Saturn in 8th house of Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we discussed about Jupiter
in the 8004 scope in this video we are going to talk about what happens when
you have Saturn yes Saturn in the 8,000 host code so keep watching Namaste and
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astrology sat down in the 8th house but before we talk about Saturn in the 8th
house what is settled the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of
Saturn is negativity Saturn is polar opposite of the chupa Jupiter is the
planet of optimism Saturn is the planet of pessimism Jupiter is about the
abundance Saturn is about the scarcity Jupiter is about the positivity Saturn
is about the negativity Jupiter is about the optimism and faith and Saturn is
about the negativity and distrust Jupiter is the planet of higher believes
things which you cannot see and Saturn is the most practical planet Jupiter is
the planner of wisdom Saturn is the planet of efforts
okay so Saturn is all about that is negative in your life
Saturn restricts you by age time and abilities Saturn signifies death
restriction age old age all these can be seen with the Saturn now this planet is
coming into the eighth house eighth house is second from the seventh house
which is the tannest unto the seven thousand eight house is the house of
joint assets eighth house is the house of big money like inheritance insurance
government taxes eighth house is 11 places away from the tenth house so the
gains from your tenth house can also be seen with the ethers eighth house is a
house of longitude a reproduction sex charisma eighth house is the house of
ups and downs and transformation birth and rebirth
death and rebirth is the theme of the eighth house when you die and rebirth
its transformation and it’s suddenly okay so eighth house is also about the
joint desert is also over the sales eight house is also the house of things
buried under the ground eight thousand about the mysticism and hold astrology
psychology all these things can be seen with the eighth house now what happens
when Saturn comes into the eighth house we are at the end of the eighth house
series now certainly is coming into the eighth house of your horoscope the
planet of slow movement is placed into the house of seven ups and downs so this
kind of reduces the ups and downs in the natives
life his life becomes predictable not exactly predictable but that those ups
and downs of the eighth house are reduced to certain extent due to the
effect of setter the planet of discipline commitment and sincerity is
coming into the second house of the tennis thong from the seven thousand
okay so the second in the eighth house tends to give good result with respect
to your marriage the person with the eighth house settle lives a disciplined
life and has a traditional and Orthodox connection with their in-laws because
Saturn is Orthodox so this gives them the stability to the marriage eight how
Saturn gives stability to the match the planet of delay is coming into the house
of death Saturn is the planet of delay and 8th house is the house of volatility
usually we call it the house of death but it is nothing but the life force
which delays the death that’s why it is the house of longitude e how much you
are going to survive and now the planner of delay comes in so it delays the death
that means it gives the longer life the person with the eighth house Saturn has
longer life the planet of loneliness is coming into
the house of secrecy second is an old guy who likes to be alone it’s not like
an independent Mars who is energetic and yet he wants to achieve his goals on his
own no second is an old guy who has done that who has been there done that and
now he has suddenly he has seen all the ups and downs of the
life and now he is settling okay that is the nature of the Saturn the planet
second I’m not talking about the eighth house placement and talking about the
inherent nature of the Saturn he is always considered him as an older guy
always so that you will understand his significations even more especially
those with the disciplined maturity and wiseness all these things you always
imagine him as an older the planet of loneliness is coming to the house of
secrecy Saturn loves to be low-key and secretive and alone and always working
on his own he likes that environment and eighth house provide that darkness
secretive environment to the alone Saturn so Saturn loves eighth house for
this signification the planet of intelligence is coming into the house of
mysteries and occult yes Saturn is intelligent there may be
negativity but that negativity is essential for you so that you don’t get
carried away with too much positivity and you can identify those who are
around you the true faces of the people around you
that’s why Saturn is there Saturn is an intelligent guy don’t think he is dumb
no he may be negative he may be restricting you he may be old
but he is intelligent and he has the intelligence coupled with the hard work
and determination and the discipline so it is his decision his his intelligence
may not be the piercing or penetrating like a mercury but he has that patience
and hard work which makes his intelligence sharper so now when he digs
down into the thousands he doesn’t stop until he gets
to the root of it that’s his quality Saturn will not stop
until he knows that mystery if there is an a whole science or if there isn’t
concept which is you know very mysterious he will go and search all
that is available on the Internet offline books articles news people
people working on that researching on that his own implementation he will do
anything and everything what it takes to unfold the mystery to expose that
mystery to you don’t reveal that mystery to himself he is unstoppable the planet
of distrust is coming into the house of abstract eighth house is an abstract
house just like 12 it is also very abstract house you know all the houses
after the seventh house are kind of abstract houses okay if you look at the
houses the first house is lagana physical body second is your family
Tory’s siblings mother children and your enemies these are the tangibles houses
even 7,000 your marriage partner so from first to 7:00 all the houses are
tangible houses and if you start from the 8th house all the houses are
intangible and abstract houses 8th house is the house of death 9th house is the
house of parkia 10th house is the house of karma 11th houses the house of lava
the 12th house is the house of moksha so there is nothing which he can see feel
and trust only Jupiter can understand all these
things like moksha that lava okay Kurama saturn can understand he loves it but
all other houses he is not able to understand them because those are
abstract and intangible the planet of hard work is coming into the house of
the life force so these people tend to work hard these people have the capacity
to work harder than anybody else because the planet of hard work is coming into
the house of lifeforce so now they have that patience to work longer hours it
can be exhaustive yet they will do it from the eighth house Saturn aspects the
tenth house with its third aspect second house with its seventh aspect and the
fifth house with its tenth aspect subtle aspects the tenth house of the horoscope
with the third aspect the planet of work discipline patience hard work is
aspecting the house of karma so the person is always working hard to improve
his work and career okay more so Road house aspect also has the energy of the
third house which is about the self efforts so now Saturn from the eighth
house is aspecting with the third aspect which is all about the self effort due
to the third house element into it is aspecting the tenth house of the career
and work Karma Stan and this is Saturn so this itself is all about the Karma
so eight house Saturn is the best position to have a rise in your career
okay from the eighth house second aspects the second house of the
horoscope second house is all about your speech your money your finances your
family your friends so when Saturn aspects the second house
of the horoscope what it shows is these people speak less spend less due to the
restriction of the Saturn on speech and on the finances second house is not
about the spending habits it is one of the 12th house yet the Saturnian effect
on the second house makes them be cautious about the finances in general
be it what they value and save as well as how they’re going to spend it from
the 8th house Saturn aspects the fifth house with the 10,000th
fifth house is about your hobbies is about your creative talents is about the
painting cinema drama passions all these things can be seen along with children
and education so when Saturn aspects this house it makes the person
disciplined towards their children the person with them Saturn in the eighth
house is very I won’t say straight but is very cautious about their children
the person with the eighth house Saturn is also cautious
about the education he is always cautious about the education he is going
to take for himself and his children and there may be delay in the education due
to the Saturnian effect on the education but yet he is cautious about it he wants
to get the education and he understands the significance of it and he’s ready to
take the discipline actions they can be realized yet he is convinced about the
importance of education himself okay so yes this was Saturn as much as I could
hold grasp and share with you guys what to watch next if you’re new to where the
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sending you tons of positive energies sending your high vibrations see you in
the next videos love and peace

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  1. taurus ascendent,Saturn in 8th house saggitauris,(in purva ashadha ) with ascendent lord Venus which is in moola(close conjunction) .
    Aspecting his own house Aquarius,is it good for career growth or not ?

    Jupiter in 2nd house..almost same degree as saturn.

  2. Leo ascendant ,,saturn(retrograde) is conjunction with ketu in 8 th House ,,what it means Prasad ji ,can u tell us sir

  3. Saturn as darakarak in 8th house Saggi for Taurus ascendant conjunct with Moon aspected by Ketu from 4th house. Will this be good for marriage and career for the native.

  4. 🙏 Good video as always.I want to ask one practical question (regarding placement of any planet in 8rt house)and want you to answer it with all your knowledge of mentioned Saturn delay death.then can be conclude Mars expedite death.I want to ask which planet give peaceful death when placed in 8 rth house jupiter or Venus ? Being retrogradeJupiter in 8 rth house I have seen those moments when death was very close to me.I am aquatinted with someone having Venus in 8 rt house has faced such moments and come out with it safely.venus is sukracharya and sukracharya is known to be master of sanjivini.what is the reason for jupiter? 🤔🙇

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