49 Replies to “Sadhguru – Why Women are kept separated during their Menstrual Cycles?”

  1. Why? Because men are stupid and ignorant. Menstruation doesn't harm anyone other that the women who endure the physical pain it brings! When will men from the East ever learn to leave women ALONE!

  2. Wow wow, very interesting indeed. He didn't go right into it but I think it's because he believed we wouldn't understand at our level of consciousness. As a Woman at this time of the month, I feel a deep opening within my Mind. My body becomes highly sensitive to all things, colour, light, touch, smell. It's an incredible time to meditate. All I want to do at this time is be completely alone and to go into deep meditation. For some reason the gates inside my Mind open and I can go very deeply into meditation. It's a very very special and important time for me. I also notice that my body is very tired and I need to rest. I can't lift things, as physically I feel tired and my tummy muscles are a little tender. I believe as Women we are very susceptible and vulnerable at this time and it's very important we are protected, that we rest in quietness and we spend our time in deep meditation. It's a time to be alone for a Woman. It's time for a Woman to be just with herself in solitude. It's very important. A temple is a public place, we don't want to be in such a public place at this time. We need to be just with ourselves. Men don't have this incredible time once a month, we are very fortunate that we do. I also notice that my body cleanses itself, my body can be a little sweaty or have some odour. I naturally find myself wanting to clean the house too. It seems to be a time of inner cleaning for the body aswell. It's an important time for Women and it's important that we honour it and give ourselves time off. I try to get my work done before it happens so that at that time of the month, I can rest and meditate. I don't go anywhere, plan any work or meet with people at this time as being alone in solitude is so important at this time.

  3. Then we should uproot the tamarind tree in our backyard and plant it in neighbour's yard whenever i get my periods later revert back! Thats the only problem we have now. However i like u Sadhguru. Please do something for poor people like me who are made to feel cursed whenever we hv to stand outside the temple on hastily planned family pilgrimage with inlaws ( we may actually forget and they will not ask for our convienience while planning for trip. ) !

  4. Sadhguru should be informed about the fact that there are many parts of India till today where women are told/conditioned to sleep outside the house during their period. Why so? To protect her from the wild animals? And let's not talk about hygiene in India. Men and women are truly the cleanest! Starting from relieving themselves anywhere, not washing their hands after using the restroom, throwing garbage anywhere and everywhere, the smelly armpits, food handlers scratching their private parts, etc etc…. it all happens in India!

  5. Please read the latest teachings of the spiritual aspects of menstruation here:

  6. Am a Mechanical Engineer.. I work n am normal at all the days.. now how do I get energy from?? Thr r many girls like me who work on those days.. if someone is feeling tired in an case let them rest but y make a point tat all girl should go for a holiday at tat time.. and also if tamarind trees r in shiv temples those days then how abt going to other temples wr thr r no tamarind trees.. let alone temples y can't she worship at home.. if Ur talking abt hygiene those days , then only poor families had those problems coz of facilities rich n royals had all facilities of hygiene..in a country wr thr the gold n silver coins wr used by normal people n woman held high respect n used to be important part of one's life wouldn't they make a facility of hygiene n health for the woman… If she can't cook those days understandable but y can't she be in her regular room n enter Kitchen.. atleast she can go n take for herself from kitchen to drink..now tat those things r not followed in this generation still things r fine n going good for ladies..it means they we kept in dark those days in the name of culture n traditions.. it shows how men simply don't want woman to come out n excel in her career n life..they simply felt woman as their rivals.. now tat all these things wr copied from Western countries tat it's ok to be normal on periods n girls started questioning those philosophies it dint affect us.. so we dint questions things wr happening then n now girls started questioning bad things from happening stopped automatically??… Now this i illogical

  7. Finally a sensible explanation! Why didn't they just state it this way than refer to her as "unclean/impure"

  8. ಮುಟ್ಟಿನಾ ಹೊಲೆಯಲಿ ಹುಟ್ಟಿಹುದು ಜಗವೆಲ್ಲ,
    ಮುಟ್ಟ ಕಂಡವಳನು ಕಂಡು ಹಾರುವಾ ಆರವನು ಹುಟ್ಟಿದನು ಎಲ್ಲಿ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ.

    ಮುಟ್ಟ ಕಂಡವಳನು ಮುಟ್ಟಲೊಲ್ಲರು ನೋಡ
    ಮುಟ್ಟು ತಾತಡೆದು ಹುಟ್ಟಿದಾ ದೇಹವನು ಮುಟ್ಟುತಿಹರೇಕೆ ಸರ್ವಜ್ಞ

  9. Understanding and re practicing our old culture (not speaking about base less practices) is necessary to grow on a faster rate … Than wasting our time copying others..

  10. ..by the way, the book was written in australia, & i remember an accident a man had with a kanguroo & they healed him by simply applying some of the fermented matter on his leg..
    he was feeling good inmediately..
    so i find it to be amazing how we can save lifes by just using what's available & simple🙏

  11. ..well, i know women who don't have menstrual cycles because of their diet, they eat mostly raw..
    however, i had the chance of reading a book about a woman who went to australia & she met with a group of indigenous, & she was taken on a very long adventure, walk, & the ladies were carring a long bambo container where they placed their menstrual cycles & it was fermented & it was able to heal a lot of physical problems.. diseases.. so i learnt how important it is for women to use that for healing their bodies, when it comes out.. & at the same time i've learnt there's a way of not getting it by selecting a raw diet, which is more nutritious..🙏

  12. Our religion was there since a long time many of the rituals are so old that modern people fail to see a logic in that. And its completely fine. You don't have to challenge them knowing for a fact that these rules were made many thousand years ago. Where I live I don't know about a single temple which doesn't allow women to enter at anytime. So i guess there are very few of them. So let them be the way they are…

  13. I understand what YOU're Saying✔… yet many Don't because They have No understanding & that's sad😐 Those Who Don't Care Should Go & Do it & when Hell is Happening to Them, as usual People like to Point finger at Some One Else for their WRONG doing…🤔 Thank YOU for the Message. GOD BLESS YOU ALL❣

  14. 👌,I believe what Sadhguru is saying, I always try to make people understand by saying this; who just go against it.

  15. I will never stop my daughter frm doing any religious practice whn she is menstruating in my house bt also make hr aware to not hurt anybody elses feelings in doing so if others dont approve. We hv to understand v r just continuing the old tradition without understanding the logic behind. As the ladies gv up wearing navvari sarees except few oldies in sm places n v accepted n turned to 6 yard sarees.Most of thm wear Sharara in their wedding n not saree nowadays. Its Ok. We need to accept the change n v as ladies shd stand fr it strongly in support of each other. Hw wd the men knw if v r menstruating unless v become melodramatic. Its tm to ditch this old traditional practice

  16. He can utter any bullshit to defend the illogical self created laws of Hinduism filled with partiality and no legality..(I am not talking about vedas here, I’m only talking about the so called Brahmins and top casts whoever falsified the sacred vedas and Hindu religious texts)

  17. another reason was dat in olden days yagas, havan would go on for days in temples and temples were mostly built on the hills..so people had to walk miles and women didn't have any hygiene products available like now to help them cope with periods so they were asked not to enter temples as it would be difficult to clean up if they bled on temple floor..

  18. It's not religious or anything as a women take rest in these days from all u r regular work as your body needs rest…and be for yourself in days( enjoy with your hobbies) .y work every day

  19. Men dont have menstrual cycles so why is this woman asking a man about what goes on in a woman's body…

  20. Temples were very important in the past. They were the centre of power. They were popular places, so most of the time they were filled with humans. I wonder which animal would take such a risk to come near such places, when there was plenty of food in the forests. Sadhguru himself said there were plenty of forests in the past.
    Pulling out logic from your ass is easy.

  21. bullshit. going to the temple isn’t work for women! today i was on my period and i went to the temple and i prayed and participated in mantras, and i’m not even sorry.

  22. sadhguru ji hands off to you…what a voice…abbba its tremendous….you are insperational for all……….we are soo lucky to have you ,,,sir,,,,,,

  23. Hindu religion is not merely religion but a very good way to conduct the whole world, nature, humen life, more than what what science says today.

  24. It's to prevent a soul unrelated to the woman to reside in the womb when the womb is cleansing itself.

  25. I m a woman n females are around me, its actually pain in lower back n stomach for 1 day, at times its cramps in legs and stiffness in whole body anyways there are lots of women who feel lack of energy n feel tired so generally we do skip school, office, classes and gym etc based on discomfort etc, so it's ok to take offs for two days, because we still do it now days.

  26. To the people questioning about energies driving towards women and animals and saying this is illogical. The thing he is saying that during those days when sanitary pads and other equipments were not present for women on period, when they used to wear cloth or something else which is unsanitary and doesn’t hold the blood properly people believed that the blood that dripped attracted the energies to women. Also the animals can smell blood and do attack people. Try someday carrying uncooked chicken in your hand and walking past a dog or cat. This is the reason why people stopped women from going out to temples. Cooking food is a strenuous process and back in those people didn’t had helpers all things were to be done by women from washing dishes to cooking and due the unsanitary practices it was advised to them to relax. He isn’t supporting he is just telling the reasons which turned into extreme later. He is saying to be at rest which is good because periods are painful to us, and to the certain temples he talk about are temples where these evil spirits reside. Women on period bleed and blood attracts these thing. He never says not praying or not touching gods at your home. So do not criticize girls, he’s just presenting facts. I am a girl and a strong believer that periods are natural but points here were valid to some extent.

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  28. But today this restriction should be dropped. Temples have made all of these as a religious things, and they should change according to the times.
    The whole justification he said is just imagination of men. Why would animal come to temples which are highly populated by humans? The temples don't allow any women between age 10-50 to enter! That's silly. It should be left to women to decide whether they want to go somewhere or not. They are not your pets!
    I did not expect Sadhguru to be ambiguous in his opinion regarding this. I feel like he is conflicted between his own liberal ideology and his urge to protect tradition.

  29. Im not getting his 1st reason. 2nd one i got i.e. hygiene & risk of being eaten by wild animals.. Can anyone plz elaborate this…?plz in simple language or hindi

  30. wow.. what a great understanding between science and traditions.. u r always amazing me.. Namaskaram Sadhguru..

  31. I am very aware of my energy levels and can attest that mine are noticeably lower when I'm menstruating. I feel like I, personally, would not be able to make much spiritual progress during this time

  32. This video makes me sad. A man who has such an influence in so many lives still very much a old grumpy man who will not let go of unnecessary practices. Negative energies,I mean seriously? And where can I find these 'certain temples' cause I definitely would like to visit them during my periods.

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