can we talk about what happened last night to this mama and this baby you didn't get it thank you how do you know no babe stop I don't know my wife oh of yoga exercising Oh jakey Benny okay 7:30 a.m. today is my first workout with my trainer I did do kind of an introduction class for Pilates on Saturday but this is it today's the day today is the week I've been trying to postpone my like leaving the house it's like Oh max needs this and Max's dad and then okay girl you gotta go I think that a lot of us make this mistake of you know not making a work that's a priority like if it's something if something happens in our day or time plans change or you feel like you don't have enough time the first thing we'll drop is a workout because we I think assume that it's kind of a luxury not in the city I feel like I'm really trying to switch that kind of mindset and understanding that when I commit to a workout I commit to it just like any business meeting this is my important meeting with myself and my body it's time to you know get stronger and get into the groove of things so no canceling because I have to you know go do grocery shopping so okay let's go I think I'm gonna put making me not Manoj on too yummy in the mood okay that was amazing it's amazing to see how weak my body is it feels like I was just born and my body knows nothing I didn't work out a lot like at the beginning with pregnancy I worked out quite a bit why am ia submission on it's made to end I literally didn't do anything so it is gonna take time for the body to reintroduce itself to the muscles and everything else it's been quite amazing and I think that's why it's so important to be conscious and you know if you do have a trainer you know make sure that they're very educated about your body if you don't have a trainer you know there's a lot of YouTube videos out there that are very helpful it's just very important to keep good form I think that I've been through the stages where I just started working out and I was going hardcore cuz I was looking at all these Instagram photos of really ripped across and their kind of fitness guide so I was doing that but that doesn't work for everybody so you know now I'm Way more conscious about my form I prefer to go slow but really focus and know every muscle that I contract so I'm really excited so there will be the first video that I'll do of like beginning of my journey that's transformation so I'm gonna go home now I'm gonna do a video and I said it's starting yeah okay I back on the move I'm going to a meeting with the clients out yeah yeah I'm so hot thank you very dramatic there's so many doors here oh okay oh my god I can't get the think your next song from my head thank you thank you literally everything in my life I sing this song too right now I finished the exercise I was like thank you next I finished my breakfast I was like thank you next I finish any like okay you get it thank you next communication right at Ryerson currently in the process of completing her thesis wanted to know if she could interview you I don't like do you do things like this she said her interview will eventually be presented a really cool coffee table book basically she's studying like the emergence of social media and basically just wants to ask you some questions about how you got started okay okay honey good job I'm gonna go take a nap in the car I think I'm coming to the office and then I'm gonna go get my ears pierced because I've been seeing all these people with piercings yeah I want like again another year yeah you want to do a company yeah let's do it nice to work out a little breakfast before I move with my day with Agony's which I've been using for years this is instead of mayo I'm gonna do some avocado and boil it and everything but the bagel where are you my little beautiful friend this is the best I'm gonna link it in the description box you guys need to get it ASAP hello Jane I'm singing all the way to you oh thank you I needed to distract from my face in here Leopard can do this Jane is really proud of her masking abilities today salutely so we decided to document my eyes are closed have no idea as you can see what's going on can they see it yeah yeah so we're just gonna hook you up so for those who are asking what is this treatment this is microcurrent so we're going to run it through the moisture of the map this is gonna make all your space all the mitochondria and your skin so it's gonna make you glow yes we love a glamour this is what we're here for can my kids are obviously the last ones that's cool oh no they're not there's still a few was that the pit oh no it's mine might not be last ones Wow guys okay I have to say there's like four other kids that are still waiting for their parents so I'm not so late I'm a little bit late Benny come here why are your ears covered that is true guys I missed you yeah so there's traffic yes you can okay but Benny then it's not a surprise for Jake because he already knows where it is when you start punching him in the eye you already has a boo-boo from you Benny is trying to play with you well what do you think you have superpowers I don't think it's a good idea to close your eyes when you stand on the table you also keeps getting the same one [Laughter] nothing there's a video take a video okay I'm sorry should I turn it off yeah one but I can do both I can watch you and record you Oh Oh Benny uh so Gary I was watching this video of this doctor what was the name of his doctor be careful that's so random just right before yeah I was crying oh my god I can't believe it actually works is such a weird position so this doctor it was on YouTube he had literally two videos on his channel and he would like just get go into places get newborns and just if they were crying they would you would do that position for them it's feels awkward so babe did you see on my stories that I went to a place yeah some type of parlor but I know you didn't get it thank you how do you know no babe stop I don't know my wife you would never would you be angry if I did no but you did it the new foods hold my child's head will you be angry if I did but would you be angry it's a pointless question because you didn't you would never why would you say that I just know you why would you say that why would I say you wouldn't yeah cuz I just know you wouldn't because first of all you haven't had one this whole time I don't know you just wanted you would probably talk to you and talk to me before something like that but you know how I've been having like a little weird phase yeah it's called your life you're always a weird okay big papa show me your tattoo go ahead show me good this was supposed to be like this really emotional moment and now you just make you front of me emotional moment what are you talking about because I did something really special if you did it I don't believe you okay show us we're watching show us we want to see many remember what I showed you remember that I showed you that thing laughing and a pad to like hide to remember what is it what's up yes you remember I showed it to you okay you ready stop playing I'll break that oh I showed it to you already Wow on my body I want to do it so show me your tattoo big talker go ahead show me who is it my name I'll save it for another time okay do you want to see what I did yeah let's see I want a dog oh my god you got another hole in your ear whoa oh my god besides wine we talked about it I told you not to do it so I have my own person I don't like it it's your nose though – I feel like that's a lot of me Benny you totally didn't want to we talked Benny dad what okay one two thank you and three four five six you have six holes yeah he just counted my nostril as holes Benny I spoke to your brother in the bathroom I told you to cooperate when I talked about the tattoo I have to you weren't there long enough to get a tattoo I timed the whole thing I thought you were there and I was just like yeah whatever she's being dramatic there was no way you weren't in the tattoo parlor long enough what are you talking about if I would get it that I wouldn't get like this bird all over my body I would get like a little symbol symbol with whatever anyone how impressed max is with your earrings look look at that face see how impressed he is that's that's about how impressed I am ear holes is this your way of expressing yourself yeah I'm a cool mom you're a cool mom see that spot right there that's the tastiest no how old is nice gonna be kill you – what too much good job you're gonna be one years old no two months how are these two months how long two months old months they understand years he's 0.22 is one-sixth percentages but he's point yeah wow this is really happening for you do you know how to explain to them they're there two months he's two months old there's 12 months in a year here you go there's 12 months in what year no it's gonna be two months okay why you upsetting the child Benny Benny Benny can I have my breasts please my love do you know the month is a month yeah that's what that's a month okay I'm telling you now do you understand what's what's one year and what's one month no okay one year is 12 months so you were born in what month you don't get into Scorpio because he's gonna take a spell and September yes that is correct and one was Papa born have you fab you where we I can't believe it works that's crazy so you just fold the arms and the front and just shake him it's like the booty dance so you're gonna free max turn off the camera feed him accent to low is Max's ball day see you tomorrow Oh days once a year I'm gonna come back hello we're gonna do okay and back to the couch so by have a good day see it's more for more videos a few moments later hi today we're gonna make one more video for back to the couch and matter table okay watch and now and now back to the table this so bye we're gonna do some more videos tonight tomorrow a few moments later hi guys today we're gonna make one one mole video it's from the couches table and then I found the table to the couch okay good back to the table and so bye bye see you tomorrow for more matches birthday and subscribe to Marthaville available let's get shadow good good bye bye see you tomorrow for more videos hi guys today I'm gonna do salads too and I'm gonna do something else we're gonna do of yoga exercising like this you know they have to do it at its prime it's easy like this steady speed up you step it up and you hold it like you this one more time one more time you ban it oh one second watch one two one two one two it's a crouching what what it's like matching motion two three four again one two three four Oh Maxie are we going yeah hey we can't see him yay going forward to my deployment feel like on video trician will be really proud of me because every time we go I'm breastfeeding then I'm not breastfeeding then I'm breastfeeding again that I'm not breastfeeding she like gets her hopes up you can now be like I'm breastfeeding again she's all invested she's really invested at this rollercoaster so can we talk about what happened last night to this mama and this baby I was just telling Emma that we had a nightmare last night I rested at night so I wake up to feed him I fed him I went back upstairs and I heard that he keeps crying and crying and crying so I come down she was just saying oh he's a little fussy whatever so she told me like don't worry I'll text to it you know can you see it again and I was so tired so I went back upstairs I went to sleep I want to become a mom every little sound that moves or like would sit like anything you wake up like you don't really sleep anymore it's not like a full deep sleep I was hearing him screaming so I thought okay it's her she's probably trying to you know calm him down and stuff I keep screaming screaming screaming anyways I come downstairs the night nurse is passed out she fell asleep and he's beside her in a crib and he's crying and screaming and he spit up a bit so he was like all like thirty anyways it was such a I was so angry if very traumatizing I oh my god I took him upstairs with me she kept sleeping I think she woke up after like 15-20 minutes and she runs upstairs she psycho he took him upstairs I'm like yeah because someone needs to take care of this child and then I let her go so fun for me yeah this is my first experience with the night nurse thing with Max I never had one before so difficult when you like rely on people and it's it's hard as it is to trust someone with your child but something like this happens it's just like your trust is probably just like oh god you don't want anyone to touch I will never sleep again it was fun I'm like did you watch the lookbook yet I did yes yeah so cute I like that it's like it has the vibe of last year yeah it's like different yeah not the same and it's not as like Christmassy or like super specific you know what I mean so Jimmy wanted to get her ears pierced so that she's cartilage oh yeah she was explaining that I remember who went with you just Jess Jess was such a trooper jess is like did she get it done yeah oh my god so cute he's like all smushed up oh my god I wonder what it's like to be carried around all day yeah like new mom parking or something or child's doctor's office so we didn't have one for like two years everything right peace thank you ready 1 2 big 3 1 1 2 I know what I had like this thank you I know I know who likes a good job good job good job good job good good good thank you more ha ha there you go yes 40 ok you may lift him up just gonna look right now 60.5 and we're gonna go get a weight follow me no fevers your quotes today perfect 576 perfect max commercial baby we like dress him up and do it like a photo shoot myself is a Cabbage Patch Kid store give iski da today come on when is the third time we're anything especially not the bad stuff oh there's shots today yeah for him yes I was wondering thank you so setup with the car business for this awesome you do good job thanks dude so good what happened go to Mexico now usually every time I know it shots I like prolong it a little good but wait a little bit longer to bring them in I didn't know each other just like checking it maybe that's why I didn't tell you because I know your tricks there on deal okay we did it yeah we did it with IMI's we got that shot this is actually the best thing ever like a winter coat for us this is all Gary showed up for stretch this is the kids new obsession you need to put for Bob the new song that you like the French one he never heard it before yeah judge' you know jojoba how do you know some cooking dinner yeah boy okay I trusted the process this one you know how old are you mama 23 Wow Bob it's you with like makeup in here mama look at that full moon on your head 24 Oh so the flavor of the week is French music I understand everything is pink right now in this house so I can't even see what it is for some meetings this handsome boy do you and I am half okay tell us what happened in Tim Hortons pretty sure he doesn't watch my channel said moron and then Wow I love the holiday spirit all around the city okay we have to go by here we are going to emitting I can't stay but what I can say is that I'm gonna be eating love you know are we gonna share a burger and calamari and Supan no burger but maybe the rest okay so I have to give you guys a major shout out because you are really helping us and discovering all these like channels on TV that are featuring our content and don't credit us which is really annoying we put so much obviously money and effort into creating our content and I guess TV traditional media they just feel like they can come and just rip it off and just put it on there on their channel which is a little bit annoying we had one program on TV in a different country that used literally three pieces of our content and featured it like fully not even like a snippet or like 10 seconds like a full-on video on their show so that's not cool we're all putting a lot of work into it and we would like to be credited so we're kind of dealing with that now and I wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't for you guys so thank you so much for letting us know whenever you see something on TV in your country or anywhere you know Facebook or things like that a lot of people are ripping each other's content and it's just take it enjoy it spread it but credit us come on we're putting in the work so that's about that and then I'm just gonna go back to the conversation I was having talking about how I really wanted to go back to Israel just even for a week by myself to reconnect with my friends I moved to Canada in a very kind of weird age I would say 1920 where you know I kind of already had my friends that I've been through so much with as you grow older it's very difficult to find those friends they're kind of been with you through so many things I have amazing friends here now and I'm more connected to them when it comes to like kids and family life and just you know being married and stuff like that they're obviously a big part of my life here as well but I just really miss really miss my friends that just has nothing to do with my grown-up life and I really kind of miss that feeling of just being valaria I can't really explain it anyway so I'm hoping that I'll find time to go and visit them soon or even have like a little girls trip somewhere meet them somewhere in the world it's a little difficult to do that now with you know having a little baby three kids in general but I'm gonna try to make it happen also we're trying actually to figure out us going to India in April which is really exciting we have the cave that's a really good fan of ours his brothers getting married and a dolly I mean I will never have this opportunity ever again to attend an Indian wedding in India so we're figuring out how we can make this happen and something that I'm super excited about so I hopefully we can make it happen so today we Gary stayed home with max I'm not by myself with nori as well and he's working from home and I just kind of had a ran to the office I had a few meetings just finishing up some details for a video to do voiceover and stuff just two other minor editing the girls are working hard on some other upcoming content and in general I would love to hear your feedback about you know are you guys loving the fact that there is much more content we're really trying to you know get on a roll here with creating really fun engaging stuff for you guys so we always appreciate your feedback the holiday lookbook it came out amazing and it was so much fun to shoot and I'm so happy you guys loved it I already see some girls are sending me like they got some info and they bought like items that they're gonna wear for the Christmas and New Year's parties so I love that and if you guys are inspired by the looks or like doing something similar take a picture send it to me you guys are like feeding my soul with those I love that and that's it I'm gonna go back to work I have to finish this I was working on a witch with luck can she keep sending me weird photos of me being like what are you doing with your life this what girl this is what she needs to do it you know she never knows what kind of footage she's gonna get for me so first things first in the morning is a big glass of water you want to make sure that you hydrate your skin and your body and nutritional east yes yes yes but that's super Russian how can I say yeast nutrition oh yes yes yes that's how people say they say nutritional yeast yes you're trying to embarrass me no sugar no yes yes yes yes okay and that's the nutritional yeast did I say right yes but like it sounds painful for you this thing yeah yes okay just waiting for this to upload and then I'm heading out to celebrate Amira's birthday I invited her for a little celebratory dinner I have a present for her that's it okay all the girls left are you done yet I managed to get a lot of gift for Gary you really wanted this pair of boots and I pretended like I wasn't listening to him when you asked for them no I'm gonna put it under the blanket for him and when he comes home and about to go to sleep it's gonna open the covers and there's just any monitor there it's a little pretty woman moment I'm trying to give to my husband I'm just gonna change my clothes now and go get Maxie we're done with the night nurses now so we don't have a night nurse anymore so tonight um I have the night shift wish me luck she's gonna cry no he loves me he loves my kisses max I must call them good luck those lips Wow handsome man handsome boy bless you why bless you max when are we gonna go to sleep max when are we gonna go down mommy's so tired it's been a long day I took Kobe legs and then we went for dinner for a friend's birthday yeah it's been nice this is how we party cool good very yummy ears it's nice when they can run away yeah it's good we can snuggle them I also enjoy them they don't punch me in the face no way yeah like I think really super beautiful at this age and then was kind of six but then became but this kids like just do oh my God he's smiling smiling he did father papa and you get a smile for Papa his hair is coming in good – it's gonna happen when we don't have a baby when they grow up that's okay bit me it's not okay I can't live without a little human like this I love it so much content I can't believe it were you gonna go to sleep here it's Happy Hanukkah happy Chrismukkah I know what it is I know what it is how Google my size you don't know I know everything Oh unless you went to the salesperson thank you that's very sweet of you you're so nice okay so what can I guess what it is yeah yeah but if I get it wrong and it's not that like are you sure yeah I'm pretty sure that's the brown suede Brunello Cucinelli boots that I was looking at that I said I really want I'm not gonna get but I really wanted is it that well open it well now I feel bad come on I'm so excited [Applause] that's what I was going for enjoy the baby took you so long to get to this box oh my god we kept talking and I love you you deserve it okay max lucky smiling high-five Maxie we did good we surprise papa papa it worked yeah they're gorgeous max you like them too max like let's say good night you


  1. Happy Sunday, my loves! Hope you're ready for this 40 minute vlog! Let me know in the comments what your favorite part was ❤️

  2. Im new to the channel, can somebody tell me why I feel like this kids holiday where performed in Russia ? And one of them even sang in russian.

  3. Kids doesn’t understand what’s a month 😅 not at this age. I’m working with kids, I could explain a week or a few days but two weeks is a long lapse of time for kids. They haven’t any sense of time this age. Just saying 🤓

  4. I just found your channel and I am in love. Not only are you beautiful but you have so much personality too. Russian girls are usually more superficial with dry personalities. It is so refreshing to see someone who is everything but the stereotype. Happy I found this channel you have a beautiful family.

  5. Мне показалась или они на русском немного говорили?

  6. О боже! Нашла Ваш канал по видео интервью с Мирандой Керр и сразу же подписалась, Вы великолепны! По акценту я сразу поняла, что Вы русская, хотя еще думала, что ошибаюсь, но вот! Дошла до этого видео) так здорово. Процветания Вам ! :))

  7. Omg! What's wrong with some of commentators. "Ben asked you to turn off the camera. You shows too intimate thing about your kids!" Would a normal person judge people by what they did in the childhood? Valeria shows us her true life and she obviously loves her kids. There is nothing disrespectful to them! Kids (just as adults) could say anything but it doesn't mean you have to listen or do anything they say or want. Of course I'm not telling you to ignore children's feeling. Please don't misunderstand me. But all those sayings sound weird and annoying.

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