Safe Abdominal Exercise for Pregnancy, Part 2

I only work and this is part 2 of befit moms do it right series of abdominal exercises for pregnancy in the first exercise we learned how to strengthen the transverse abdominis in this exercise we'll build upon what we learned and add a lower spine flexion to the exercise this is a great exercise to help keep all of our muscles of your Labor's with your abdominal wall really strong and help to prevent diastasis recti or abdominis separation once again Nyree we'll be in our fifth model stand about a foot away from the wall bend your legs and use your hands for support rest your body against the wall starting the same way we did as in the first exercise inhale deeply and then exhale strongly kiss and compress your abdominal wall but this time add on a strong lower spine flexion really pull your pelvis up as much as you can make sure when you do this flexion that your glutes the back on the top of your thighs stays soft if you're not sure how to do this you can reach back and feel that you're doing it correctly after you've held this contraction really strongly for a few moments exhale release allow your pelvis to glide back down into the neutral position and your belly to expand naturally and we'll do this again inhale and on your exhale hips compress and turn your pelvis hold the strong contraction for a moment or two you're going to really feel your abs working in this exercise and then when you're ready exhale release to a muscular effort and allow your spine to come back into the neutral position and your belly to expand naturally if you have trouble moving your pelvis you can place your hands right where your legs flex into your hips and pull upwards a little bit to help you get the physical action let's try it here exhaling his compressing and now pulling that pubic bone up as much as you can hold this strong contraction for another moment and ready release your muscular effort allow the pelvis to come back into the neutral position and your belly to expand naturally when you're pregnant you never want to forcefully press your belly out

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