23 Replies to “SCOTUS Rules On Indiana Abortion Laws”

  1. Republicans =hypocrisy
    Republicans wants everyone to think their the superior party but other then being pro-life what other things are good for. You all very selfish and insensitive
    You support the death sentence, war , against government aid to poor people……
    True pro-life are against the death sentence and will be more then happy to help poor families cause they think about what the results will be if parents can't provide for the children…….. they will abused the kids , kill them as if the aren't already doing that and these kids will become criminals and then get a death sentenced………hypocrites.

  2. Hi Liz great topic 4 all those who can't speak on their behalf.Justice Thomas is spot regarding remains.Eugenics use is only tip of iceberg.The little ones demand respect not abominations. 😲😢🙋‍♂️

  3. Wow! People are beginning to open their eyes to the true horrors of not only abortion, itself, but to the abortion movement as a whole.

    We are making progress as human beings.

  4. This country once had dreams of traveling to space. We once believed we had something worth preserving and passing on. We do not any longer. We have become so desensitize we don't hold anything sacred or worthwhile anymore. We have abandoned all of our principles in the name of being politically correct.

    This world is so evil (not a politically correct term but accurate none the less) that soon it will destroy itself if we are lucky. There will be much death and destruction in the world's future during the battle of good vs evil.

    I pray what survives will be worth preserving. It is said you never appreciate what you have until you lose it. We are coming close to that point now. I wonder what will be the tipping point.

  5. Glad that was brought up. No one should still practice a shallow and inhumane practice like that. We know what "undesirables" that she said in front of the klan. Hillary Clinton has some sadistic mentors.

  6. And how will the Left feel about aborting gay "fetus", when such testing becomes available. Will gay selection be accepted like sex selection, or other current reasons?

  7. Funny, if it's just a blob of lifeless tissue that's not human, why bother with whether it's disposed of humanely or not? Do you worry about your ruptured appendix or liposuctioned fat or gallstones being "humanely disposed of"? Nope. Because you know, I know, we all know… it's a baby.

  8. Justice Thomas makes a good point based in facts. Abortion has been used to control the population of black people in the United States. If that’s ok with black people then that’s one thing, as A white guy I think it’s a dirty trick. How many amazing black lives have been destroyed? We will never know. Very sad indeed. Hitler believed in eugenics. Here we are covertly practising eugenics. Horrible. God bless. God save us from this situation. Please forgive all the deaths of these poor kids. Let’s bury our dead properly.

  9. I'm still astounded that people don't know–or care–what a monster Margaret Sanger was. In my book, she was comparable to Hitler–she didn't stick her victims in a gas chamber, but she "murdered" their family lines nonetheless, and was quite open about her disdain for POC and the disabled. She felt she was doing the country a good thing…the road to hell was paved with good intentions, you know.

  10. ROE VS WADE is based on nothing but LIES!!


  11. I still think that the way to go is to REQUIRE any incipient human being with a heartbeat be given a name, a birth and death certificate, and have the "procedure" recorded for prospective clients to watch before said "procedure". If you are going to take an immature human life you should be fully cognizant of the facts and not allowed to treat human remains as garbage.

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