Safe Pregnancy – Caffeine

caffeine is a natural substance that can be found in everything from chocolate two excedrin to everyone's favorite coffee although avoiding caffeine while pregnant is smart you don't have to avoid it completely many experts have reviewed the scientific data on women who drink coffee and most agree that continued consumption of caffeine throughout pregnancy is safe so long as it's within moderation moderate caffeine consumption is approximately 200 to 300 milligrams a day or one two three cups of coffee the biggest concern related to caffeine is its natural properties as a diuretic meaning a substance that increases the production of urine so if you continue to drink caffeine throughout your pregnancy you must keep yourself hydrated keep up your water intake and don't replace it with caffeinated beverages luckily you don't have to kick Joe to the curb just make sure you don't see him more than three times a day we know as much as we do about safety and pregnancy thanks to people just like you who have volunteered for research studies observational research is essential for doctors to learn more about healthy babies and to advanced medical knowledge research match is a secure place for volunteers and researchers to get connected children dads grandparents everyone in your family in our community including those who are perfectly healthy and those with underlying health conditions can help by participating in research to learn about research studies that meet your interests and that are taking place at universities and other approved research institutions consider signing up at research match org you

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