Second Trimester Pregnancy Exercises | Secret Toe Tap | Secret Saviours

Hi. I’m Natasha and this is our model Carleen and she’s in her second trimester. These are Toe Taps. I want you to lie back for me, Carleen. And I want this cushion right underneath your
hips. So let’s pull it forward a little bit. The cushion is really helping with blood flow and it should stop you from feeling sick or
dizzy lying down on your back. Before you go anywhere, really think about pulling that belly button in to your spine and lift up one leg for me. Good. Now, as you lower the leg, I want you
to think about breathing out and really pushing
your lower abdominals in to the floor. And switch over to the other side. You should really actually be able to feel
this working – that’s perfect – as that leg goes down. Now, if you want to make this exercise harder, come with one leg up and one leg down and then switch them in the air for me. Still really focussing on pushing that core
in. That feels like it’s working really hard,
Carleen. Well done! This is a great core workout that’s not putting any strain on your skin.

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