48 Replies to “Second Planned Parenthood Senior Executive Haggles Over Baby Parts Prices, Changes Abortion Methods”

  1. The question should be how in the hell is buying all this dead baby parts and what the Hell for that's is a lot of baby part their buying it adds up to be enough to fill up dump trucks loud's with all the baby parts just how many dead baby's do you need suck***

  2. Look how YouTube puts a video from Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood (before you can watch this video) lying and saying it's not true, but it is true. BIG TECH, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook are run by Leftists and they censor speech that they do not agree with and they hide the truth to protect their "causes". This is anti-American. Big Tech monopolies need to be broken up.

  3. The fact that there is peoples defending that monster after seeing that video show we are literally going to hell.

  4. What are the odds that Cecile Richards is not actually a woman….. from every video or picture I've seen of Cecile, all proportions match that of a man.

  5. Now I understand why (((they))) want to increase the right to abortion up to 9 months. Maybe for organ harvesting?

  6. Bitch you are a LIAR. Ready MY story in GQ magazine!

    I blew the whistle on black market body parts harvesting in Mississippi 19 years ago, was falsely arrested 23 times and framed in 2013 Presidential assassination plot. Where is Abby Johnson when you need her????? They burned down my home, killed my dog and blew up our car!!!! Read my story in GQ Magazine


    I have recieved death threats and the law or attorneys have done NOTHING to protect me!

  7. until the day i die i will never understand why non christians think a loving God creating hell makes him a hypocrite…God loves each one of the these beautiful babies that these grown humans are consuming for their personal pleasure…these grown ups get roughly 100 years on earth serving themselves then eternity in hell, these babies dont get any time on earth but eternity in paradise…your day is coming monsters..my God is wrathful, and He created all…there is no jail that can do to you what He has planned for your eternity.

  8. $50, $70, $100 ???
    Is that all a baby is worth??? Oh. My. God…
    And she doesn’t care about lying to the mother about how they abort the baby and what is done with it… wow

  9. Just look at that old hag — evil as fuck!
    Looks exactly like the type to butcher babies and sell their parts. Not to mention haggling over the price. These people are demonic to the core. Lord help us!!!

  10. 7:14–7:16 – See how his eyes change from whites at the bottom to completely normal? That was creepy looking lol

  11. "I am Cecile Richards…" One thing, Cecile : you are possessed by Satan itself, you yourself are an abortion of the human soul and you will be eaten by demons eternally if you do not repent and give up that absolutely terrible activity of yours and your pairs

  12. That's some inconclusive, ambiguous evidence presented as though it's damning, and people swallow it hook, line, sinker part of the dock. What have anti-choices done with standards of evidence and plain fairness? I won't even get into logic. Just anything to convince themselves that they are saving babies. BTW, no response to this will be answered. It's everything I intend to say.

  13. I can't believe it's come to this. Funny how it seems the same sort of people who ridicule the bible for containing child sacrifice also support abortion… They really don't see it, they are so confused by political agendas that they actually rationalized CHILD SACRIFICE

  14. How do we know this is real? Who in there right mind would discuss this type of stuff in such a public area?

  15. not sure whether to thumb up for exposing it or thumb down because of what they are talking about. to borrow a line from Q / POTUS – 'These people are sick'

  16. I keep thinking to myself they just don't get it. That it's a actual life they are killing. After watching this I realize they do know and could care less.

  17. Put all of them in hell forever! Murderers..plannet murderhood.. They sell the babies' organs to many companies and industry to feed people food mixed with the humans body. Research about it and cut all of them.speak and tell the truth for everyone out loud. Time to fight this devil once and for all.

  18. For those of you who believe this crap, the "actors" in the video are selling you misinformation. Go figure! The following link will explain what really happened.


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