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how dare you tell me what to do I demand you to give the robot to my son for upsetting him bar slash entitled parents what is up guys mister read it here back with another episode of entitled parents stories r slash entitled parents is one of my favorite subreddits and I really enjoyed making this we've now kick back relax and enjoy the show we've got several stories that we're looking at today you'll find timestamps to the beginning of each story pinned in the comments story number one will be entitled mom demands my friends who have a baby with me story number two will be give me your $80 headphones because my daughter likes them story number three entitled mom decides I don't belong in my workplace because I'm a girl and I get an asthma attack story number four entitled mom wants our food while me and my boyfriend are on our date night Story number five know our stem project is not for your son to have Story number six you want kids for money shouldn't have thrown out your eldest story number seven entitled mother complains to my boss and he finds me for not selling tobacco and beer to her underaged kid once again time stamps to each story are pinned in the comment below entitled mom demands my friend to have a baby with me I used to have a female friend I'll call Tia she was an okay person but I didn't like her all that much Tia was a popular girl and I was just the person who avoided all other human beings we didn't match and grew apart after this but I'll always remember her because of her mother or the poor excuse for it we were in town and I was in a store buying white chocolate it has a different texture and taste compared to milk chocolate and doesn't stick to the back of my throat the same Tia didn't like chocolate so she was buying a Twinkie the store we were in had a section dedicated to American sweets to all of you Americans are reading this you've got a very diverse amount of sweets seriously I didn't know that you could get liquorice caramel or a vanilla dr. pepper until I saw that selection I'm willing to come overseas to find out what other future regrets you have in stores anyway Tia and I were walking out of the shop when her mom comes in for the sake of the story I'll mention that I have a unisex face invoice with the coat that I wear all the time it's almost impossible to see if I have breasts or not my hair is short and my real-life name is also unisex basically it's very easy to mistake me for a lad I think you understand the title a little better now I'll call the woman Diana Diana says taya this woman was wearing the ugliest brown shirt I have ever seen if she slathered herself in poo and deceased cats it would be a major improvement and less of an eyesore and this is coming from the girl who goes to stores and a batman onesie and believes it's fashion yes mom why have you been ignoring my texts and calls mom I don't want a baby my eyebrows rocketed from my forehead punched a new hole in the ozone layer looped around Mars and came back what the hell the woman ignores me but this won't be for long babies don't fix broken relationships mom I can't have babies and you're my daughter so you have to do as I say there are many girls your age who make wonderful mothers in fact think of it as a little brother or sister the woman sounds so hopeful and pleased that it disturbs me other than the fact she's asking her 14 year old daughter to have a baby my boyfriend loves you though he's 34 he would go to prison if he went anywhere near me that is when the mother notices me and the look she has makes me believe I'm looking at the female Hannibal Lecter hello you'll about my daughter's age aren't you gia is looking at me with a horrified face nothing has ever been said to me that made me this upset before I like your approach now let's see your departure I was hopeful that she had adhere to my advice but instead she only looked mildly annoyed I pay you I don't do anything you ask just get me a baby did you think about adoption not that any adoption center would actually let her near an infant no it must be related to me y'all coming home with me and I am having a baby this lady went from a hundred to a thousand first of all your daughter is as sexually appealing as fray kruger with frostbites secondly you're crazy and lastly I'm physically incapable of impregnating anybody be like a fart in the wind and dust do I walk away nope i sprint like the roadrunner has turned maneater i ran away but our tail does not end there no it gets even worse I don't know how but Diana learned where I lived at the time my mom was at work in my uncle from another story Conner was there now that were older we don't talk much but he was once again a witness to my ability to magnetize lunatics to me there was a knock at the door and when my uncle goes to open it expecting my nan the woman barges in he's confused and I just want to have a heart attack the woman was holding on to terrified Tia she shoves my uncle onto the couch and then locks us inside of our own house it's that crazy woman I was telling you about what is it with you and crazy people I'd like to know so I can reverse it I need a vaccine two lunatics if I wish to keep my own sanity do it she shoves a crying Tia in front of me and I sit her down yeah you go get out of my sister's house ah I don't want you I want my baby to be cute my uncle was not loyal to me so he abandoned me with Diana and her crazy obsession to get a child I know he ran away to call the police but I still felt betrayed I'd call you a private part but you have neither the depth nor the warmth leave my house I was not afraid to punch this woman in the face if I had to especially since she was trying to pimp her daughter out to me I want I can't have kids yes you will she grabs onto my coat yes I wear it inside and Yanks it off I am wearing only a small pajama top underneath and there are two feminine lumps on my chest that's it I'm so angry I hit this woman in the shoulder the rest is a bit of a blur but my uncle unlocked the door and led two police officers in she won't be getting out of jail until 20 49 and I'm more than happy about that my uncle buys me some more chocolate to try to make me feel better but even though it's been three years I still don't feel better I don't know what became of TIA but I want her to be somewhere nowhere near her family because her mom's boyfriend tried to sue me I haven't been told why he wants to sue me but I think it has something to do with a soul or emotional trauma or something stupid I really hope that Diana gets what she deserves people please don't demand babies from children just don't next up we've got give me your $80 headphones because my daughter likes them ran into an entitled mom and her daughter at Walmart today I wish the kid was actually nice but both were entitled so for background I have an amazing set of Razer Kraken pro v2 headphones I got off Amazon for 80 bucks they are quartz and they're pink and I got them to poke fun at my friend cuz I had pink headphones and they didn't plus my previous said normal green ones they had just broken now I was in Walmart getting some sodas and looking at some crap that interested me listening to some music ignoring people I had the volume up loud enough so that I couldn't hear the people I think the entitled mom was trying to get my attention because I felt someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around cast is the standard cast me the entitled mom and the entitled daughter it was probably about 16 or 17 I take off my headphones to hear her what my daughter liked your headphones oh thanks how much for them my daughter really wants them we have been looking for headphones for ages I want the pink ones oh I got them off Amazon first know how much for those ones I'll pay you $20 for them what I laugh thinking she was joking she wasn't fine $25 take it or leave it lady I got these for over $80 these are Razer Kraken pro gaming headphones get some yourself oh but my daughter needs them she's a gamer oh what's her favorite game then I need that for a fortnight tournament kid get your own and play better games don't laugh at my child lady listen how about no or how about you leave me the Freak alone watch your mouth you shouldn't say those words yeah only adults can say those words oh then what one of you should I listen to both of us a child like you shouldn't use those words that's adult language well guess what let me tell you this one I am a frickin adult well I am your elder so you have no authority over me so I don't need to listen to you if I don't want to give me your headphones you owe me them now I want pink how about no leave me alone entitled daughter cries and entitled mom loses it you'll give those headphones to my baby now no leave me alone I then ended up leaving and getting some posters along with some soda I check out and start to leave and see a friend who works there along with the entitled mother and entitled daughter entitled mom told my friend the guy who stole my headphones my friend and I casually greet each other and entitled mom was like you work here how unprofessional they stole my headphones stop them Hey we go to the same school have you seen me wearing these in the halls yeah since last February they are laia you should give those headphones back to my daughter what I have had these since February if I had stolen them from you today entitled mom is silent for a moment before trying to protest but my friend protects my property entitled mom tries to convince her that the headphones were owed to her but to no avail in the end entitled mom starts screaming at both of us and is detained by security for her BS while writing this I got a text from my friend apparently the entitled mom was high off cocaine and had a baggie in her purse an entitled daughter had weed on her so both were arrested next up we've got entitled mom decides I don't belong in my workplace because I'm a girl and I get an asthma attack so I'm the only girl in an auto collision class at a Technical College I also have extreme asthma so I often have to wear a dust mask and take an inhaler every half hour to make sure that I don't have an asthma attack again and have to go to the hospital spoilers I didn't this time but it doesn't happen very often at all especially as I've gotten older at the school sometimes the other teachers will come down and ask us to detail their cars for them and we often do since going into any automotive field you'll start out as a detailer and we need to constantly stay on top of our game for it on this day I saw a woman who I think worked in the office with her kid come in while I was working on sanding the paint off of a cart that needed to be repainted it was really old and looked really trashy had to sand it down and remove the wheels the kid looked about 13 ish so I thought at first that maybe he was a middle school kid coming to check out the class to see if he wanted to join but then I overheard his entitled mom talking to my teacher about washing her car I got up to over here because I'm extremely nosy and I noticed that the kids seemed to be a bit bothered by the dust a lot of people were sanding that day but I knew the dust bugged me so I figured someone who wasn't so used to it would probably have some trouble I went to the tool room where we keep the dust masks and I found a disposable one I had a thicker mask that day since I couldn't find some of our disposable ones a few days ago and I didn't want to waste the really nice ones that I had found I found the disposable ones this time though I brought him the mask and handed it to him I took mine off so that I could talk to him and be more polite here you look like you could use it the kid takes the mask and slips it on thanks the dust is really thick in here yeah I know if you're not used to it it'll bug you it still bugs me we both chuckle dab it when the entitled mom saw me as my teacher walked away to add her to our schedule she then gave me this weird disgusted look seeing my dusty clothes young lady where can my son get that uniform I don't want his clothes to get dirty while we are in here I thought she was confused oh sorry this is my uniform your son will have to get one when he joins the class entitled mom looked confused now why do you have a uniform like that shouldn't you be wearing scrubs or something I was also confused what do you mean as though I'm the stupid one you a girl there aren't any other girls here shouldn't you be in the nursing program or the Child Development Program I'm used to people thinking I belong in those programs until they see me a uniform or people in general thinking I should be working with kids so this doesn't really bother me oh sorry ma'am but no I work here in the shop there are other girls in the afternoon class though there was a morning and an afternoon class and the afternoon class had four girls in it I think entitled mom still thought I was stupid Oh a nasty girl I bet you don't know a thing about cars I'll bet you only joined this class to flaunt around in your nasty clothes to these innocent boys I'll have you know I'm probably the most conservative here mostly because I am a girl I change in the tool rooms there is no girls locker room and I always wear my work clothes over the top of my regular clothes I'm also wearing the exact same thing as the guys as my clothes our men's clothes and there is nothing nasty about the way that I'm wearing them ma'am one I have a boyfriend and really don't need to attract attention of these men too even if I were to only be here for the men I would have been kicked out a long time ago because I'd be too focused on getting a man rather than the multitude of tests we have to take on a bi-weekly basis and the hard work that we do here and three I don't know who you think you are coming in here and talking to me like that but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't treat me this way as I'm aware that when your car comes through us to be cleaned I'll be a part of that group cleaning your car entitled mom was red in the face absolutely not I will not have some nasty girl trying to seduce these poor boys into doing disgusting things inside of my family's car you're scarring my son and you need to leave I rolled my eyes and decided to just leave her alone to get back to my work putting my mask back on now a few minutes later my teacher still hadn't gotten back to her as he was pulled away by some of the other students so she came back over to interrogate me some more I had been taking this car apart so that we could paint it better as an extension cord was attached to it and we couldn't paint that what do you think you're doing I was mildly annoyed but kept my cool I'm using a screwdriver for the hooks holding the extension cord to this cart so we can paint it my kid do it he knows how to work his way around tools the kid looked pretty embarrassed and he was shaking his head I'm sorry but I can't do that I have lots of work to do and the hooks are a little weird to get off entitled mom wasn't having it take off that stupid mask when you speak to me why are you even wearing it trying to lure my son so he feels more welcomed into your little world because you're both wearing masks I was really annoyed now know I'm wearing the mask because the dust bothers my asthma and I saw that the dust was bothering your son too so I gave him one I then pulled out my asthma inhaler to show her because I thought it might keep her from going full entitled parent big mistake put that thing away now you're trying to pull him in with drugs they quickly put it away but she wasn't done and if the dust is so bad you should have given my son your mask he obviously needs it more than you do you're probably faking it for attention and drugs now my mask was much thicker and was really helping me her son was clearly fine with the one I gave him and I knew he was just going to throw it away when he left I'm sorry but I really need this mask to keep the dust out of my lungs your son seems to be fine with the one I gave him no he has far worse asthma than you could imagine he needs that mask well I'm sorry but these masks aren't disposable like the one I gave your son I need to use mine for a long while he'll only need his until you leave I don't care give me your mask and get out of this garage or else I will tell you a teacher that you were harassing my son at this point I'm pretty mad but I would never lose my temper in my workplace we have cameras all over the place and the guys were looking over as the woman lost her mind on me teacher could also see through the window of our separate classroom though he wasn't looking at the minute and he was talking to another student go tell him if you really want to I wasn't afraid of her accusations and crossed my arms at her but the guys weren't having it and they started coming over guy one comes over looking ready to fight why don't you get the hell out of here before we tell him how you're harassing her she has more of a right to be here than you do how do you talk to me like that Do You Know Who I am yeah you're the lady who came to ask us for a favor that we don't have to do and probably aren't going to do because of the way you're treating one of our hardest workers wait until your teacher he is about this it will all be removed from this school for assault and harassment the teacher walked back into the classroom entitled mom you need to leave we won't be doing this service for you entitled mom was already formulating her lies nasty student he was sexually harassing my son I want her removed from this school and the police called on her at once and I want them she points at the guys who were trying to help to be arrested for assaulting me and threatening my son I don't think that's what's going on here as I sat there and watched you come over and bother my students while they are working we're not going to be washing your car and I would appreciate it if you left and wouldn't come back to my shop entitled mom threw a fit she grabbed the kit by his wrist and dragged him out but not before ripping my dust mask off taking an air hose that I had been using to blow the dust off when I sand and blew a whole bunch of freaking dust in my face I ended up needing to step out of the shop and sit in the classroom for the rest of the time so that I could get my asthma back under control as I couldn't stop coughing and I had red marks on the side of my face from when she took my mask and the elastic straps snapped on my face now if I ever go near entitled mom's class I make sure I'm not alone as I'm a little nervous she'd try something and I'm really bad at confrontation everyone's telling me to go to the police or get her in trouble I really didn't want to go to the police as I get really anxious and don't like confrontation one of my friends in the class did go to the principal for me since I said I didn't want to go he's looking into it right now and she's in some hot water she's been officially fired and she's in trouble with the police they want me to go into a trial and give my piece but I'm a little nervous about going I really don't like confrontation next up we have entitled mom wants our food while me and boyfriend have our date night my boyfriend and I usually have a date night every Friday and this particular evening we decided to go to the Greek restaurant a couple of blocks from our apartment downtown we met up at home after work to get changed I'm a fem bye so I used some time to get ready combed and washed my hair put a bit of makeup on and found my best dress a black bar dot frill details bodycon just so you have an idea of what I wore since it comes into play later but we start to walk down stairs and onto the restaurant this restaurant requires a pre-order to be able to get a seat and we had reserved a week earlier after our last date so we get there and get seated in the smoking area since both of us are smokers we sit down and decide to order a beer each so we had a drink until our food was ready and fired up a cigarette inter entitled family the family got seated right next to us mommy it smells I don't like it I know sweetie looks at us smoking excuse me we didn't think she meant us ex Smee we look my son is uncomfortable that you are smoking could you put them out I'm sorry ma'am but if you don't like a smoking why did you choose a seat in the smoking allowed area smoking is not allowed this is a restaurant after all my boyfriend not taking any BS shows her that at least 15 signs are within our sight saying smoking is allowed those are fake you probably put those signs there yourself just stop smoking near my kid the waiter got to our area and called our number that's us we were shocked but called the waiter over what the entitled mom didn't think about was that we got a note with the number by the waiter when placing orders they hadn't ordered yet so I showed our number to the waiter she stole our note that nasty girl who's not wearing anything but lingerie in public she even started harassing my son and me by showing us her lady parts both me and my boyfriend looked at each other and started laughing see they are heartless is this true no it isn't I explained that she didn't want to smoking and tried to take our food do you have proof she looked at us I'm short and skinny so I don't look my age so I always bring my passport in my purse are you sure she showed you her lady parts yes okay UH one thing he's a guy the look on the mother's face was priceless we got our drinks on the house and the entitled mom and entitled kid got escorted out of the restaurant we still laugh about it once in a while next up we've got no our stem project is not for your son to have this happened two years ago during Halloween when I participated in an event called the haunted stim lab if you haven't already guessed this was a Halloween event where we invite local parents and kids to our lab building and show them what kind of stem projects the students have been working on our cast we've got me teammate one teammate two entitled mom entitled Brett and the teacher my team's project was simple an RC motor robot where the user can use the joystick to navigate through the obstacle while the concept may sound simple those who have done any form of programming or robot work would know it's a lot of work it took weeks of frustrating programming with two sets of code one for the robot and one for the controller and we had to constantly pester the teacher and his assistant both also advising five other projects but hey we ended up making the robot work on the day of the actual event after everyone was done with our final testings and the last-minute approval from the teacher we opened the doors to the guests and let me tell you young kids getting excited overseeing these projects in action is one of the most sweetest and adorable things you'll ever see and everyone felt pride in giving them dreams and interests in the stem field everything was going great until they showed up entitled brad is around six or seven and in a terrible Minecraft creeper costume which I cringed really hard at and is really fidgety entitled mom is in her mid-30s and not really paying attention except on her phone they join one group then proceeded to go around the building now I understand as a six or seven year old this kid is probably not seeing science or tech projects but his reaction was a bit annoying as in he screamed a lot tried to touch everything he tried to touch the fire tornado mentioned above and he asked silly questions like can this project fly entitled mom is occasionally looking up to see what entitled brat is getting excited about then goes back to her phone we were one of the last projects to be presented from the start we decided the kids should be allowed to use the controller to see if they can navigate through the obstacle course we have made some kids didn't and some kids did we gave 3d printed jack-o'-lantern figures to the ones who did it it's entitled Brett's turn and he refuses to listen to our directions the robot was very sensitive to the controls so pushing the joystick hard in any directions sent the robot speeding entitled Brad kept crashing the robot getting more agitated each time and not really letting the next kid play while the robot didn't move fast enough to cause enough damage to whatever was around it or itself we saw that it wasn't going anywhere literally I asked entitled Brett to give other kids a turn and when he refused the teacher yanked it out of the entitled brats hands entitled brats started throwing a tantrum and that's when entitled mom finally decides to pay attention what is going on why is my darling upset because he couldn't navigate through this obstacle course because we took the controller away from him after he refused to give anyone else a turn I really want the prize yeah I'll do it it should be easy okay but can you wait until entitled mom went up to the little girl who was using the controller at the moment took it away from her and starts controlling the robot herself the girl was crying and while her parents were yelling at the entitled mom she simply waved them off she was just as bad as entitled breath though she was crashing and knocking over all the obstacles less than a minute into taking the controls she throws the controller hard at the floor what are you doing you idiots did a terrible job at programming learn how to code sure it wasn't perfect but she just insulted many weeks of work please watch your language in front of the children also this took us a very long time to do and you may have just broken school property how dare you tell me what to do I demand you to give the robot to my son for upsetting him first off all the stuff was borrowed from the school so we can't just give it to you second you may have just broken the controller the robot might not even work I don't care give me the robot for wasting my time no you're scaring the kids please leave entitled mom is going ballistic and yelling in comprehensive words teacher pulls me aside to have campus security come to the building while he tried to deal with entitled mom entitled mom came up with a lame excuse of how we were somehow stealing the project from her and her entitled bread entitled mom even had the audacity to say that everyone should be paying her to see their work the teacher obviously knew what was going on and told her the project belonged to us and she needs to leave that's when the security guard shows up I heard there was a disturbance what's going on thank God someone competent beast jerks stole our science project actually not only did you claim the project my students worked on was yours but you tried to steal it that's because it is then why did you throw your controller on the ground entitled mom looked defeated well I if you truly did work on the project then you must know the two four digit code that links the controller and the robot what are they um one two three four and ABCD not even close security please have her removed so the security guard and the teacher tow her while she's kicking about entitled Brad actually tried to take the robot with him while I snatched it from his hands he went to join his mother crying we had to turn things around to cheer up other parents and kids so the teacher and I kept ourselves busy trying to make them forget thankfully the joist tip and the chip wasn't damaged severely so other guests could still try to complete the obstacle course the teacher came back over around an hour later with a bruise on his face turns out while the security guard was removing her from the building entitled mom couldn't drop it and punched the teacher in his face security had to call for both backup and the city police entitled mom was making a run for it but the security guard quickly tackled her when the police arrived she tried to play the typical victim role they stole for me assaulted me etc but they were already informed of what happened and had gathered the security footage as evidence teacher pressed charges for theft while the other teacher pressed charges for assault no one knew what happened to her or her kid as both of them were driven away in the back of a police car the rest of the night went smoothly but everyone was on edge this was sort of a midterm assignment and everyone got a passing grade next up we've got you want kids for money shouldn't have thrown out your eldest by the way if you're enjoying these stories please do me a favor and hit the thumbs up as I have stated in my last post I had an entitled mother while growing up I grew up with physical and mental abuse since my mother only wanted kids to get financial support from the state she had two kids in the end me and my brother as I mentioned earlier I survived a bunch of abuse during the earlier years of my life I was 8 when my brother was born and immediately feared for his life thank God she took the abuse out on me instead of him since he was so small and it was harder to hide than on me fast forward two years and I turned a 10 my mother must have thought I was old enough to think of going to CPS what she didn't know was that I indirectly contacted them a year and a half earlier since my teachers found the marks on my body she told me to pack a bag and leave her house within 5 minutes started to panic and ran as fast as I could about four minutes later she came and told me to hurry up and what didn't fit in the bag had to be left behind I ran a bit faster and left as fast as possible what she didn't know was that I had laid plans for weeks about directly contacting CPS this time revenge time my mom didn't think about the distance between our home and the CPS headquarters it was barely 15 as 16 kilometers from the house to headquarters and I started walking immediately the only thing I hadn't taken into account was me getting thrown out it was late in the afternoon when I started walking so it was a bit late when I arrived at headquarters I'm short about 5'4 so I believe it took a while they had closed when I got there I decided to stay on the pavement until they opened up next morning it was during September and it got quite cold in the country where I lived at the time so I was ready to fly through the door when the opening staff arrived I got inside and they handed me a blanket and a mug of cocoa and told me to explain what was going on I explained from the start and showed them the marks on my body to be honest the look on their face was mostly shocked and had a furious look but they were sitting with a ten year old boy so they kept calm while I spoke when I was done speaking it really hit the fan they called some of the employees to come as fast as possible and called the cops to get them ready to deploy as soon as the CPS workers arrived they started working immediately on the case about one and a half hour later they walked over to me and asked if I wanted to come with them not because they needed me on the site but more so I could get closure I said I wanted to go just to get my brother and we left I walked the day before and we drove this time so it took much less time to get there my mom was still half asleep and both cops and CPS forced their way in when she refused to let them in the conversation as I remember went as followed what do you think you are doing breaking into my home do you have a warrant CPS points at me standing in the door entitled mom looked confused and angry no he's lying right he slept outside the headquarters and the story was too detailed to be alive from a ten-year-old kid not to mention the marks on his body he ran away last night and the marks he made himself the CPS worker didn't buy it and the cop started to put her in handcuffs and began to move toward I got myself to walk further and ran into my brother's room and took him into my arms and walked downstairs again not long after this we moved in with a temporary foster family my mom got locked up and got ten years for child endangerment neglect abuse and so on she got taken away the rights to have kids in the future as well I experienced almost the same seven months after when I lived with my dad but that's another story it's been nine years now and I lived with my wonderful boyfriend in an apartment in another country my mom doesn't know where my brother and I are so it's all good next up we've got entitled mother complains to my boss and he finds me for not selling tobacco and beer to her underaged kid about ten years ago I was working in an alcohol and tobacco shop it was a temporary job which could have lasted for a longer time but the boss ended up being a cheap jerk whom I dealt with later it wasn't a hard job four days a week 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. and 15 euros per day but hey it was still okay for an 18 year old kid who was still in high school besides the shop is in a block of flats across the street of mine and I had free Wi-Fi so it was cool now since this was a local shop there were regular customers mostly smokers who came to get their pack of cigarettes also the legal age in Bulgaria for buying and consuming alcohol and tobacco is 18 so there was a sign that none could be sold to minors but nobody cared about that nobody but me I have a strong moral compass and was raised to uphold the law no matter the consequences so there I was at the register mining my own business in tersh I kid a 9 or 10 year old shy boy with a good smile he went to one of the fridges got a two-liter bottle of beer came to the register and asked for two packs of Marlboro cigarettes now I don't remember the conversation word-for-word but all of it was mostly like this I'm sorry kid but I can't allow you to take the beer in cigarettes but why it's against the law you must be at least 18 to be able to buy them my mom sent me and they've always sold them to me before I'm sorry to hear that but just because my coworker has sold it to you doesn't mean it's right also do you see the big sign above my head it says it's illegal to sell alcohol in tobacco products to people under 18 sorry kid I smiled to the shy kid and he smiled – said by and went out of the store he was a good kid and I thought to myself but his mom is not much of a parent since she teaches him to break the law from an early age it took less than 10 minutes and here comes mother monster the entitled mom she stormed into the shop and started who do you think you are excuse me who do you think you are for not selling my kid but things I asked him for ma'am it is against the law you can see the sign above me alcohol and tobacco are not allowed to people under 18 years old they are not allowed what are you a policeman or something I don't need to be a policeman to uphold the law I don't care about the law and everyone else sells cigarettes and beer to my kid and you made me have to come here and get them myself as if I don't have a more important job than dealing with your laws just because they do it doesn't mean they're right now you came here for a bottle of beer and two packs of Marlboro cigarettes you can buy them and I will be more than glad to sell these items to you but I will not sell them to your son that is the law entitled mom grabbed the items and said in a rude and disgusting tone no wonder why our country is so poor people like you ruined it because you think you are better than the others now this pissed me off because Bulgaria has an overly corrupt government and no one cares about the laws so I responded me in a calm but hardened tone our country is so bad not because of people like me but because of people like you people who teach their kids from an early age to break the law if there were more people like me who respected and upheld the law we wouldn't be like this at the moment your boy is not supposed to get them and real trouble can come out of this a fine for you for asking me to sell items to your child a fine for me for selling them and a fine for my boss for allowing this in the shop keep this in mind when you send your boy to break the law because you don't want to go to the shop yourself she lives in the same block of flats where the shop is located you will see I will get you fired I know the owner of the shop do it if you wish this doesn't mean I am NOT right the law is the law entitled mom goes out of the shop and some time I receive a call from my boss he yelled at me for not selling the items to the kid and being rude and obnoxious to the customer and I shouldn't feel more special than everyone else he then proceeded to find me with 30 euros for pushing the customers away from the shop as if I had worked for two days for free when I protested stating that the cameras would show everything and I might complain to the police he said that he had control over the recordings the camera could go faulty and some recordings could be lost and that I should be lucky I still have my job because he was understaffed and desperately needed employees he also said later that the sign is for tax agents who were frequently coming to inspect the shop and he was obliged to put it on in the end I got pissed with him and the entitled mom I didn't continue the call because I was busy instead I continued to chat with him over viber where he confirmed the 30 euro fine I didn't do anything about this at the time because this was not the first time he would find me for some BS reason like this and I was planning to take him down with a sweet R / Pro revenge but this is a story for another day hey there mister rated here for more of the best stories from reddit hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications and I'll see you very soon with some more of the best stories that reddit has to offer

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  1. ►Story 1: Entitled mom demands my friend to have a baby with me – 1:13

    ►Story 2: "Give me your $80 headphones because my daughter likes them!" – 6:46
    ►Story 3: Entitled Mom Decides I Don't Belong in My Work Place Because I'm a Girl, and I Get an Asthma Attack – 10:18
    ►Story 4: Em want our food while Me and bf has our date night – 18:52
    ►Story 5: No, our STEM project is not for your son to have – 21:34
    ►Story 6: You want Kids for money? Shouldnt have thrown out your eldest – 28:00
    ►Story 7: Entitled mother complains to my boss and he fines me for not selling tobacco and beer to her underage kid 31:36
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  2. She is in jail until 2049 for walking into the house & demanding a baby? Riight. So many of these are obviously fake.

  3. PLEASE read all of the Text. It IS very confusing when you skip lines, even more when the skipped lines are important to the story.

  4. The totally made up gaming rule book states that he/she plays fortnite must be punished and shamed for 5 years

  5. There is two things about us Americans we are very diverse about many things and we supersize everything for no reason sometimes

  6. Like wtf is wrong with entitled people and why do they just think they are above everyone else????????

    I don’t get it??🤦‍♀️

  7. Good to hear that he won't sell the beer and cigarettes to the kid. I live in Bulgaria and I've witnessed myself kids just buying alcohol and cigarettes from like the local supermarkets.
    Nice to see someone cares for the law

  8. This is the first time I've seen your channel. I love your voice lmao, you've got a good vocal range w/ your voice acting, too. I look forward to watching more! ^J^

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