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  1. I was just attacked online by two of my pro choice classmates. This video reassured me to stick to what I believe in. Thank you!

  2. The cool thing about that “life in jeopardy” scenario is that abortion still isn’t necessary. In this scenario, the woman can still get an induced premature birth or c-section. In these cases, the goal is to save both the mother’s life and the baby’s life. This would still be pro-life sense we are doing everything in our power to save both lives.

  3. @InspiringPhilosophy

    Thought you would like this video about the heath and life of the mother


  4. I find it astounding that so many people who are against the death penalty are pro-abortion. How can the life of a person in prison be more precious than the life of an unborn baby?

  5. 5:35 I do need to argue that, unless God exists, there is no intrinsic value in anything. Because if not God, then it is humans who determine the worth of something. Gold is worth nothing unless other people want it. I care about my friends and family, they're more valuable to me than some random person I've never met. If you put 2 people next to each other, one stranger one friend, and one had to die, I'd save the one I was friends with. I value them more. If I was in the reverse situation and I was the stranger, yeah I'd be devastated, I don't want to die after all but I couldn't blame them for not choosing me.
    I do think it's immoral though, just because I don't value the life of another doesn't mean I think it's okay for them to die. In an ideal world there would be no murder.

  6. The pro abortion crowd don't care if the fetus is a part of the woman's body, they aren't arguing that. They're arguing that the fetus has a negative effect of their body that they don't want; they're prioritizing their own comfort for 9 months over the life of a human.

    For me, I'm against abortion, but I also don't care about other people that much. No one does. I bought myself some sushi for lunch the other day when I can feed myself for an entire day on $4. The sushi cost $12. That's $8 extra, and only for 1 meal. A family living on $1 per day can live a week on that money I spent on a luxury. There is no way you can argue that I care about those people when I can feed them for a week, but choose to feed me for 1/3rd of the day. I care about them as humans; if I had to kill either a human or a dog I'd choose to spare the human, but it would be a blatant lie for me to say I cared about them any more than that. So I don't. Hence even though I'm against abortion, I think it's immoral, abort the fucker for all I care. I'd be a hypocrite if I told you not to.

  7. The reason science doesn’t counter arguments from the pro-life crowd is because that’s not how science works.

    Science can tell us when a fetus is capable of thinking/feeling. And 97% of abortions are done prior to this time.

    Science is a method of gathering/analyzing information and forming conclusions. But if you want to claim science is your opponent…well that’s pretty much true, as long as you are taking advantage of pseudo-intellectual reasons to back up your claim.

    Good Luck With That!

  8. I know this video is rather old but I felt like revisiting it due to Alabama's new law. What about the cases of children being conceived in rape? Have there been any studies on this and the psychological health of the women who kept them?

  9. Wow… What a bunch of unscientific and fallacious arguments. I'd like to tackle then but I don't have a week to re-educate you.
    But in summary, life doesn't start at conception but started billions of years ago in a puddle. And even the beginning of something doesn't equates to the full developed something (ej. A seed is not a tree). Saying so will conclude that an anembrionic pregnancy is a person, which is just untrue.

  10. Misrepresentation of the sciences and pro-choice people… All in the same video. Imagine my shock. Get your shit argument out of here.

  11. Hi, I've checked the last editions of that books, and didn't find that quotes. Can anyone give some references to new books?

  12. What a great presentation about the abortion. I would like to make a suggestion that I believe will lead to a strengthening of your argument; research the legal definition of "person". You seem to be using the word generally (common language not legal language) throughout the presentation. Yet, if discussing when an unborn baby becomes a "person' this would mean the word "person" would be used strictly as a legal definition and I am confident in stating, this has serious implications on the legality of abortions. Jurist have debated this fact for an eternity. If at the conception human life personhood was conferred upon the embryo, an abortion would immediately become murder according to law. If you don't believe me do the research. Keep up the great work!!

  13. Thank you, well done video. I didn’t need the Bible to tell me abortion is wrong, when I was a teen and learned about abortion, just looking at the facts proves it to me and later in life when I picked up the Bible I seen evidence there too that supported what I already intrinsically knew. A single cell organism can be called life any place else even on Mars but not in the womb. Every choice in life we make will have a Consequence some good and some bad. Sex has many consequences just not pregnancy, which in my case turned out to be a blessing. When I was 24 and found my self unintentionally pregnant and in a relationship I didn’t want to be in I still chose life for my unborn son and I’m glad I did. For the movement part of the video, I know some would say it is a automatic response but Abby Johnson said when she watched an abortion performed on ultrasound sound the “little one” was purposely trying to move away from the abortion instruments, who would try to move away?

  14. They need to show this to people in school . Start educating people . I'm pro life and I feel these unborn have the right to life . They can be the ones who cute cancer but some people want to not even give them a chance to live

  15. I will add one for the person argument : Even IF the abortion crowd is right about the definition of the person, it will still not work.

    A fetus is merely a development stage for human person. Therefore, terminating/killing the fetus is as same as killing the individual/person that will be, except maybe in rare cases where a deformation occurs.

    Just as i came from the 'nonperson' fetus, that doesn't mean me in mydevelopment stage and my current state is a different individual.

    That is why i think fetus, even in a very early development stage, already have a inherited value as a person.

    I think the best way to explain this is by analogy, lets say that if you want to hatch a chick from an egg. Destroying that egg will intuitively make you think the person who destroyed that egg also nullifying your hope of having a chick.

  16. The only way to justify that abortion us murder or that murder is wrong is to start with God and start with his word. I disagree with your comment that you didn't need to use God's word to come to your conclusion. Now you have no standard , no God above, just sky above and brain gas. The word of God is objective and our foundation. Glory

  17. Your argument was that the information for the baby's design is the baby itself. 
    Are blueprints of a building the building itself?
    Conception is the forming or devising of a plan, not the result of the plan.
    Conception is a diploid cell with the potential to manifest a human being, not a human being itself.
    To be charged with the murder of a human being, it must be a human being first. 
    You didn't destroy a building by crumpling up the blueprints.

  18. Aborting mentally/physically disabled babies is a common practice as the parents deem the fetus as 'less than human" or a burden… As did the Nazis. Be proud of yourself pro-aborts, you share major views with Nazis

  19. Here are some examples on how pregnancy is a parasitic relationship:

    The Z/E/F sucks the nutrients from the mother.
    The "relationship" only benefits the fetus.
    The mother's organs and body parts become damaged.
    The fetus controls the mother.
    The fetus doesn't give anything "back"…

    just saying .

  20. It's not a woman's body. A fetus is distinct from the mother, which is why the mother's immune system attacks it as a foreign body, but the fetus' immune system is yet able to defend itself.

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