Scottie Pippen wife is replacing him with a whole fetus

[Laughter] when will these women ever learn man okay I hate to say it but I'm gonna just say like this men age like fine wine women aged like swirled milk Lhasa Pippen thinks she's winning but she's actually losing okay let's get into it so as we know loss of Pippen is basically trying to get you know get back in her groove you know with a 27 year old basketball player a lot of women don't understand that um yeah that's host to be going down supposed to be going up I don't know why they don't get that but I know why it's because of the the are from this feminist culture that thinks you could do everything a man can they have women thinking they are men no men could always be dating young hot chicks okay they can always keep doing that until we're sixty years old we could do that there's no cutoff point with that there really isn't a lot of women think that they could do that they get mad when you tell them the truth and you can't you can't go that that route you can't be trying to one-up a man and think because okay Scottie Pippen was cheating on her okay and now she could do the same thing now she could go to get it get in there and uh and do the same thing and be like a man no you can't you have to date up you saw a woman still has to date up alright it doesn't matter you know how much money she has I mean used a woman still has to date up a man could be a millionaire and he could date a 27 or 22 year-old um just going to college no better yet he could date a night he could date a 20 year old still going to college okay she's still trying to figure sell herself up figure herself out a man in that sense is dating down women can't afford to date down Laura Pittman had a good night last night legendary NBA player Scottie Pippen's ex-wife turned forty four years old last night and she decided to celebrate her birthday with her new boyfriend 27 year old Toronto's Raptor Eric Moreland lotsa decided to go out with one of her girlfriends and Eric to a popular la hotspot Warwick and the three left together with Larsa and Eric snowing like a couple Eric is currently on the roster of the Toronto Raptors he was born the year that Scottie Pippen won his first NBA title your pics of Larson even in the club she's 44 years old it's not the same man 44 from mid 20s it's just don't work that way all right she may get away with the you know Mother face even in the face you can still see the aging it don't work that way no more okay it's not the same her friend and you know her friend on the side okay to the left she got to be at least at least somewhat in the dirties okay she still has the waist a little bit preserved but this one right here 44 I'm sorry no no no no no it's it's not you already see that I mean come on you can see the hips the bone is showing more than the thickness I don't see thickness I see bone I see hip bone all right even look at any arms the arms come on oh it's still showing ages shown their ages histone father time is not gonna chipping at that wall oh so gently the wall is there Larsa is best known for starring in a short-lived Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo the show was eventually canceled and loss of moved to Los Angeles where she became friends with the Kardashian sisters two years ago lost her split with Scottie their split was scandalous because Scottie accused loss of sleeping with rapper future behind his back Larsa shed light on a relationship in marriage to Scottie Pippen recently and where it all started she adds that she came from a good life and a family before she met Scotty it's so it's crazy to hear the negative public views that labor her as a gold digger despite their divorce and 20 years of marriage lots of reveals that she still has a very loving relationship with Scottie there is no bad blood now yes that's what she says reading these tweets these bitches ain't worth quarter see the mother of multiple kids out drinking and drugging coke 100% and seems like being taken home to get twisted out sidenote look at that body guards knuckles looks like a woman like a whole finger in a sprout she's been no Scotty was a fool for trying to turn this whole into our housewife she used him and stayed with him long enough to secure the bag and then had another kid before divorcing him oh this is a prime example of when you have simps with money you mix polluted and money together is bound to result in a nanny's raising kids mom out doing her walk as she is waiting for the bimonthly back to deposit an angry ex father of the children and his feelings because he tried to turn community service cont it to some to death to the sparked doubt till death do us part not a good look Scotty I am more than sure we're rags were a red flags way before the I do I Do's a black woman would have never done this to him oh boy you're full of whoever that this female whoever this one yeah yeah Kim beep it yeah you're full of yeah okay all women do this sweetie I don't know look they may have been cheating they may have been cheating on both sides or the fact of the matter is that Scotty you know he just came into money and he picked the first girl that he saw and that that is the weakness that was his Achilles heel he never was picked from he's never liked by many women and then when he got money going to the NBA and that's it that's all she wrote morality is okay her doing this is only hurting herself she's supposed to marry up but she's not and many of the times he's a you know she says she comes from a good family she says she does but most hosts say they come from a good family most holes do they all come from good families all right but the possibility that you were sleeping with future behind his back I don't know the fact that a Madison people are saying that she used to be a ho future well sad to say this guy you messed up that's the case but on to this woman you can really look at her cheekbones are showing 44 women 44 that's close to 50 all right very few women look attractive at that age the one woman I know that look that still looks hot is Angela Bassett Angela Bassett looks freaking hot but she is the exception to the rule okay the rule still stands she is still she is the exception to it okay I could see her you know still looking good still exercising still looking you know firm and fine because she's willing to put in that work most these women or not she's Scottie Pippen's ex-wife she's just going on looks and I'm sorry but her ass is more bone when a woman at that age it looks more bone and then then you see the thickness she's getting old okay the cane the wall is coming and she has to basically there's gonna be times she has to hang it up okay just look at Jada Pinkett Jacob Jada Pinkett chic bones are huge now she was younger it wasn't that way now you see more of the skeletal system with Jada Pinkett all right that's how you know that wall is coming and these women are looking more like the Grim Reaper all right the only thing missing now is a black coat clock black cloak and a sickle because these women are looking more like death than they are looking like a dime piece these days when they hit dead 40 mark all right this is red pill oh man you like to comment you like the content like share comment and subscribe alright Cheers

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  1. Scottie has several kids and had several baby momma's before he married Larsa.
    And apparently she can do this because the pics speak for themselves.

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