auntie who spoils the shit out of my brothers kids! I basically want to play with little kids but don't want to be responsible for the psychological damage that would come with prolonged contact with them. I can't fuck them up if I see them only once or twice per week and am on my best behavior the whole time.

  7. Rest in peace, Robin, I miss you every day. You always knew just what to say to make me laugh, cry, and think and even after all these years since your passing…I still don't know what we'll do without you.

  8. I have only heard this on cassette tape previous to this. This is much better than the disembodied voice an$ the sound of the cassette player eating the tape!

  9. I came in last night 930pm from work went through some paperwork searching for some info, & after bout an hr went by, i said im done i look tommarrow.I CRACK OPEN BY BEER,packed the WEED PIPE,& just started to serf u tube looking for another clip from robin on kids,i clicked this one AND LMAO LAUGH MY ASS OFF FOR THE NEXT 45 MIN & IT FELT GREAT TO LAUGH LIKE DAT WOW……GRASIAS TY MR. WILLIAMS

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