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hi thanks for cooking on simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let's hang out a while if you are returning welcome back let's get those babies ladies happy Wednesday happy hump day – yeah happy hump day – yeah happy hump day it's Wednesday it's I don't even know it's gotta be Wednesday May 30th let's go with that hello if not there will be a correction coming across the screen um yeah it's partly cloudy at 60 here at post grade I've got on my seersucker I don't know can you see that I'll do a full-body shot when I get to the office but I'm headed out it's ten o'clock I slept in I went to bed early well fresh trucks out here around 10:30 I put the groceries away I was in bed by 11:00 I slept until around 9:00 so I would say I slept a lot um I am for DP'd oh and my back hurts which is an AF symptom like if my back was hurting this way when I rode the ball I would not have rode the bull cuz I would have been sure that it was coming my boobs are fuller but I think that's the estrogen because that started happening even before ovulation like not heavier but just like rounder you know I don't know I'm older and they're large they normally kind of slow no they look like the top a little cupcake frosting TMI so yeah that's it all right oh thanks for clicking on simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here – welcome if you are returning welcome back what's opportunity fam if you're new I hope I didn't frighten you with all that good morning TMI but it is a fertility Channel so we talk about that stuff hey I'll get to know us alright I will talk to you guys a little bit all right we are out of the house and on the move yeah and we'll say and besides a little like besides a little like dull pain I feel good overall like I have a lot of energy and I feel very much at peace so that's nice I guess after your TT scene for a while you eventually come to some sort of resolve right so yeah I I'm a piece it is a little I don't know it's not too warm it's a little moist in the air I guess I guess it's gonna be humid but um it feels good yeah how are you guys doing anything exciting going on with you I know a couple of you let's see yesterday mrs. living in hope your husband should have had your his essay and then probably by the time this video airs you'll be already and for your appointment and you'll have the results I hope that goes well and Sandra you have had your transfer by the time this air so you are in my prayers always I know that little beam is gonna stick and it's only gonna be one transfer Tameka TTC I'm not sure where you I think you're ending your BCP but let me know how everything's going with you I'm sure I already know on your channel by now I think that's it anything else going on you ladies let me know you know I like to keep up to date know what's happening with everybody yeah exciting stuff oh I know Jonas is loving TV is in her two week wait right now so we should know something and mrs. mr. and mrs. hurt long journey to bundles of joy it's a long name girl you guys are your healing you sent me a note yesterday that your scar is healing fine or that your incision is healing fine and that you get to baby dance in June so by the time this air is hopefully your baby dancing yeah so that's all that I can think of if I missed anybody oh Lisa and Lindsey are taking a break they're going on holiday good for them and just chillin and Lindsey's doing like this whole I didn't even realize she was a chain ER girl get it in like this food exercise she was a lot of grunting in the video which is awesome and motivational and oh one more turning of joy or reborn nursery hello you guys want to say hi to I have a youtube channel it's the van okay listen my name is fat you know check it out are you in there kidding yeah I'm with me you see yourself no not the young day we get married so she get the ring Beyonce I can't afford ring but nothing name is mad because she can't belong to me no wasn't she could she Kelly baby they have 13 babies not the next one so we need some of that cuz this is a chat about making babies so he's making 13 yeah because the last girl she had 12 and it was over she said listen she's Chuck my name is not buying you we're talking here I don't know I hear voices on the channel I don't know who's talking meanwhile back at the Bears follow me closely after the 12 she said your doctor says you can have no more so I said it's over she said what do you mean is over I said I said 13 I was the deal Yun's devil said so now I don't know she got two or three jobs she take care raising the kids and everything but they do have my last name he's been busy fab know Trump jr. oh my god okay we got to catch the slide my baby good luck all right it's lit okay so look across the street yes I love my neighborhood I don't know this baby moment is God blessed girl cuz I have been added to UM anyway okay let me scoot sit in subway because I got a meeting with my manager like 11 and it's 10:20 let me make it happen all right ladies I will talk to you that Oh mrs. long journey mrs. mr. mrs. her that's where I was um you know wait a minute no journey your joy that's how it was sorry Rochelle journey your joy you have been exercising your weight-loss is amazing and inspirational girl I cannot keep up um but I'm following you and I'm hopefully in your footsteps but I'm definitely following you on Instagram keep up the good work okay ladies talk to you in a little bit yeah I just actually spoke with Angela she transferred me to you and she said that I am meant to schedule an appointment with dr. McConnell and you would take care of that for me that is correct so yeah Angela gave me the website freedom med teach comm and then she told me to go to Columbia fertility dot org and download the handbook and then she said before the meds are ordered I need to have a follow up with dr. McConnell and we've already signed the consent forms she had I just gave them both to Katrina while we were there because he travels back and forth from New York to Philadelphia so we signed the IU I and IV up at the same time because you know someone there has to witness it and look at our ID yeah oh yay okay all right perfect thank you so much all right have a good day Nicole all right bye thanks all right so that's it ladies I'm scheduling it just so that it's all done so that if this cycle is not successful we have everything lined up that was a little bit conflicted about that I talked about it yesterday on the video with Candace because I don't know if that means I'm jinxing myself but I just want to get this process moving and then if I don't need it it's moot by then we should know because I'm thinking I had the IUI on the 26 and I think I have my pedestrian testing as his Friday on the first so like the 8th would be my beta day and then the new cycle would start then so I may be out for the June cycle anyway but she said they would take over that cycle so worst-case scenario I've already started or maybe that's like day 1 2 3 4 I'm looking at my calendar I see that day 4 I'm just then they I could still start it so I just want to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row so I don't have all that like she said this and she said that for the next cycle so alright I'm late for a meeting but I didn't want to get this sorted out okay ladies let's get those babies ladies talk to you later alright I've made it to acupuncture for the new people I already welcomed you guys but leave them below where you are in your TTC journey I haven't reached out to everyone and I know that and I know that there are a lot of new people so I just want to know where everyone is and touch base with you all okay all right just finished with acupuncture and she told me she gave me new luteal phase um tincture she said it's gonna be nice and nourishing and it should give me a little more energy because I told her I was like tired and energized I think it's the progesterone but yeah my tummy was like really warm where she put the needles um so we'll see how that goes and then yeah that's kind of it there's something else I want to tell you but I forgot um yeah that's it oh I know I'm going to put my estrogen patch on now so it's about it's a little bit before 8:00 right now where's my watch I have to take my watch off for um hmm yeah so it's like five of so I'm just gonna put on my estrogen patch now because it's meant to be switched at 8:00 and I don't want to be worried about it on the train I'll leave them both and then when I get home I'll take off the old one but yeah I'm nice and relaxed so I will talk to you guys when I get home hi what opportunity fam so I am 4dp oh what's going on I think I mentioned earlier full boobs backache heaviness in the abdomen area copious amounts of cervical mucus it's not egg white it is more like it's not quite like school glue or you know what not even school glue it's it's not it's like close to that pace that you remember you had Elmer's pace not the glue that you wore out but like case it's a little thinner than that like fresh paste not like a efforts but gloopy but anyway so that's happening that's unusual for me at this point in my cycle so yeah I don't know if that's the estrogen I don't know what's going on with that but something you know interesting energy I feel energetic but I also have been tired meaning I slept really really well last night I'm I normally don't get eight hours of sleep and I think I slept like nine but then I was you know bright-eyed and bushy-tailed so that was next lots of dreams yeah it was nice to just be asleep because a lot of times I wake up or I'm up yeah just kind of like taking it easy I dunno I have a lot of like recording to do at work so I'm just trying to stay even-keeled taking care of myself you know like making myself pretty in daytime and just yeah oh and I changed my supplements so after ovulation you're not meant to have even imprint evening primrose oil so it's good before ovulation because it helps with the cervical mucus as does like grapefruit and some people do that cough syrup the best in it I can't I get can't pronounce it I'll put it here but I don't do that but I do the mean Primrose so I stop that a tabulation because I know that that causes uterine contractions I'm doing hibiscus tea I'm doing a raspberry leaf tea I know some people don't do the red raspberry tea after ovulation because they said it causes either contractions but I've read that it's okay it's like a different order contraction play your own risk and then what else am i doing I'm going to have a pineapple core tonight I'm going to have the organic grass-fed beef bone broth probably juice some broccoli and then a protein shake is I don't have any other I didn't take any meat out but I'll do like a protein shake with also with some pineapple in it and some ginger so when I talk to acupuncturist like she confirmed ginger sentiment all those like warming things to keep this part of the body warm are good um so I'll keep that going and yeah I did a little bit of like visualization if there was conception the little thing now is Amarula on four days dpo the marula and then five six days it turns into a blastocyst so grow little mobile grow it's crazy chica there were two bottle bosses and I was like if there are twins but I won't be grating I'll take one but yeah so that's kind of it I'm not gonna ramble on with you guys I hope all is well again new people where are you in your TTC journeys let me know down below and anything else going on ladies let me know I think I got caught up on everyone at least where I know where you are in the fam but if I missed you or there's some sort of update let me know I always get back to you guys right away I'd love to hear what else is going on with everyone so that I'm not the only one blabbing on about my journey yeah so let me know what's up with you alright guys we like this video please give it a thumbs up remember to share then you want to might find it useful and I will see you guys tomorrow all right bye baby does to you all

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  1. Recently subscribed and I love the channel been stalking the channel for about a month πŸ€£πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I didn’t know if I would feel conflicted based on age difference but clearly everyone goals are the same…. I love how short and direct you videos are some folks videos are too long speaking about nothing.. My fiancΓ© is the one with the fertility issues which is so surprising based on our ages… but we are currently in the 2 month process to see if we can build up his sperm collection from the 1 millions. While he is taking clomid and some type of vitamins they sell at their clinic… wishing you luckπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  2. Can you do a video on paying for IVF and egg donation? Maybe there are trials, etc. Some of us don’t have any IUI or IVF benefits.

  3. Hi I'm tracie, you asked were we are in our journey. Well I'm confused with all of this. I have no idea were to start.

  4. My wife and I are 2 years in on our ttc journey. We were one year not consistent and one year back ro back and we scheduled our first iui meeting visit on July 6. New video coming to our page! Baby dust ladies!

  5. Hi! I just found you! And been binge watching your videos!! My husband and I are in the process of TTC we have had 6 medicated cycles and this cycle was our first IUI and in our 2 week wait!
    Every fertility clinic is so different!!! I love seeing what different things everyone does!
    Hope you are doing well!

  6. That gentleman was quite the character!! And very busy by the sounds of things!
    I love the shoutouts you did for everyone… I've been busy lately and haven't been able to catch up on many channels, so hearing how things are from here is helpful! And thank you for thinking of me in my weightloss journey. As you know now, it's had a bump in the road, but after tomorrow (my birthday) I will be back onto things … I already started clearing out the bad foods I'd found within the Gluten Free/ Dairy free range so back to basics and eating as clean as I can! I think I started to feel punished? With all the drama that happened here, watching my family pack back the junk food made me sad I couldn't join in too… but now I'm glad I didn't… because my body is not a trash can!
    Sounds like this cycle is rather promising… I shall have to watch the next 3 videos to see how much more is happening!! Xxx

  7. Good luck in your Ivf journey! Take it one day at a time! I just had my retrieval yesterday waiting on results!! Baby vibes sent your way!

  8. New subscriber and i love your video's vlogs , I love your spirit πŸ’œ i am about to get my HSG and get my body on the course of IUI πŸ™‚ just talked to radiology today πŸ™‚ my OB ordered the procedure because she knows i am starting the journey even had to switch OB's because my old OB didn't do IUIs and oddly not even deliveries but i am very excited:)
    praying for you to get your rainbow baby hugs!!!

  9. LOL, Flash needs a TV show, he is hilarious! That CM sounds really promising. I thought that noise at the end was thunder, you mean it wasn't thunder? EEEK!

  10. Girrrl that was funny Gramps with the 12 children I think her body was putting up a defense mechanism because she didn't want the 13th one. TWINS… I'd love to have them… But if I get one I won't complain either… I am still standing faith that it has taken, but I'm glad you have a back up honey always praying for you… Forever your cheeleader baby dust. GO GET THAT BABY TANIKA πŸ‘£πŸΌπŸŒˆπŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  11. Get vid as always. Love the 'man on the street' featureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    I agree with having things in place for the next cycle however fingers crossed that it wouldn't be needed.

  12. Lol yes it is long you don’t have to say the whole phase and yes we are baby dancing πŸ’ƒ omg that man is hilarious loving that dress πŸ‘— it doesn’t hurt to have a plan b but you will not need it you will get that BFP this cycle sending you a rainbow 🌈 of baby dust

  13. I have a question. If I got my positive opk on last Wednesday, Am I 6dpo or 7dpo? Well that’s where I am in my journey in my TWW😬

  14. Wow. I think it’s so clever to plan ahead and have a plan B. But I still know your IUI will deliver!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€žπŸΌπŸ’–

  15. We are moving on to IVF in August. Unfortunately, their lab is closed in July for QC testing. Trying to decompress from the issues of the past.
    Let's get those babies! πŸ’–

  16. Girl you funny you said” I won’t be greedy I’ll take one” girl get those twins someone has to do it!!!!! That would be amazing for you especially since you say and I quote β€œlet’s get those BABIES ladies”

  17. Notification gang!!! I’m just tuning in today but that dress is everything girl you have some bad dresses!!!!

  18. Bless your heart I hope you will not need IVF appmnt!!!! The Patience you have God bless you….I would b so irrittated with some of those phne calls LOL..between supplements and dealing with them..Lawd Jesus!

  19. Oh thank God, I'm glad you were just planning ahead. I thought you were out this cycle and I'm so wanting this to be your cycle. Don't scare me like that again πŸ˜“. That dude was on the street was too funny, he had me rolling all the way to work 🀣. Sticky baby dust to you hun. Can't wait for up date. Still no signs for me, but Beta on Mon and I plan to post update then. 🀞🀞🀞

  20. Your supplement video months ago has loads of views, over 7000. When your babe is on the way… another one!

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