SCP-149 The Blood Flies | Keter class | Virus / insect scp

SCP-149 “The Blood Flies” Object Class: Keter Item #: SCP-149 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-149 in
any of its instances is to be kept inside a sealed plexi-glass box for observation.
Oxygen and a nutrient mist are to be released into the containment cell every two hours.
If any instance of SCP-149 escapes its cell, Protocol-42-Charlie is to be brought into
effect on any and all contaminated personnel, by order of O5-12, after Incident 149-1. Description: SCP-149 is a breed of mosquito
which carries a strain of retrovirus (herein referred to as SCP-149-A) that mutates regenerating
human cells into fertilized mosquito eggs. SCP-149-A is injected directly into the bloodstream
when SCP-149 feeds. The SCP-149-A quickly works on the nucleus of the cells, warping
the DNA. The first set of cells bred from these changed instructions closely resemble
cysts, and are concentrated in the lining of the esophagus and the sinuses. Upon dissection,
however, these ‘cysts’ are revealed to be filled with SCP-149’s larvae, the cysts acting
as a protective casing against external forces. SCP-149 appears to go through its maturation
cycle in a matter of hours; by the time the subject is able to feel any effects, the first
generation of SCP-149 has already grown inside the subject’s body. SCP-149 primarily achieves
exodus through the mouth and nostrils, occasionally being diverted through the Sphenoid sinuses
to escape through the eye sockets. Infection by SCP-149 is fatal, and chance of infection
has been estimated to be 50% from one bite. Addendum: Incident 149-1: An incidence of SCP-149 escaped
and infected multiple Class-D subjects, the majority of whom did not report SCP-149’s
contact with them. Within 5 hours, SCP-149 had matured in these hosts and burst out of
them, infecting ███ staff. It was only thanks to the quick thinking of Doctor ██████, who
sealed sub-levels 12 through 15, that the entire site was not infected. As a response
to this, O5 command has created Protocol-42-Charlie, to be used if SCP-149 escapes confinement.

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  1. SCP-149 The Blood Flies (Object Class: Keter) You don't want these mosquitos to spread! #eastsideshowscp

  2. damn only 15 minutes late for first comment this is one of my favorite channels hope you get 100,000 subscribers soon good luck and good work

  3. You seem to have a talent for picking SCPs that are particularly horrifying. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey thanks for doing all these reads of SCPs and for uploading regularly. I've stuggled with insomnia for a long time but for some reason when ever I lay down and put on one of your reads it helps me relax and fall asleep. Keep up the great work! Its much appreciated and enjoyed.

  5. I hate bugs anyways, but these need to be burned, and then peed on, by a dog. And then nuked.

  6. Best part for me is that they just announced the 1st confirmed case of Zika Virus here in Grenada hahahaha!

  7. As soon as I heard the words "sinuses" and "esophagus," I decided that this was the scariest scp ever.

  8. my first scp video XD, not my best quality, btw keep up the good work 😀

  9. Finally, After a whole lot of writing, head aches and eye sores. I've done it, I've  made a crude AF 1st scp. Now all I got to do it some how on gods green earth get it accepted 😛

  10. I've had a bit of a stuffy nose this week. I'd like to think that if some kind of X-Men style mutant r/evolution took place I'd have powers that a non-terminal equivalent of these. Essentially having the remarkable ability to vomit up highly virulent mosquito swarms… :p

  11. I love your channel altogether too much! 😊☺️ thanks for reading scips in a way I think an SCP agent would record it for records. Could you do the Venusian temple one with the exploration logs? It's the cognitohazard with an incorporeal entity on Venus. I would love that!! Or even the K2 mountain one with exploration logs, the spaceman mountain climbing. Yeah, I need to find the numbers.. ty either way 🙂

  12. imagine you just got hired to the scp.
    you spent 14 years to get your doctorate In biology.
    you had a ground breaking thesis on dangerous spread of desieses visa vi the mosquito.
    the scp finds you and gives you a buncha money and a place to finally start your research ,today is your first day yay.
    you walk in,you see guards running up and down stairs,researchers are running back and forth rooms lights are spinning, and a blast shield comes down right behind grab a researcher that tried to run past u,he looks at you and starts crying
    welcome to the scp.

  13. I don't mind either way, personally, but I think calling them Blood Flies, may fall into a copyright issue, considering they're called the same thing in canon Forgotten Realms literature.

  14. Nothing like quasi-real, uncanny valley scps to ruin a sound sleeping night, specially considering it’s summer down here, and I hear lotsa buzzing in the dark. Thank you.

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