Saturn in 7th house of vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about Jupiter
in the seventh house of the horoscope and what energy it brings in to your
horoscope in this video we are going to dive deep into one other effects when
you have Saturn in the seventh house of the horoscope so keep watching namaste
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there Saturn in the seventh house of the horoscope what is Saturn the first thing
which comes to my mind when I think of Saturn is negativity scarcity and death
aging restriction inability scarcity public masses subordinates critical
thinking intelligence analytical skills distrust okay so these are the
significations for the Saturn and what is the seventh house the significance
for the seventh house is seven thousand Saul about the marriage and partnership
it is the house of travel it also represents interactions it is the house
of the public first house ascendant is your eastern horizon and seventh house
is the western horizon so it is always elusive horizon that’s why it also
signifies the long distance travel it also signifies the foreign travel 7,000
also about the depth and endings okay now Sutton is coming into the seventh or
so what would be the energy when several when Saturn is into the 7000 or escabi
the planet of detachment and restriction is coming into the house of attachment okay
seventh house but inertia p’ is all about connecting with people be it for
the marriage purpose or be it for the business it is all about connecting with
the other self but Saturn doesn’t like to connect with other people in fact he
loves to serve others but when it comes to making a relationship with other
people and that do for his own benefit Saturn is not a very good at it mercury
is a shrewd businessman he with his wittiness charming attitude he will he
will impress the other person but Saturn is a serious and sincere disciplined guy
so he doesn’t like to connect with others he does not like to mingle with
others and this is not exactly like Mars Mars also doesn’t like to connect with
other people but that is because Mars is an independent planet Saturn is a little
bit different with its nature Saturn is a slow-moving sincere and critical guy
he is intelligent he is analytical when Saturn is into the seventh house in its
own sign or in the sign of exaltation creates a society with early a rabbit
okay so Saturn is into the seventh house in its
own sign that is Capricorn or Aquarius or is in the sign of exaltation that is
Libra it creates that shishio curve which is one of the most powerful punch
maha purusha Saturn has that destroys due to the analytical skills and the
intelligence Saturn is intelligent guy we always connect Saturn with the sorrow
Ness negativity yes he is about the negativity in life which is the polar
opposite of the Jupiter Jupiter is that optimism Saturn is the pessimism Jupiter
is the abundance Saturn is the scarcity Jupiter is about the faith and higher
belief Saturn is about the distrust Jupiter is about the expansion Saturn is
about the restriction okay so Jupiter is about the wisdom and
teachings and Saturn is about hard work and learning so these two are always
polar opposite to each other so Saturn is about negativity and we have to
embrace the negativity in order to be ultimately positive in our life we
cannot ignore the negativity in our life negativity is there in our life Saturn
is present in our life Saturn is there to teach us the lessons
so that we don’t get carried away with our optimism of the trip etre or we
don’t trust the wrong people that’s why Saturn is their Saturn will
help you understand the real person okay so this is second the planet of
restriction is coming into the house of expansion horizon is expansive okay and
when the Saturn comes into the 7,000 he is not able to understand the expansive
nature of the horizon okay so he brings in the restrictions into this house so
the person with the seventh house Saturn is not open for new network and
connections okay 7,000 the house of public and second is
the planet of masses and subordinate the planet of masses coming into the house
of public and other other person or other people so the person with the
seventh house a turn is very popular among the masses if there is a teacher
with a seven thousand versus seven thousand to Peter the seven thousand to
Peter person will be a role model for the people but the Saturn with the
seventh house teacher will be a disciplined dedicated sincere teacher
who whom students will appreciate in the long run for his sincerity seven
thousand interactions and subtle is the planet of restriction so the person with
the seventh house Saturn kind of restricts the native with the
interaction with the other people be it for the marriage or business or travel
all that okay seven thousands of way from the seventh
excuse me 7004 places of in from the fourth and ten places away from that
tenth so seven thousand a limit house for the career as well as the
nourishment when Saturn comes into the 10th house of the 10th house it gives
rise to one’s status the person with the seventh house Saturn is sure to rise in
his career because if you observe in the natural horoscope 7,000
sign of Libra which is the sign of exultation so this gives an extra
strength to the Saturn in whichever Rashi it may be it gives that strength
of the position to the satyr even if you have a debilitated Saturn into the 7th
hours it gets some strength due to the
position of the Saturn in the seventh house why because in the natural
horoscope 7000 sold by Libra which is the sign of exultation for the sector
7th house is 7000 the house of other people and Saturn is the planet of being
alone ok so when the planet of being alone comes into the house of other
people wearing you are always into the limelight you are judged by other people
he feels uncomfortable here he doesn’t like this signification of the 7000 ok
so now you can understand what kind of personality is being developed like the
person with the 7000 is a very loving person like the masses will love this
person this person will rise into the his career yet he will be shy of their
relationships and he will be shy of the people and loved to be alone and you
know all other aspects conjunctions are West’s retrogression shut the Bala is
going to build up what exactly the Saturn is going to be the lordship of
the planets also plays an important role along with the other stars of the planet
and that can give us an idea about what exactly this Saturn in the seventh house
is doing for that particular person so it is very difficult to answer this
question I have Saturn in the seventh house in a pod reversal nakshatra in
along with Sun and Mars tell me about my spouse it’s not
possible at least for me there will be scholars and many other
soldiers who can simply tell you by knowing your sentence can tell you a lot
more about you by mere knowing your ascendant but I don’t have that
knowledge I cannot tell you with this single standalone placements everything
about your spouse okay but but when you are judging your horoscope when you are
looking what exactly is happening in my seventh house so you have to look for
the settle the lord of the seventh house the aspects to the seventh house the
nakshatra seventh Lord is placed in nakshatra second is placed in and it’s
correlation with the ascendant and moon nakshatra and also keep in mind always
always always keep in mind whatever you are looking at always look the events at
the background of the web-shooter imahara shop what do I mean by that if
you’re looking for seventh house impact or how would be your second in your
chart okay suppose you have Rishabh ascendant the
Taurus lagna and you have son excuse me Saturn into the six thousand Orozco and
now you are running into the Saturn Maharaja so how would be on Saturn Maha
Dasha or let’s assume your Saturday’s into the seventh house in the sign of
Scorpio and now you want to judge how would be your settled Maharaja so what
you have to do is you have to look for the
Mars because seventh house is ruled by Mars where Saturn is placed you have to
see where that Mars is blessed in then you have to look for the aspects on
Saturn and aspects on the seventh house if there is an exchange of planets with
the Lords with the seventh house also we have to look for the an through the Shah
of the set of Maharaja and we have to see the planet suppose you are going
through set on K to my other shop so you have to look for where exactly your K to
placed in okay so you can go to any depth you can go to enter the shop
re-enter the shusuke’s mother Shah to the fifth level and can check the event
okay but that is not possible in this video and this is not the agenda of this
video we were talking about Saturn in the seventh house of the horoscope
seventh house is about the business trade and exchange and Saturn is the
planet of the work Saturn loves to do the work
Saturn loves doing continuous repetitive work without getting bored certain loves
the hard work so this signification of business and
trade is resonating well with the hardworking Saturn so Saturn gives
success in the business if you have Saturn in the seventh house of the
horoscope okay so likewise you can check all the significance of the seventh
house and see what kind of energy this Saturn is going to bring in okay let’s
move on to the aspects of the Saturn Saturn has three special aspect Saturn
can aspect three places from wherever it is placed it then the next aspect is the
normal seven thousand and the special aspect is the last special aspect is
that places away from where it is placed we
are talking about Saturn placed into the seventh house of the horoscope so with
the third aspect it will aspect that ninth house of the horoscope with the
seventh aspect will aspect the ascendant of the horoscope and with the nth aspect
will aspect the fourth house of the horoscope so if you observe the seventh
house Saturn dominates the Kindra it aspects the seventh house it aspects the
fourth house it is into the seventh house and it is bent from the 10th so it
is aspecting or is associated with almost all the Kindra houses along with
the ninth house because it is also a spectator third aspect on the ninth
house let’s see what these aspects mean the third aspect of Saturn on the ninth
house shows the delays with the ninth house things ninth house is all about
the teachings father guru spirituality religion higher beliefs and higher
education can also be seen with the ninth house so when Saturn aspects the
ninth house it brings in delay with all these significations you might have to
work hard to get that master degree you might have to create a longer projects
in order to get the PhD or higher education because it is expected by
Saturn with the seventh aspect Saturn aspects the ascendant now
Saturn is impacting the personality of the native when Saturn is impacting the
personality it brings in that sincerity discipline organized nature somewhat
pessimistic nature as well to the personality so the person does not
expect anything and is ready for everything because of this pessimism
he is ready for the worst and he is ready to work hard and that’s why he’s
successful ok with the 10th aspect Saturn is aspect in the fourth house of
the horoscope 4th house is all about your nourishment your mother Moon Venus
mercury does well into the fourth house of the horoscope because these energies
resonates well with the home environment the feminity
as well as the motherly nature of the person now sincere discipline organized
I won’t say dry but somewhat disciplined guy is coming into the 4th house so the
person with the seventh house will have a lot of responsibilities with respect
to the 10000 as the ninth house wherever Saturn aspects you have responsibilities
towards those houses so when Saturn is expecting the 4000 ahora scope the
person will have responsibility towards his mother his mother may be a
disciplined mother the mother may not be a lousy will love the child but she will
inspire with the disciplined and with all the Saturnian qualities which may be
difficult for a person during the childhood it’s very difficult to
understand Saturn and what he is doing for us even when we are grown-up forget
about when we are a child so the person with the seventh house Saturn might find
it difficult relationship with the mother because their mother is
disciplined organized and might be career oriented because of the tenth
aspect of the Saturn she might be a workaholic
she might be always working and that might be the reason the person
feel that his mother is not present for her present for her or him okay but that
is not the case she is on her own journey because of the tenth aspect so
yes this was Saturn as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys what
to watch next go and watch the planets through houses series if you’re new to
Vedic Astrology go and watch classics or how to get started into Vedic Astrology
or if you want to know more about the retrograde planets go watch the
retrograde fashion series okay sending you tons of positive energies sending
your high vibrations see you in the next videos love and peace

15 Replies to “Saturn in 7th house of vedic Astrology Birth Chart”

  1. Saturn is ruling my 7th, with Saturn in my.3rd, Cancer Ascendant..I suck at relationships, if I like you I probably love you, and that's rare! Yes, I love being alone and hate attention on me.

  2. Hello sir saturn is in capricorn 7th house for cancer ascendent in retrogade. It has jupiter's 5th aspect and mars 8th aspect is it good placement for saturn or not??

  3. Hi Prasad,
    Saturn is in my 7. house and my lagna lord already (Aquarius ascendant) I see Saturn is very effective for me. I have some standarts for people (lie, selfishness, malice, irresponsibility etc) and i dont let people, who fail to pass Saturn test:) to be near with me and mostly people fail. Its like a shield for protection. I dont be bothered to be alone. Actually i like to be alone, i feel more peaceful. I never dreamed about marriage because mariage is not a sweet dream for me. Marriage is a big responsibility and if you havent a good partner its a hell:)
    Prasad, make videos about "Rahu and Ketu in houses" please. Thank you for your informative videos.
    Love and Peace:)

  4. I have a question, there are 9 planets in astrology all planets of our solar system but why there is no mention of earth anywhere, the planet where we live the most important planet which supports life

  5. Sir, my saturn is in 7 house in aries sign and mars in 9 house in libra ascesdant what will be the results of this saturn???

  6. Hii prasad sir…i have saturn in aquarius in 7 house…but its considered as maraka for my lagna..being sun the lagna lord…
    Will shasha mahapurusha yoga be applicable in this case..??

  7. Will seventh house Saturn retrograde will have same impact as mentioned

    The seventh house astrology series is amazing👍

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