10 Replies to “Roe v. Wade, "New" Science & the Old Geography of Pregnancy”

  1. Consensual sex is enough to hold a man responsible for a child, why isn't it also enough to hold a woman responsible for a child?

  2. We all learned in sex education class that sex leads to pregnancy in case anyone has forgot that it's not only about fun. Ig you play around and get pregnant then don't come along later and want an abortion because you screwed up (literally). Now your going to make another screw up bigger than the last that will haunt you and society the rest of your life.

  3. The baby at 1 year of age could not survive without the mother either. Should we give the mother "rights" to abort her 1 year old baby because it is not viable on it's own? Any Freshman law student can see right through your smoke and mirror charade and tear your argument apart. Having babies is what makes a woman a woman you idiot. That is not slavery fool, just biology and nature.

  4. Abortion's all about money. the big wigs at abortion clinics pedal this "Right to choose" so the money keeps flowing their way.

  5. Choice, choose.. All the ones we DONT have we ALL complain about, Taxes and death the biggest two, so why not let a women choose? What about rape, incest or a 15yr old who cant take care of herself and/or the parents cant? (crack heads,heroin addicts,etc.) Folks will complain about abortion, but not wanna pay high taxes so the stupid ass young mother can get welfare, on US!!!!!!We all need and Must have choices!! I dont mean one who dont wanna tell mom or the one who dont wanna lose their body!

  6. the question is not about how you define a person. if it is a person, would that mean a woman could be forced to give up her bodily autonomy? of course not. her rights do not evaporate upon becoming pregnant. being able to exist inside a woman's body is purely at her discretion. it is a privelege, and not a right.

  7. In Switzerland, the "New scientific evidence" argument was already used by fundamentalists in the 1920ies !!!
    The question is: how do you define a "person"? This is not a scientific question. Most (non-fundamentalist) philosophers and thinking people would not consider a fertilized egg a "person". And this fertilized egg is within the woman and cannot develop without her. The video is excellent: You cannot give the embryo rights over the woman without making her an incubator and slave.

  8. Zygote, embryo, fetus, baby =same person.
    The same person from the moment of
    conception. They have the right to live!

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