Romeo Coming Home! Labor & Delivery Vlog

so today is the day we've been all waiting for a panel man to say we've been all waiting for a stinky butt is on his way today I am 40 weeks in five days and I'm being induced tonight at 9:00 p.m. it is what what time is it 6:40 – so yeah that's pretty moron pretty crazy huh so yeah everything's packed our bags are packed yes cribben stuff is ready so hopefully he'll just come out pretty easy and not like stubborn and take hours to get here well yeah in a couple hours we'll be heading to the hospital and I'll probably check back up with you guys then is the badly Oh hopefully he comes out tonight either born in the 20th or the 21st most likely the 21st because that's nine ten three hours where you made the hospital for the 20th some pretty sure his birthday will be definitely 21st of June yep so I'll check back in with you guys when we're on the way to the hospital there's a new baby ooh baby it's so dark in here you can see we got a new baby nanoucoco we can't thank you turn the light off both go baby we gotta go hey let me see you have a baby yes thank you but I love you bye frisky hmm sub you two over here it's the big day this is being induced baby's about to be here not excited sweaty palms and any fun they're just video already didn't got a hooked up or anything yet sitting right there op QT really for the baby Romeo's geeky you and look even more cute whenever you're pushing or whenever the little Romeo's coming up I'm gonna let you hooked up we didn't make up before we came not all of it just more natural than anything it's cute it's best I don't understand upon your doing that before you about to be sweating and pushing a baby out though but purity is everything yeah we're at the hospital and keep you updated whenever we get everything going once we get to where we know what they're doing with it and everything and I cooked up on that and when she's about to be pushing I'm gonna see if I can get the birth on video so let me edited obviously means how to pass out with you so yeah we'll keep you updated so what's up guys just doing a little update here she's uh laying down they got her sleeping meds and everything because she was having contractions cuz they give it a little kill thing to help her contractions start up so then they gave her her own medicine to help her go to sleep with so she's sitting here just trying to go to sleep bringing down violate it once in the mirror said she has a long day ahead of her tomorrow so looks like we don't be here for a while no Romeo ain't ready to come yet but he'll be here as soon as possible my drive so I'm only being about that but I'm sure I heard I just see my doctor put her hand basically all the way up there so it's like I'm sure they don't saw the best but yeah this is just a little update everything's going well so far so view too early in the morning it just broke her water for they said uh I'm gonna come and check in on our every 15 minutes to make sure that everything is good they gave us some more medicine to help her but pain and everything and okay where do they have this baby here sure really just gotta wait for these contractions to kick in and have to move on down up out of there is explained there just a no Cody you feeling okay probably pitocin oh yeah just a few more hours little Romi it will be here you'll be his birthday yep so once everything gets the rolling I'll keep you guys updated and everything on what's going on but top one's the baby's heartbeat and then the bottom one's the contractions so those mountains are where she just had contractions at yeah it was huge it's not that I'm pretty sure they get worse that went down there's huge let her get some sleep we'll update job and everything is on the ball tell her I love her what about to go let her go soon she's at nine centimeters baby's at nine centimeters you got something you want to say to the folks tired you in pain what is that the door about you right just uncomfortable explain to the ladies that have not too experienced this yet what they're going to experience or do you want to be surprised surprise to them so many so many females that are like following you that are like pregnant and stuff they're just like questioning like what's wrong what's stupid now updated with everything so like I said we can't record the procedure of the pregnancy itself but we will for sure have a little uh Mia on camera as soon as he gets here after they do is checkup and everything when he gets out the yattaman idea as I lay sleeping I dreamt I held you with my heart when I awoke dear I was mistaken so I hung my hand and cried oh baby wrong you are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey you'll never know please don't take my sunshine away long nine months oh he feels so tiny beautiful see and I made this beautiful thing here he's perfect and every single night that this recovery was recovery I gonna say he's so precious yeah but he's so cute I don't know what to do with my good I want to hold him down hold him down hold him down I'm just gonna put aside my hurt me keep him um basically everything hurts dating so much but hopefully it'll get better I'll date you more on it tomorrow and see how that goes he's so he's so perfect so good usually he's been really good at breastfeeding but today for some reason he just has been latching really right it's been going kind of shallow today but they'll probably be fine by tomorrow or something yeah I've been walking around and trying to get more used to it because we live on the third floor and that's gonna suck to walk up tomorrow so I've been walking around trying to get more muscle back but yeah because it gave me a third-degree terror or stinker so beautiful he's pretty good he just eats poops and sleeps so far these ice packs do wonders so who get a nice back I'll be doing today daddy yeah it's just so much better though I'm actually like walking around and stuff about medicine on I mean it still hurts but it's a lot better than I was I could barely walk before I thought she was on medicine I saw you walking out all the time she was free balling on her way home he's already asleep I'll make on my baby my baby

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