Sadhguru – Birth happens many times, Enlightenment happens once.

Sadhguru: So if enlightenment happens, how
do we know it has happened? Suppose, we are hallucinating to be enlightened. If such a thing happens
It will be clearer than daylight. It’s not something that you can miss. It is not that kind of an event that you could
miss it. You will not miss it,
but when I say this there is a problem attached to this, because these days it is going on
in many places, for a certain fee,
Within a weekend’s time you can get enlightened , you will be declared enlightened by somebody. There you see
It’s happening everywhere. if you just pay a certain amount of money
one weekend, you can get enlightened. I remember in the 60s in the 1960s
In California, people set up certain businesses, enlightenment services. The advertisement I remember very well: if
you go to India, it will take 12 years of hardship,
Okay, 50 dollars, Thirty minutes. You can get enlightened. They were just using psychedelic machines,
You put up certain visuals and certain sounds, it’ll just blow your mind apart. Because of the sounds and the visuals , when
you come out you come in a daze.. You feel like you have really gotten somewhere. This used to be the advertisement
fifty Dollars, Thirty minutes, if you go to India Twelve years of hardship,
Here in California- quick, new Technology. This 1960 machines, this old technology has
now infiltrated into India. Some people have installed these machines,
and they are claiming within a weekend They can enlighten you. You cannot hallucinate about it . If you’re
sincere, you would know that it is not so. but
If it’s a part of the race, that you want to get enlightened before somebody, of course
you can declare an enlightened. It is just that
this kind of Deceptions are not new on the planet ,they
have been happening for a long time, but now modern technology has come to aid
them better to give them
an expanded sense of many things. Much experimentation was done during the 60s
and 70s about these things. One is with the pSychedelic machines another
is it psychedelic drugs. You take an LSD and people claim, They’re
enlightened, because they had an expanded sense
Just for a while, and then they came back. If they overdid it
Then they lost everything they cracked up in so many ways or even died. Many many people mentally cracked up, because
of excessive use of psychedelic drugs. But for those few moments. They really felt enlightened,
or at least they thought so. This is not something that you do,
This is not something that you can do, It is just that ,if you cultivate the system,
your body mind,
Emotion and energy to its peak possibility, then an absolutely wonderful flower blossoms
within you. Not something that you did. You just waited with the right kind of conditions
and It happened. There’s a very beautiful story in the yogic
law. On a certain day
Four men were walking in the forest. These four men were walking in the forest. One is Gnani Yogi, another is a Bhakti yogi,
Another is a karma yogi and the last one is a Kriya yogi. These four people can never stay together. They cannot be together. because
GNana Yogi means yoga of intelligence, He’s a man of intellect, great intellect. He has complete disdain for everybody. He thinks everybody is a fool. Especially this Bhakti yogis, who’re doing
ram-ram or whatever, in his mind they look like utter idiots. He can’t stand them,
Isn’t it? Could that man stand Bhakti Yogis ? no, he
wouldn’t stand. He just can’t tolerate them. Bhakti Yogis-
people have devotion, They have pity for everybody. Because God himself is here , you’re doing
all this mental circus and physical circus.. It’s just stupid isn’t it ? just hold God’s
hand and walk into heaven, so Bhakti Yogis have pity for everybody. for all the foolishness that they’re doing. Karma Yogi’s think all these other people
are just lazy people, Because if you want something to happen you
have to do it. Because they are lazy and unwilling to do
what they need to do, they have invented all these other yogas. Because in the world if anything has to happen,
you must do it right? Action. These are yoga of action, Karma. Krya Yogis have utter disdain for everybody,
because After all the whole existence is energy. Unless you transform the energy, How will
anything change. Where is a possibility? So these four people can never be together,
but today they were walking together. suddenly a thunderstorm broke loose, a rainstorm
,rain started lashing. From every side they started running looking
for shelter. The Bhakti Yogi said, there is an ancient
temple in this direction. let’s go there for shelter. He always knows the geography of temples. You won’t miss a single temple. So they all trusted him and ran in the direction. Then they found an ancient temple , where
the walls had collapsed long ago, Just a few columns and a roof was there and
in the center there was a
Deity – God’s image. They ran into this place, not because they
were seeking God, Not in any kind of love for God, just to escape
the rain. they ran and
Then they stood there for a while, then they found the rain started lashing from every
Direction, Wherever they stood or sat, the rain was getting
at them. So the only place where they could sit was
around the deity. so all four of them just hugged the deity
and sat. Not because they have fallen in love with
God. simply to escape the rain. Suddenly God appeared. In all their four minds the same question:
why now? We did so much yoga,
We did so much pooja, worship and so many things. you didn’t come then. Now when we just escaping the rain, why now? And God said: atlast you four Idiots got together. Without these four things getting together
within you” Your head, your heart , your hands and your
energy – unless it all falls into place, unless all of it reaches its peak,
It will not happen and if it happens – is there any chance that I may not notice it? There is no such thing . Even if you are blind
, you know the sun has come up, isn’t it? Yes? Even if you are blind, you still know the
sun has come up, because nobody can miss it. It is not a small event, that anybody can
miss, You may not know, whether you’re born or not
born, but if you get enlightened, you will know. It’s much bigger than that. Birth will happen many times, this will happen
only once.

19 Replies to “Sadhguru – Birth happens many times, Enlightenment happens once.”

  1. for me I believe I never borned and never died before because I hopefully believe the air is my breathing… the water is already outside which was also in my body and the mind it's also outside… so if we apply to everyone nobody's here existing… so what I can call this? Random movement? so when I close my eyes I forgot the body forgot the breathe forgot the mind (earth) so I believe this is the reason yogis live like 1000 years or more because they are not connected in the world that's why people thought they're time travelled….! I always a over thinker and I honestly believe this is my peak of realization….! Can You Please Tell Me Is This Right?

  2. What a lovely experience to receive this wisdom, as if sitting at Sadhguru's feet. The delightfully told story of the four adepts traveling together has a profound effect. Don't miss this one! We are blessed!

  3. Yes sir after getting enlightenment every thing in the whole creation is very much important and dear to us but before enlightenment people take everything in the whole creation very easily. If we see minutely than there is a intelligence within all of us who do all the amazing things like we eat a bread and becomes a male or female body. So our every moment of life is precious so we must need to do only those things which really matters to us most and we must need to know the immensity of what it means to be a human being after taking birth. Gd mrn sir have a wonderful day.

  4. enlightment happens everytime usolve a problem and u dont know how it s happen. The adaptation of plants or animals to the world s enlightment. Buddha enlightment s only a bigger one. Sadghuru, r u rwally a ghuru?. Stop copuung to Osho. Start b humble

  5. I love Sadhguru…. and everything he says can be used by anyone to improve his/her sychological and mental processes…. but I think that the issue of enlightment is a hoax

  6. these are the days ..such a quickening!…of intelligence!!.but do you know the difference between synthetic!! and organic!! intelligence???which is more wholesome?? self sustaining…adaptable….reliable… autonomous!!??

  7. surely the krias?? after all..the energy of intellect. the energy of devotion..the energy of transforming acts

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