Scheduled C Section & 3 Hour Glucose| 30 Week Pregnancy Update

commence the three-hour glucose one hour down two to go one more hour we out of here we made it through the three hour Marcie wants to watch Bob okay but we made it and now we're going to get through this I haven't eaten in 15 hours hi okay so today as you probably guessed from video clips I had my three hour glucose test this one went with me as well as that overall I would say who went I got better stop it went a lot better than my one hour they both are disgusting and within the first hour I get was super nauseous but I kept everything down they were able to find my veins easier for the blood draws I didn't get dizzy and pass and pass out or want to pass out today so it was good and then today is Monday I have my thirty week doctor appointment on Thursday and we'll be discussing some big things but I'll add that to this video but I didn't think I would find out the results of my three hour test before Thursday but it's still Monday and oh sorry she's reading about sharks it's okay and they just and the nurse from my doctor's office just called and said that I do not have gestational diabetes I am good to go and everything was normal so there's a positive for the week I'll update you more on Thursday good morning everyone we got to the doctor's super early so we're just sitting in the car that's when Marcy's up to here with me okay leave it alone oh yeah today is my thirty week doctor appointment we'll open it in a second okay and we should be scheduling Robyn's c-section today so I'll let you know how it goes hey guys so the biggest outcome of my doctor appointment was scheduling our c-section for the baby except for I didn't get to schedule it because like with Marcy and her being breech I had to schedule I picked the date you know they gave me a time frame but I picked the date and yeah this time it was like hey let's schedule your c-section okay you want to schedule I'll submit a request for scheduling and then we'll let you know what the date is so I didn't get to pick the date I still don't know the time the date is the day before Marcy's birthday which I'm not 100% happy about but it is what it is so yep not much different in the last two weeks of how I'm feeling other than super tired so that's all for my update

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