28 Replies to “Sci2 3.11 Menstrual cycle.”

  1. Tysm..i ws shocked to see this…in YouTube…sumthng very helpful it is to learn…..once again tysm………plzz open for maths also of 10th std…..ty.mam…..💫

  2. Thank you mam mujhe classes mei jab ye sikhaya tha tab kuch samja nahi tha isliye mei utube par videos search kar rahi thi iskeliye aur phir maine aapke yeh video dekha kyunki yeh hamare he textbook jaise page laga mujhe aur phir mujhe yeh pura concept samaj mei aaya aur maine apne dost ko bhi yeh apne jaise samjaya vaise he samjaya aur usko bhi samaj gaya voh.so thank you so so much mam.

  3. Mala punishment dele hote teacharene ki tu explain kar but now I do not have tension you made it simple thanks mam

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