Rose Babies Family-centered C-section Patient Bree Wolfe

I'm Bree Wolfe and mrs. Hudson and he was born on October 27 2016 here at Rose Medical Center my husband and I got pregnant the first time three months after our wedding we were ready to be parents right away we had multiple miscarriages in our journey I am a birth doula and also childbirth educator I used to go attend deliveries all the time and I was ecstatic for the parents I mean I love doing what I do and I feel like truly a passionate about it but I would go out in the hall sometimes and just bawl my eyes out and then compose myself and go back in with a smile so it was really hard to see other people becoming parents when that's all I wanted so we ended up getting pregnant with Hudson and another baby we had twins and lost one of the twins close to eight weeks as well so he's just our little miracle baby even when we were pregnant I was scared really through that first even most of the second trimester just because all I had experienced was loss and so it was hard to keep my anxiety levels down during that time I was considered high-risk and that was more after 17 weeks when I found out that I had to have a c-section it's not easy for anyone to take that they have to have a c-section it's not what you necessarily envisioned for birth especially as a doula where I was a little on the crunchy side where you know I wanted a natural vaginal birth I wanted a water birth I wanted oles and and my doula to be there and that is not what I ever expected was just that Oh guess what you you have to have a c-section and so I'm warned that for a couple weeks I would say I mourned about the loss of my desired birth I wasn't nervous because I knew that Rose did family-centered c-sections and I knew that was something I was gonna be able to have because it wasn't an emergency with my family centered c-section I was able to call in my family my mom was here my husband was here I waited for my sister I had time to put on the tube top so that I could have optimal skin-to-skin in our and it was the most natural c-section that someone could ask for I walked in that the lights were dim music was on it was just such a calm setting and for someone who has anxiety it was just a breath of fresh air I was able to go back there and say okay like today in a few minutes I get to meet my baby and I get to do this in a gentle way and it was really beautiful here we are nine months in and crawling and trying to walk and throwing fits teething feeding ourselves it's been a roller coaster but definitely a beautiful ride you

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