23 Replies to “Sarah Silverman defends abortions and ageism to Bill Maher”

  1. Damn they must have been hard up for material to make agist jokes about her. I have noticed a rise in agisism lately; or am I more sensitive about it these days?

  2. Sarah Silverman is deserving of support from thinking people, she reminds me a lot of Rachel Laser, very smart !

  3. If its not life, what the abortion for, what are you killing. Killing means taking something thats alive and making it not alive. All who believe in abortion, will stand before God, All the leaders in this world will get to have a special conversation with God. I would not want to be them.. But, to say its not life is a cop-out, everyone on this planet knows its life, so stop the lying, The whole ideal of protection to keep from getting pregnant proves that, it also for disease, yes! You guys are such poser's pretending its not life you believe your own lies. So quit using that for the argument, just say it out right, I don't want this baby. The Gov, made it easy for you. Humanism may give you the right, but where is your sense of right and wrong.

  4. You making a choice for your human body is fine just dont make the decision when another human body is in you that's half NOT YOU!!!

  5. Sarah is so embarrassing! She thinks she's so clever, but she has so much hate! She's not funny… You're the hypocrite. Stop telling us how to think and feel!

  6. 100% of all unwanted children involve a man who refused to wear a condom. Diseases are higher because condoms are not used. Trojan says condom use is down.

  7. Love the outfit,probably a $1200 ensemble but it looks like she bought it at Goodwill. Its a look that says" I'm wearing 3lbs of make-up and I think I'm pretty so I'll wear a boys striped tee shirt and a hoodie I rolled a homeless person for."

  8. A child in the womb is not goo, it is a human being with separate DNA from its mother. How does planned parenthood help the community? By selling abort fetuses to medical companies for the creation of vaccines.

  9. It’s goo?? Google a picture of a 20 week fetus and tell me that that looks like goo. It’s doesn’t resemble goo very early on in pregnancy. It has its own unique genetic code, eye colour, hair colour, height it will be, IQ, what they will look like, what their voice will sound like. A totally seperate unique human being. A tiny baby growing inside you that then quite literally gets ripped apart and then pieces back together so they can make sure that they got everything out, 2 arms 2 legs and torso and head. Most abortions are performed when the baby does indeed have all of its internal organs, limbs, and finger and toes.

  10. Planned Parenthood was created to stop blacks from reproducing. It's a fact.
    KKK was founded by Democrats.
    Democrats voted to keep Slavery. It's all facts.

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