Second Trimester Pregnancy with Subtitle

Hi viewer I am going to explain you about full details of second trimester That is 4 to 6 months of pregnancy Many women consider the second trimester to be most enjoyable of pregnancy Reason is baby is not big to make you uncomfortable most of morning sickness subsided in second trimester of pregnancy Second Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms: No 1 : Tummy expanding: when your baby grows your abdomen grows too pregnant women gain 4 pounds every months No 2 : Breast Changes breast size increase during your pregnancy body stimulate the glands that produce milk in breast No 3: constipation when your baby grows , uterus presses on internal organs causing the digestive system to slow down this causes constipation No 4 : Vaginal Discharge vaginal discharge during second trimester is completely normal. it helps to fight off bacteria No 5 : Braxton hicks contraction this is consider practice contraction. this contraction is painless and completely normal No 6 : Bladder infection: uterus presses on the bladder it slow down the flow of urine this causes bladder infection be sure to drink plenty of water to compact this side effect No 7 : Shortness of Breath when baby grows , your lungs cannot fill oxygen like before pregnancy. this cause you feel slight shortness of breath Dizziness during your body prepare for your baby blood vessels expand yet may not have a sufficent enough blood volume to fill them ,causing you feel dizzy try to take rest during dizziness No 8 : Darkened skin: Because of increased blood flow change your skin pigment darker. No 9: Heart Burn: because of your digestive systems slow down, that process make your heart burn. No 10 : Sinus Congestion: While this increased blood flow make your mucous membranes increased in nose leaving you feeling congested PRENATAL CARE: During the second trimester you have to meet your obstetrician every month. No 1: Tests: lots of tests like blood test, urine test, blood pressure check up, taking weight and size of your abdomen. No 2 Baby Movement: At 20th week your health care provider wants to know your first feel movement in womb No 3 Baby Heartbeat: An ultrasound performed to make sure your baby and his heartbeat is fine. at the same time you able to hear the baby heartbeat No 4 Prenatal Testing: This is not necessary to perform. but good idea to consider this. this test determine risk of genetic disease and other such problems ultrasound for baby health DIET AND EXERCISE If you were active during first trimester you can continue to be during the second trimester with your doctor’s permission avoid include mountain climbing , biking and hiking that puts your tummy at risk You may notice your appetite increasing. avoid eating for two you need to keep up higher caloric intake. try to eat smaller and frequent meal to keep up your energy level. so baby can grow healthy BABY DEVELOPMENT At week 13 baby start to kick and move all around baby sex become more apparent baby skin will develop at week 15 At week 17 baby can make facial expressions Fat stored in baby body to protect and warmth afterbirth baby ear functional develop to allowing baby to hear mother heartbeat, stomach grumble and loud noise from outside At week 19 baby movement are probably most perceivable by mother At weeks 22 baby begin to develop the sense of touch and try to touch everything around him Females are now equipped with egg lungs prepare to breath outside the womb baby loses his transparency at week 23 developed inner ear. and he is upside down or right side up. baby sleep and wake regularly. baby nerves are not fully developed still baby use her hand to touch and feel in week 25 at the same time baby hair on the head , eyebrows and eyelashes are forming well At the end of third trimester baby at least tripled her length. please subscribe if you like this video. Thanks for watching

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