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designed for soft tissue retraction and protection the Alexis Oh retractor provides 360 degrees of a traumatic retraction and 360 degrees of protection the clear latex-free sheet protects against contamination of the wound edge and significantly decreases wound infection the Alexis retractors unique design facilitates rapid and effortless setup as well as accommodate the wide variety of gynecologic procedures the Alexis o c-section retractor distributes force evenly for an optimal field of view giving 360 degrees of hands-free retraction and unprecedented exposure of the uterus during cesarean sections extra handheld retractors are often unnecessary eliminating dramatic point retraction and freeing up hands and you are the first time I try to see Alexis old c-section retractor I loved it the visualization was wonderful I did not have to exteriorize the uterus I was able to control bleeding a lot faster it just it cut at least 5 minutes off my c-section time I use the product was remarkably easy I was amazed that how large of a opening I only had to operate it and the position of the baby's head really the once I made the history oddity the baby's head just popped out it was probably one of the easiest sections I had ever performed before using the Alexis retractor I did always I always exteriorize the uterus to get talking Bella visualize the incision clean out the cavity but since then I don't exteriorize anymore it is a benefit to my patient to not exteriorize the uterus anymore because we exteriorize the uterus you do pool stretch on the peritoneum and internal organs so it post-operative costs a little bit more pain so the benefit has been great they're up there walking in about 2 or 3 hours they're eating in about 6 hours and no very limited nausea vomiting if any what probably icz ologist standpoint the Bennets of using the alexis o retractor it's clearly that you just don't have to externalize the uterus and by preventing that you have decreased post-operative nausea and vomiting as well as decrease interoperative nausea and vomiting increased and decreased intraoperative pain when I know that we're using the Alexis aisle retractor I don't premedicate them with medications for nods and vomiting for this repeat cesarean section a horizontal skin incision is made and carried through the abdominal wall to enter the pelvis subcutaneous tissue is divided transversely with electric artery dissection hemostasis is carefully managed and the fascia is cut in a horizontal manner the fascia is then separated from the rectus abdominal muscles with finger dissection and electric artery this separation continues toward the midline and inferiorly rectus muscles are then separated vertically in the midline exposing the peritoneum the peritoneum which traipse over the anterior surface of the uterus and then on to the bladder is entered bluntly and incised so that the bladder can be retracted away from the uterus with this technique the need for traditional bladder flap dissection is eliminated the orange ring is inserted into the operative site so that the lower portion will be slightly superior to the pubic bone between the abdominal wall and the bladder it is carefully checked to ensure that no entrapment of bowel or tissue occurs before retraction is initiated this associ section retractor is deployed by gently grabbing the pink retraction ring at channel o'clock and 2 o'clock the edges are rolled inward until alternate retraction is obtained Texas ole c-section retractor offers 360 degrees protection and 360 degrees exposure of the operative field the Alexis retractor often eliminates the need for handheld retractors optimizing surgical assistance this exposure allows for easy identification of the bladder flap and the uterine incision is made to allow delivery of the baby position can be developed by cephalad and caught ad pulling of the musculature apart along the transverse uterine incision the Marines are ruptured and fundal pressure is applied to deliver the baby the umbilical cord is cut and a blood sample is taken the placenta is then allowed to deliver spontaneously with the uterus still in situ the incision is closed with a running locking stitch the alexis o c-section retractor can help to distinguish between uterine and abdominal wall bleeding by capturing abdominal wall bleeding behind the clear latex-free sheet in addition the clear latex-free sheet protects against contamination of the wound edge and significantly decreases wound infection the Alexis own c-section retractor is easily retrieved by removing the inner ring from the peritoneal cavity the incision is again inspected for any evidence of bleeding or trauma the fascia and skin are closed according to normal practice I absolutely think that Alexis old retractor athle helps to eliminate surgical site infections there has been a great reduction of post-op pain and my patients I started using Alexis o c-section wound retractor than before a lot less they go home a lot sooner I really had a baby myself about 6 weeks ago and I requested that Alexis o retractor be used in my wife caesarean section and she had we only use pain medicine twice our entire 3d hospitalization State and Tylenol at home so we had no problems following this cesarean section a tubal ligation is performed as a secondary procedure the ovaries and fallopian tubes are easily accessed due to the unprecedented exposure provided by the alexis o c-section retractor Bennet from using the Lexus / tractors the fact that if I have an assistant the assistant has two hands to help me there isn't one hand holding a retractor one hand holding suction but there are actually two hands that can help me the biggest benefit truly is at 3 o'clock in the morning when I don't have an assistant because I don't need an assistant I need myself and I need the surgical tech to help me because I really have the ability to do everything I need to with the surgical tech not having to hold a retractor compared to my previous method using metal retractors there's no comparison using the Alexa so retractor the visualization is so incredible so wide that I don't understand why anybody would do a c-section without the Alesso retractor product line is available in multiple sizes accommodating a wide variety of gynecologic procedures including total abdominal hysterectomy myomectomy and tubal ligation

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