4 Replies to “sacked because of miscarriage”

  1. You are insensitive and have no valid reason for saying what you say against her, I do not like your attitude towards this girl or the situation that took place. you call yourself The Commonsense guy? What Commonsense?

  2. This is why you don't hire women so you won't have to worry about this stuff… More seriously you hire women knowing they can get pregnant and have medical complications due it potentially. So you just have plan in place for such events. I don't get how people can't plan for very predictable events, common random situations, and past events that seem to occur periodically, despite your best plans.

  3. What a wonderful world!
    I hope that the company gets shamed and the business is picketed by an outraged mob.
    The manager should atone by means of public humiliation. I'd suggest being the 19th hole. Not serving drinks.. but offering every orifice of their body as the 19th hole for the golf balls. I'd happily volunteer to install the water features, the windmill and the electro shock machine. Just as soon as I get off my pub-crawl.

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