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what's up guys my name is Bryce and welcome to Bryce games today we're going to be playing some surgery games so let's get started alright so you guys have been asking me to play surgery games for quite some time now so I figured I would give one a shot so I decided to look them up and the first R I found was a childbirth simulator and I'm like people tell me that childbirth is one of the most beautiful parts of human life so I figured why not check it out and experience the beauty of childbirth with you guys so let's just hop right into the game and experience childbirth together welcome to parent point I'm dr. Rachel OBGYN hi doctor we're talking through an interactive natural childbirth today okay as a doctor the birth of a baby is the most remarkable thing that I get to experience while much of the process during childbirth is the same from woman to woman each birth is still unique in its own way you know that more than two-thirds of all babies born in the United States are delivered vaginally no I did not average costs for a vaginal delivery without complications in the u.s. range from six to ten thousand dollars that is a lot of money a woman chooses to deliver vaginally or through caesarean section commonly referred to as a c-section I always recommend that my patients do their research and make an informed decision based on their personal medical history and circumstances okay natural childbirth is the process of giving birth to a child without medical intervention no drugs are given to relieve pain or aid in the birthing process a standard delivery is separated into three stages of labor typically lasting from 5 to 24 hours depending on the conditions the first stage is the beginning of labor which is characterized by the onset of contractions and the dilation and effacement of the cervix mm-hmm the next stage is the actual delivery of the baby the final stage is the delivery of the placenta which is an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake waste elimination and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply some women eat that deliver a baby mmm our patient is in her late 20s and is in pretty good health all right she came into the hospital after her contractions became stronger and closer together she's in her 39th week of pregnancy so this baby is ready to the world okay a fetal monitor will be nice to make sure mother and baby are doing well during labor and delivery all right so electrodes are placed on the mothers abdomen to monitor the baby's heartbeat as well as the strength of her contractions okay so I'm gonna put this on this nice lady's belly don't mind me just spitting play-doh mutters this will be applied to check the mother's blood pressure throughout the procedure okay easy enough we got we got to make sure we know how to check on the baby's position all right let's see okay that's a baby butt right there and that's a baby head great I guess you could say baby got back first so we do not have to worry about a breech birth that's good for the baby's position feet first yeah that's that's definitely a problem when that happens our patients water just broke did it now the amniotic sac is broken we need to get our patient to assume the birthing position okay if we're gonna assume the birthday because all chairs is he faced and fully dilated at 10 centimeters so we are transitioning into the second stage rotation is now having some painful contractions so she is doing the breathing exercises she learned in her prenatal classes okay remember since she has chosen to have a totally natural birth we won't be administering any pain medication okay go get her to bear down and push all right I've got I've got a vagina in my face right now I forty minutes and a lot of pushing later okay that's cool occasionally forceps or vacuum is needed to help the baby that's great patient slightly using our hand this will provide added space for the baby to come out okay so I definitely cannot show this on YouTube right now so but I have to describe what's happening right now there's a baby head slightly coming out of a vagina that's right in my face and it's it's not a pretty sight and this lady's making funny faces and I don't know why okay are you done are you done making faces and you make a funny face okay all right so I did I need to touch the sides of the vagina to help get the baby head out so that's what I'm gonna do all right I've just I've just sort of sticking my finger in there all right all right okay and I got some blood on my finger all right now now I'm gonna do the other side too okay that's that's wonderful I'm gonna have nightmares after this oh okay okay we need to make sure the umbilical cord isn't wrapped around the baby's neck yeah that could be a problem in this case it isn't okay good shoulder out okay just sort of put the shoulder out follow okay we're just gonna pull the baby right out of the mom okay out there comes okay be quiet please okay okay okay shut up it's a that is a scary looking baby I mean I know babies look kind of weird when they first come out but that's that's scary okay clamp and cut the baby's umbilical cord in order to detach it from the placenta okay let's let's clamp the umbilical cords stop moving your hand baby I'm trying I tried to work here all right now we just need to cut the umbilical cord so that you have a perfect belly button yes yes look at how big your belly button is the Apgar is a test performed at one in five minutes after birth to determine how well the baby is doing okay the doctor midwife or nurse will assess the baby's breathing heart rate color reflex response and muscle tone and a sinus score ranging from zero to two okay well some staff members are tending to the baby others are with the mother because her work isn't done all right during the final stage of birth the placenta is delivered okay we're just pulling that requires just a bit more pushing by our new mother okay we're just gonna we're just gonna pull this placenta out that's that's great so we would suture them but in this case our mother is fine mom there's a common practice in which the mother's vaginal wall is surgically cut during the second stage of labor to a very large baby to pass through the birth canal access tearing after birth the cuts are sutured great job now the recovery process for a mother begins a pediatrician will examine the new baby in the hospital to make sure he is doing well and then a couple of weeks will want to see the baby in his or her office ok healthy mother and baby will sometimes be discharged from the hospital the day after giving birth natural childbirth amazing isn't it it's when they are new parents will spend lots of time feeding their baby and they'll change more diapers than ever imagine they'll also lose more than a little sleep as they adjust to the baby's schedule ok thanks for stopping by parent Point and helping bring a new life into the world you're welcome why not check out the other exciting parenting information and procedures that we have to offer here on parent point calm I'm not gonna do that I'm not going to do that even even a little bit that was oh gosh that was an experience I am I done am I done you're just sort of staring at me ok I already just sort of like tell me I'm done or not I don't understand alright guys so like I said it's the end of a natural birth that was totally totally beautiful and not traumatizing in the slightest so now that we've experienced normal childbirth let's let's go help someone have a c-section because I'm sure that'll be less traumatizing than this one so let's hop over to that surgery welcome to surgery squad's virtual cesarean section I'm dr. Jeff I adopted to have you through this surgery today a cesarean section commonly referred to as a c-section is an inpatient procedure where a surgeon makes incisions in a woman's abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby ok this procedure is often performed when a physician determines it to be a safer delivery option for the mother baby or both as with any surgery the use of alcohol and tobacco increases the time it takes to recover and if the mother has used alcohol or tobacco products during her pregnant see it can also cause serious birthday yeah yeah that's a bad decision mom died in her early 30s weight is relatively healthy weight is the exception of a brief history of high blood pressure at the same way daily for us we get the opportunity to deliver her first baby weight you just like to suck at the basics let's scrub in let's not your first baby you just get better the procedure by inserting an IV into our patients hand so that we can provide her with any medication but in fluids she may need okay already tied a tourniquet on the patient's upper arm uh-huh can you find a suitable vein give me a license hey you mean like this one oh yes thank you thank you for the help doctor Jeff all right thanks dr. Jeff we need to sterilize the insertion area using an alcohol wipe okay let's let's sterilize all the things there you go dr. Jeff I'm so good at this I'll buy sterilize her entire head because I'm just that good there we go we've sterilized her fantastic the area is disinfected it's time to insert the needle and advance the angio catheter into the vein okay I take a stab at it is that a needle joke dr. Jeff you're a funny guy okay I guess I'm just gonna put this in in your vein that's cool all right I'm all bruised in the wood that you just saw in the angio catheter hub he's known as a flashback of course it is this lets us know that the angio catheter is correctly positioned in the vein oh cool now I'll release the tourniquet okay while applying gentle pressure over the vein to collapse it you can remove the needle this will reduce the amount of blood that may pour out of the angio catheter while the needle is removed good good I like it I like it when blood doesn't pour out early dispose of it in a sharps container all right let's let's remove the needle how do I do that up just like that tubing to the angio Webster by rotating the locking mechanism okay I'm finally we need to secure the IV with tape and test the IV line excellent job thank you dr. Jenner than you thought it would be ah pretty much about in or a reduced effort our patient may have we'll be giving her a spinal anesthesia oh that differs from an epidural in that will be injecting the anesthetic directly into the spinal fluid that surrounds the spinal cord okay all right catheter involved first clean the area using iodine based antiseptic solution alright let's let's clean this girl up oh yeah oh yeah get her nice and clean there there we go that's that's amazing Ted attend alright there you go dr. jaxxed will inject a local anesthetic to decrease the pain the patient will feel when we inject the spinal anesthetic all right um let's let's just poke her with some needles there we go get poked again and get poked again all right fantastic I poked this lady a bunch she's good she's feeling good now we need to inject the spinal anesthetic directly into the patient's spine all right let's let's just stick it right in her spine I'm sure that'll be super comfortable I love I love when people stick things into my spine it's it's great all right let's let's just stab her up that was easier gently edge over the injection site and we'll move on man Shira stick it out like a champ she didn't even flinch it's like hey I'm used to this before I can make any incisions we need to clean the patient's abdomen I see your belly button microbial iodine solution okay uh let's let's put let's put I'll now use the scalpel to make the abdominal incisions to separate the layers of tissue fat and muscle okay are you ready ah sure should I really should I really be doing this this is my first stay on the job I've just gotta cut her open all right dr. Jeff if you believe in me I believe in you it's getting a little messy in there yes the suction to clear out some of the excess blood and fluid all right let's let's do it through her belly button a little bit there we go I'm sure that felt good Oh what is that is that just like sucking up the blood for the other side that you circular track push down the patient's bladder okay let's let's just push down her bladder that's cool how did the top part just move what how did we cut that part to make an incision into the patient's uterus why do we can begin the delivery okay all careful that's a baby I want to accidentally injure the baby all right let's let's let's just be super careful we're gonna cut her uterus and hopefully not murder the baby that's the plan we're almost there sometimes a surgeon will need to use forceps to help the baby out oh gosh the next step is to apply pressure around the baby's head to assist us in removing the baby from the uterus okay blood let's get that baby out let's do it let's do it up I see the baby moving oh I got to do the other side too all right it's just popping out oh hello baby we completely removed the baby to see you guys use the suction bulb to suction fluids from the baby's nose and mouth okay that's great Oh what is that sound effect all right now let's have a baby Maya help me remove the baby from the uterus okay let's let's it let's just throw the baby out of the uterus okay Shh be quiet baby I'm taking you out of the uterus but we're not done yet clamp and cut the baby so annoying board in order to detach it from the placenta baby shut up I'm going to clamp your mouth shut up shut up all right let's cut this let's cut this all right I don't like babies be quiet be quiet let's just let's just cut it okay all right nurse nurse consultant take this baby gratulations fantastic nurses we'll take the baby to be cleaned weighed and examined before allowing her mother to hold her okay in the meantime we need to remove the placenta ah yes let's just drag it out like we did last time oh that looks like a delicious meal right there it's gray finish up we'll need to close the incision sites our I think we'll go with absorbable sutures instead of surgical staples torch juice discomfort and so that our patient doesn't have to worry about having them removed that makes sense that makes it from here oh yes it's my first day on the job of course I know how to suture things all right let's just let's just do this all right I don't know if I actually need to be clicking I don't actually need to be clicking okay it's all right I know how to do this dr. Jeff I'm a professional even though it's my first day on the job even though it's my first day on the job all right so we just delivered another baby so kudos to us we are like professional doctors and I don't know what more you could honestly want this is this is how I liked a doctor can this go a little faster please I mean I know I know it takes time to sew people up but this is this is taking a while dr. Jeff maybe maybe you want to help out a little bit no dude you're just gonna make me do it that's that's cool too dr. Jeff that's good oh goodness this is this is certainly been an interesting experience helping the same lady give birth twice even though she said she'd only done it once said I'd I don't understand I don't know she had an amazing job oh thank you doctor death recovery process begins and that is a c-section I think you should test your surgical skills in another surgery here on surgery squad calm ah thank you thank you doctor death thank you alright so we just helped deliver two babies from the same woman even though she said she'd only had one child and I don't understand I don't understand but we did it we've experienced the joys in the beauty of childbirth in what two of its forms I guess I don't know if there are other forms to give birth but we did it alright guys hopefully guys enjoyed this video if you guys date and you'd like to see me play more surgery games then make sure get the video like cuz it really does help me out a lot and make sure what that subscribe button so you can see my new videos as soon as they come out if you guys wanna see me play more surgery games to make sure let me know in the comments below so know if you guys want to see me play more not but anyway thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you guys in the next video

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  2. actually the spine thing is not using a small needle the needle is long and quite big not to big still a needle size and you need to cut the bely 7 times

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