San Francisco Homeless woman’s sign reads “PREGNANT & STRESSED!!”

– You can just make a cameo, Sadie. – [Interviewer] Dawn. – Yes. – [Interviewer] We’re
here in San Francisco. – Yes. – [Interviewer] You’re
homeless, panhandling to do the hotel thing.
– Staying alive. Yeah. – [Interviewer] And you’re pregnant. – Yeah, that’s not a new development. – [Interviewer] It’s gotta be horrible. – Yeah, it’s really, really hard. I came here from New York, and there’s a lot more services here than there are in New York, but if you don’t, I don’t
have a lot of extra time between paying for staying inside. I’m terrified sleeping on the street, I’ve had bad shit happen to me here. I don’t have– – [Interviewer] Well yeah, being a woman out on the street is horrible. – Yeah, it’s very, very,
very unsafe. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Anybody being
out on the street is horrible, but women go through a lot of abuse. – Yeah, so I don’t have time to access a lot of the services, I didn’t even know about a lot of them when I first got here. So I don’t know. I came here because I’d
been, I was a drug addict, I started shooting heroin
when I was 12, and– – [Interviewer] 12? – Yeah, my parents were both
junkies, they’re both addicts. Moved here, did the whole
hopping trains, squatting thing ’til I was 28, and was pregnant with my second son. I had already lost
custody of my first son, and I decided that I was done
with being on the street, done with the dope. – [Interviewer] So wait. You basically were traveling as a kid. – Yeah, oh yeah. – [Interviewer] Out doing
the traveling thing. – Yeah, my dad was a
Deadhead, the whole thing. – [Interviewer] You know what I mean? And here you are as a young adult, and you’re out on the streets. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] I’ve often
wondered if it happens to a lot of the kids. – It does. (laughs) There’s actually a group of us. – [Interviewer] ‘Cause it looks like fun. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] And then, you know. – Well, when your parents don’t get you social security numbers,
birth certificates, (laughs) shit like that, no school
records, no pictures. (laughs) – [Interviewer] Right. – So yeah, I came here. I’m sorry, I’m having
a bit of a weird day. – [Interviewer] It’s okay. – But when I came here
from New York, I tried, I went to a program, gave
birth to a healthy son, and when you graduate
a program, they didn’t provide us with any housing, they don’t set you up. When you’re in program, you’re
not allowed to get a job, you’re not allowed to
do any of that stuff. – [Interviewer] Right. – So you’re leaving program with less, because they also take 80% of your income and all your food stamps, so
you actually come out with less than what you went in there with. – [Interviewer] Right, the
programs aren’t coordinated with housing and other support services. – And when they know that
they’re releasing you, when you graduate, and you have to wait to
get on a housing list. But if you don’t stay in their shelters, which, for me, was a spot in
Bayview, in Hunters Point, in a gym on a floor. (laughs) They called CPS because I
was living in a hotel room. And I lost custody of my son, relapsed for about a year, and went back into program, and graduated and here I am. (laughs) Same thing, and it’s fuckin’ impossible to get inside anywhere. We were living with a guy
after we got out of program, we had connected with someone, and I was lucky he let
me and my dog stay there. And we lived with him for
about two and a half years now. And he just got evicted. – [Interviewer] So that put
you back out on the street. – Yeah. I was working, I finally got a license to do home health care work, to be a home health aide, and I was working for him, and once he got evicted, he wanted to fight the proceedings and he wouldn’t be able
to do it with me there, so pretty much I had to leave. And lost my job (laughs) at the same time. – [Interviewer] So sorry. – Yeah. But it gets better. – [Interviewer] It’s ups and downs. If you had three wishes,
what would they be? – That I would have taken full advantage of some
of the opportunities that I had when I was younger. Definitely stayed in school. (laughs) And never, ever, ever, ever would
have started doing drugs. (laughs) Ever. So. – [Interviewer] Well, thank you
very much for talking to me. – And good luck with your thing, that sounds pretty cool. I’m glad people get a voice. (laughs)

100 Replies to “San Francisco Homeless woman’s sign reads “PREGNANT & STRESSED!!””

  1. Pregnant…………OUTRAGEOUS behaviour. Shame on the man who did this, and shame on her for allowing it. There is NO excuse. Free condoms everywhere. Family planning everywhere and god forbid you could abstain. Shame on them………did I mention shame on them? Facial tatoos, pregnant whilst homeless…….may I be as bold as to question her decision making skills.

  2. I know it it's like I used to be homeless for 7 years I barely turned 52 I finally got my Social Security but I still can't afford an apartment California is really screwed up

  3. Screwed up in California they say I have a criminal record and it's just a DUI charge and they won't let me live in an apartment

  4. This poor girl never had a chance. To have junkie parents and start drugs at 12 when you are a baby. The system failed her.

  5. What's the meaning of life seriously when you get to that point? Everyone should have the right to have a decent home and enough food to eat.

  6. Why the fuck would someone in this situation have sex and gets pregnant.. like for real why would you put a child in this dump you live in

  7. She needs to wash her hair.get shampoo and use some.brush ur teeth.get welfare off ur baby if u have to.try to get a job local family to help you at all?

  8. Some people are very judgmental! Reading some of these comments unbelievable! So what if she has ink on her face! She’s a human being and needs help! I hope things get better for this lady and she finds the help she needs.

  9. The victim continues the victim cause. Im a victim of these shiftless people…where are my reparations!?

  10. homeless women should be required to have birth control to get $$$. it's not fair to the kids who get born on the street.

  11. Her three wishes where in fact all three regrets.She wished she had "taken more advantage of her opportunities when younger,stayed in school and never done drugs".I relate to her shoulda woulda coulda sense of regrets.How many of us feel like we squandered opportunities and did not make the most of what we had.I certainly do.I hope she can forgive herself and find some self esteem and move on.

  12. Man i was homeless for like 2 weeks once and lucky enough to escape it. Treat others how you would like to be treated because you never know what's around life's bend ✌❤

  13. God bless her, I hope she gets help love of her dog tend to be more kind than ppl are. I no I prefer my dogs to ppl anyday

  14. Why liberals fight for transgenders and stupid s***. They could be building communities like we did in the old days. Conservatives and liberals used to come together and build communities even if they voted differently but they all believed in one thing and that was helping each other out these masses of homeless people are created by things like NAFTA brought in by the clintons where they shipped out there American jobs and it was not talked about on the media if it was it was talked about the best opportunity what's voice of dead lie. Stop believing and the news and the media they lie about everything on both sides. Instead focus in your communities fight for your jobs fight for your bonuses and fight for your pay. Stop separating especially the idiots of liberals. The stupidity in them is just crazy they want peace and love and all this but what they stand for is just hate for people that don't think like themperiod as a conservative / liberal mix I can tell you I respect other people's feelings. And I sides to a point. But liberalism is idiocracy and they have that right in America to be an idiot if they want to be

  15. You interrupted her story about whether she got off at the heroin or not you're so not good at this sometimes

  16. May God help this lady to find the right route and recover her life, and have a house to stay for herself and her baby.

  17. regret is the devil in heels. The good thing is she's over the drug crap and hopefully can stay positive. God bless her and keep her and I pray her children are all healthy, wherever they are. Peace

  18. It's heartbreaking that her 3 wishes are about changing the past. She has suffered so much and nobody seems to care.

  19. I have empathy for all homeless Because it could happen to ANYONE. My Brother was on the street, by his choosing, he had Braindamaged because of drugs, I tried to help him every day, I just get so angry at woman who don’t take responsibility NOT TO BRING AN INNOCENT CHILD IN this Horrible Life, it’s just NOT FAIR. These people who are drug addicts can find ways to get drugs, they should get preventives from getting pregnant, that’s all 😢

  20. I was homeless for 1 year and lived in a tent in the woods in the country. I would walk 3 miles into town at 2:00 am to rob the coins from a Pepsi machine. I lived on 25 cent little Debbie oatmeal cookies until I threw up almost daily.I am here to tell you,…being homeless will quickly teach you how brutal this world can be and just how miserable life can get when you have nowhere to call home. You have no idea how people treat you until you have absolutely nothing but the clothes on your back.

  21. I really need help and support, I would like my very short video clip to go viral It’s just a small clip of the me telling my side of the way catalyst housing treated me after my mum died of cancer. Catalyst housing have no morals or integrity they took advantage of my sister that mental health issues. Then evicted a single mother with multiple sclerosis.

  22. Subsidize it and you'll get more of it. If you make poor choices you end up in bad situations. Good parenting is important. Enablers are partly to blame for these people.

  23. I'm a very pro life individual in almost all cases… However when a homeless mentally ill junkie woman with facial tattoos is pregnant from god knows who that has already lost custody of her other kids… I'll pay for this womans abortion, and give her a ride to planned parenthood.

  24. It gets better. Just keep having more children and doing drugs. Garbage parents create victims. And so the cycle continues.

  25. She had a shitty start in life. And yes she made some bad life decisions but just remember she is a human being! God Bless You! 🙏🙏🙏

  26. It's never too late to live like you always wanted. Eliminate all the accessories in life & stick to the necessities only. The system is designed to enslave society so it's not your fault. The rotten political system is responsible for creating the rat race system. It's a crime against humanity.

  27. everyone deserves to get help and love, people also who are heavily addicted and homeless. why do people always have such a judgment. nobody knows the person's past. love each other the same as Jesus does 😙

  28. This is some bad shit, bad bad shit, this is the end of the kali yuga, no one should feel like that, it is all about to end.

  29. She doesn't have extra time? Wtf, you're homeless so you have nothing but time. You have to start helping yourself so others will help you. Get off your ass and start making use of those services that my tax dollars are paying for.

  30. Damn… 3rd Time knocked up is a charm. Just let anybody dump in u. Guuurl… have some respect. Excuuusesexcuuuusesexcuuuuses. Get it together. And why are u Homeless In the most expensive Cities (NY and San Fran). I only have sympathy for her childhood due to addictive parents but she’s not the only one who had an fd up childhood. Get back into home healthcare, rent a room until u get on your feet, then apply for Jobs in an affordable living State so u can finally get your own apt, then try to get your kids back… but no… she wants to her panhandle while pregnant. I can’t!!!

  31. Poor girl! See what happens when you have junkie parents… imagine the neglect, physical and sexual abuse she woulsve been exposed to… addicted at 12… poor girl… she needs help…

  32. I was homeless and struggling with addiction nearly four years ago almost lost my only child due to my addiction. Thanks to the never ending support of my family and resources in our community and CPS me and my husband were finally able to get clean after struggling with addiction to drugs for 10 years. "Keeping Families Together" (a branch off of Heading Home) made it possible for me and my family to get a lovely apartment and furniture. They helped with rent and utilities for three years to help us adjust to our new life and to give us enough time to find stable jobs. Keeping Families Together helped us so much and was vital to our recovery. It helped keep us clean, keep us in a home and helped us find jobs. We have been supporting ourselves now for a year and have been sober for 3 years and 6 months. We even have working vehicles we were able to buy after sometime of working and saving, nothing new or fancy but reliable enough to get us to work, school and daycare. I'm working on finishing my bachelor's degree and my husband is working at his old job getting paid well and is working towards getting into grad school to continue his studies. I share this story because I want to state the importance of programs like Keeping Families Together and Heading Home. I believe that programs such as these help keep people from going back to the streets and can be a great motivating factor for staying sober and getting a stable job. It certainly made a huge difference in ours lives. Unfortunately, the Keeping Families Together program in my state ended due to lack of funding. It saddens me knowing that other families in need won't have the amazing opportunity we had to get our lives back on track. Best wishes to all going through addiction and/or homelessness, especially to the children of parents in these situations. God bless♡

  33. A homeless woman who can’t keep a dick out of her and is gonna bring children into hell and people feel sorry for her. On the other hand a homeless male with problems died from being homeless at 20 and people are completely ravaging him left right and center in the comments. Words can’t describe how fucked up our world is when you put all of the little ideas and concepts into perspective. So much for the human race being intelligent and if we do end up surviving for a long time I will never know why. It’s like a paedophile killing and eating a child and then being wealthy and living a very happy life.

  34. I pray for her to find strength and get back on her foot. Lord Jesus please see her and protect her under your wings. blessing to her on Jesus name

  35. ¹ Number one by one everyone every one lovely e formly are the doctors have test…F*** prodigy F*** in my Van Car for three five month, now we are already-in. ❤⭐|❄.❄|

  36. I have been homeless twice I need a real women to ride with me in a truck to work this eld. Sorry u r. Screwed up I really am call me 352 300 2493 my name is Danny

  37. Thank God Im from matrilineal society..Children belong to mother and mother will take care her children even if she is poor..My society wont allow anyone to be homeless whether drug addict,prostitute,thief etc..

  38. There’s always two sides to every story. I’m her half sister. My mom raised all her other kids just fine. None of us came out to be junkies. Her father took her from my mom when she was six. My mom tried to get her back but her fathers family kept her from her mother. My mom got contact with her and we came and picked her up to try to help her change her life. Then she stole everything from us and left us stranded. Her mother was trying to help her get her kids back. She has a large some of money in the bank she could have if she could pass a simple drug test. She’s choosing to be homeless.

  39. Her mother has her birth certificate and a school report add. She had pictures of her when she was a baby to when she was taken from her.

  40. Question why is everybody like “ we treat humans horrible” when we know where she is GO FIND HER also these people recorded it so they probably gave her something to help also BAD CHOICE GRABBING A DOG AND GETTING PREGNANT U GOT 3 PEOPLE TO FEED NOW

  41. People want to blame everyone else. Her past was bad, but her present is because of her. There is no excuse not to use protection. She continues to make stupid decisions. Where is her dog when she is having sex with people? Think ahead people. Dear god.

  42. Yep, SF a haven for ppl like this, unreal!! So what is she doing getting pregnant ( IF she is) when she’s homeless?? She had money to get here from New York, did she hitchhike over 3,000 miles?? I don’t buy her story – my heart goes out to the dog

  43. Heroine? Nope, sorry I don't want to hear it. If you live an irresponsible lifestyle, you deserve to deal with the consequences. Keep on hopping trains and shooting dope.

  44. If I ever get a large sum of cash this is one of the top things on my list to try help with. At the very least these people should have a comfortable room, so I'd have a complex built for them. It was bad enough struggle for me in pregnancy without this woman's extra hassles so I truly empathise with her.

  45. Go to church is my suggestion, pray to God, He will help you if you are honest.
    Stop addiction if you have one, read the Holy Bible for answers.
    Look for work.
    Take that face tattoo away if you get the change.
    Please don't do abortion, that is really murder.
    Best to you lady !

    Ps. I hope the interviewer give these people some money for this.

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