Sally Jessy Raphael Show My Teen's Trying To Get Pregnant

about a month ago some teenagers and their parents came to our studio to be part of the show about young girls who say that they want to get pregnant very young well we started taping the show and no matter how hard the audience went after them the girls just refused to back down passions exploded this is my boy and I know people who are going to this and they are going through the hell of their life I got pregnant on purpose you guys are crazy well after a while we came to a point where I knew that we weren't getting anywhere so I have to tell you I was really worried about what was going to happen to these girls and I think we've done something we've rarely done before we stopped the show and I told them to go home now and think about this some more to be honest I wasn't sure we'd ever hear from these girls again but a month later they called us with some shocking news now they're back in our studio today and they're going to be here later to share that news but first let me show you what happened when we first taped this show well that was the scene in her green room earlier today as we got ready to do this show the topic its girls as young as 14 years old who say I really want a baby of my own and I am trying to get pregnant now this isn't about sex in fact one of the girls says she's really not interested in having sex but she does want a baby so she's thinking about having artificial insemination now that's a fourteen-year-old girl mmm their mothers are here today because the mothers say I don't know what to do they do know it's a matter of time before their little girls become mommies well their parents are waiting backstage first I want to talk alone without their parents – 14 year old Rebecca and this is 15 year old Amanda no Amanda you told us that you are actually trying to have a baby at your age why well I think that I'm responsible enough to have a baby because I don't think age matters I mean I've got a job I did quit school but I've got a job and I can take care of it and I can be loving to a baby and it's just something that I've always wanted I don't care what none of y'all say because this is my life and I'll run it Amanda how long have you been at your job I'm not yet not yet no they're sending no hold on hold on listen listen mate contain me I quit school I insisted on quitting school and they let me quit school so I can get a job and the man the next one over he's got a company and he's letting me work there and I don't care what y'all say I want a baby I'm going to have one how do you do the job and take care of the baby at the same time we're Kickstarter's my mother did tell me that she would take care of it if I did have one if I insist on having one she would take care of it while I work why if your mother is going to excuse me if your mother is going to take care of it how is that you having a baby that's your mother I cannot take care of a baby and work at the same time so what no well I work my mother can take care of my baby and as soon as I get off that baby belongs to me and it's my responsibility now we'll take care of it in love it when you say that you're trying to have a baby what does that mean I mean are you having unprotected sex yes you are okay first of all I am 20 years old and I thought I'd love to have a baby but I am not even thinking about it until I'm financially stable and done with college and have a job baby another life that you cannot afford to have right now how do you know that I have a part-time job that I've had for years and I can't support myself I'm living at home and going to college how are you going to support yourself this is me and this is my wife 14 years old your Ford spent a wake up at night you have to wake up at night for the baby you got to go to the doctor yeah I think it's just a ball of cherries let me tell you 32 and olds are teeny to take care of a baby throw the babies in incinerator ask you question why not wait what is the reason for not wait I just always wanted a baby I've been around them all my life and I took care of babies before on my own and I just want a baby and nothing can change my no reason to wait Rebecca let me ask you do you want to have a baby oh yes you do or I hate why you know you if you are 14 right right you're 14 why do you want to have a baby I feel that my sister she had a baby about 15 months ago she could not take care of the baby she was 18 she cannot take care of the baby I'm at home she left the baby with my mother I'm at home helping mother with the baby my god sister is 20 she has two children I take care of them every day of my life I spend the weekends take care of them night and day oh you don't go to school oh I I have home school we only have it every other day an hour a day so I don't what kind of school is that you go every other day I had she had a sickness and that I was out of school for six months and he the doctor doesn't know if it would come back or not this year so he just put me out of school and you have to have a medical reason to be out on that program but if you have a medical problem how you going to take care of a child I had it last year and I took care of my nephew my nieces I took care of MA so it does not affect let me understand you're strong enough to take care of the child but not strong enough to go to school and get an education taking care of baby is one thing but pay for them it takes money to Haven half a child you're thinking about it I cry when I see I'm 18 I'm not even thinking about set with Sea Islands face want to have kids that is so sad and this world is crazy you wanna bring a baby into this world there's a disc illness rate your chances world it's quitting for me Rebecca you're the one that I referred to earlier you are not interested in sex per se you just want to have the baby are you having sex no but if I have to have sex to have a baby I will have today yes ma'am let me tell you son I got successes but Juilliard the both of y'all you need sake up behind back the scheme is fresh get up and go okay have your own you gonna learn missing fifteen years

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