Seeing Baby KICK On The OUTSIDE!

good morning everybody this morning me and Bo and baby we're on a walk to the park just like usual I don't I do this almost every morning I just don't blog it every morning because like that's gonna get kind of annoying after a while just starting the vlog the exact same way every day but yeah we usually walk to the park every morning just the beginning of the day unless Justin's home at night in which case we walk him when Justin gets home but Justin left so he's gone for a few weeks again so it's just me again for a little while but this is the last time he's leaving for a very very long time so it's really exciting we have some really cool exciting things coming up soon with his future and job and everything is kind of falling into place so far so we're really excited and really feeling super blessed that everything so far seems to be working out for everybody we still have a lot of open like things that we are a little worried about but hopefully things work out and hopefully once those things fall into place after baby girls here we can start looking towards more of the future like houses and it's just really exciting I was just really excited last night when I was laying it down and thinking about it but anyways I wanted to tell you guys yesterday if you guys follow me on Instagram or Twitter I think I post it on Twitter too that I felt maybe broke kicking yesterday and I was I feel like I can pretty often but not consistently still and I actually caught it on video a kick for the very first time of course Justin was gone which sucks but I want to show you guys cuz it's so exciting and get to look kind of closely because obviously she's still pretty little I'm still me 20 weeks but if you look closely you can see it so I'll put that in right now so that was really exciting that is something I have never experienced before I'm getting to see it and I was laughing because every time you even know I was watching it happen I would go touch my stomach and shoot stuff so justin hasn't felt it yeah um he was gone yesterday too but it's really exciting so I can't wait I can't wait for him to feel it holy moly there is a lot of people at the park this morning you can't really see they're mostly down there there's like a huge group so I don't think we can let you off the leash today buddy just gonna have to walk on the leash so you don't run off oh you're gonna chew your bone for her okay so I lay down but I usually work on my laptop in bed right now at least it's the most comfortable position and I was just responding to a ton of emails and doing a lot of extra outside work so I do youtube in that I do on the base that I'm off I usually do side jobs that I just don't really talk too much about because there's just some stuff like that that I like to keep more private but I was taking some care of some of that kind of stuff too and now I am gonna take a little break it is what time is it like 10:30 and I'm already like hungry for lunch and that's a little bit early for lunch so I'm going to try and hold off or just have like a small little snack maybe but I'm a little frustrated cuz little punk down here it's not kicking right now but yesterday was right around this time that she was going crazy on like kicking and whatnot so maybe I just she's just in a different position today maybe I don't know but I feel like my belly is definitely getting huge and uncomfortable but like in a good way so like I have a wedding that I'm going to tomorrow and I'm a little stressed out about what I'm gonna wear um that will still fit because Noah is fitting me still but I'm gonna have to find something that is decently nice so hopefully I can find something but my eggs I'm gonna finish up a few more emails and then I can actually maybe go eat some food I don't know I want hungry okay for lunch I'm going to try out these honey walnut shrimp which sound really good they kind of look like the ones who can't express and they're really good and then I have I think just some rice still yeah I'll try this on putting it with the organic jasmine rice that I get at Trader Joe's and see how turns out cuz that sounds real good but until then we meet again [Applause] should I come in she's gonna be up there he's ringing the bell for us to come in all right I'm coming okay I just remembered that I got a CD from when we did the 3d 4d ultrasound and that I wanted to show you guys I'm gonna see if I can pull it up on the TV with this because I can't do it on my laptop and I'm hoping I can figure out how to do it on Xbox because since we got the new TV I have not tried that but I really wanted to film a little and show you guys and show my family so I'm gonna see if I can set that up and show you guys a little of her ultrasound because it's super cute okay scratch that I couldn't get it on the TV but I did find the drive for the laptop so I could bring it up on here sorry for the glare I tried moving spots but the whole area loved it so there's in 2d she was moving so much because they drink a lot of juice before going in on purpose to make sure that she would move a ton little hands you can see by her head but I really want to show you guys the 3d because that was the most fun for us let me see if I can find that okay here is the scan of the 3d where they start to try and move it around so you can get a better look but you can see her little lips and her eyes and they do get a lot of a better angle this is my favorite little section right here that she got she started like she look at that she's like smiling we were cracking up because it looked like she was basically smiling right there and there and drinking she's drinking the fluid so it was so cute and then she also did an HD scan which I this is what the HD looks like I'd never seen it done before so you can see her little arms right here her little nose it was just so cute I wanted to show you guys because I don't know about you guys but I had never had one of these done before and I thought it was such a cool like different like experience than what I had ever seen before and I just loved it so I wanted to share it with you guys it was so sweet and right here you can see her trying suck her thumb with her little lips her mouth is open and then she tries to suck at them so cute that's so sweet they told us to come back closer to 26 to 28 weeks to get another one done because she'll be a lot bigger but they'll still be room to see her face like it wants you to go past 30 weeks they said it's harder to do the 3d because or it really any ultrasounds because they're running out of room and they're basically so we're gonna go back in probably June and get that one done or the end of May maybe and then I'm so excited like it was such a fun oh hi it was such a fun experience and we're gonna have Austin's mom hopefully you can come and my mom can hopefully come so we can kind of go together but it's been a nice relaxing day as you guys can tell I don't really have too much going on but tomorrow is super busy with the wedding that I'm going to so I kind of wanted to have a relaxing day cuz tomorrow I know I'm gonna be exhausted I get tired like I said super easily so I'm gonna start making dinner soon because I'm hungry and then I might have my mom come visit tonight which would be really fun cuz I miss her and that naptime or something everyone is napping including you stinker but well I am at Target but this time it's not for me tomorrow I have that wedding I could you guys and I haven't gotten a gift yet so I'm gonna go see if they have that registry set up here I'm pretty sure they do I think I remember that from the thing but I'm gonna go check it out just make sure I get them a gift they make this so easy now you just send it to your phone and you can see everything except for everything's purchased basically okay maybe I'll look around and see what they had left later that same evening okay I'm home and heading to bed for the night well in a little bit I have a snack my night snack which is apples and peanut butter it's like my favorite snack right now it's so good I think I'm gonna watch the last song don't judge me like a nostalgic mood somebody do that and relax for the rest of the night you don't wanted to take an IT guys I hope you had a fantastic Friday I will talk to you and tomorrow goodnight [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Look at that happy, cute, lil home Emma is growing in!! Big sissy Bren must've made it a very special place for her lil sissy to thrive and grow strong!!! As we all know one baby NEVER EVER replaces another, but they do watch over and protect their baby siblings, and thru lil signs they also will leave you and Justin trinkets, letting you know they are able to pop in and go back to the arms of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, where we who believe will be joined together again one glorious day! Hang in there love, I know how hard it is to be happy yet guarded in the same emotion! And feeling that way is ok!!! You take things the way you want! Minute by minute if you have to! Your hormones are a giant up and down right now and people need to understand that!!! Vlog, don't vlog honey, we will still love and support you and Justin! Even a short to the point lil post stating not in the mood to blog today hormonal pregnant woman on rampage!!! and people would leave you alone I hope! Take care sweets!!! ❤

  2. I’m so excited for you!💚 I was able to film my daughter (Vivi) kicking so much in my belly. To this day it’s one thing I was able to document for her to see one day. Enjoy those lovely kicks Rachelle 💚👶🏻🤰🏻👼🏻

  3. If your hungry, eat, it doesn’t matter what time it is. The baby’s hungry! My baby makes me get hungry at 3-4am so i get up and eat fruit😳

  4. Are you going to homeschool Emma?!? Btw you’re literally my favorite YouTuber. Well you and kkandbabyj!!!!!💕💕💕

  5. haha watching this we have dueling kicks going on, my little one is kicking as soon as little Emma would kick cute coincidence

  6. I’ve been here since you put away Brynn’s nursery, and so I’ve never see you pregnant!! I’m so glad I can watch this journey of yours! I love you all so much 😍❤️

  7. I also lost my son at 20+4 weeks and although we want to meet baby Emma I'm praying we don't meet her for another few months! All healthy and well xx

  8. I can’t believe how well they capture her face!! She’s SO cute!! I can’t think of a couple more deserving of blessing I know all your fan base is just so anticipating this birth! I’m gonna bawl my eyes out!

  9. I think you said in one of your videos talking about brynn, you said she had your nose… well, I believe Emma has your nose too!! 👃🏼 LOL

  10. You can use OBS to record your screen on the laptop and add that video into your youtube video with a voice overlay explaining

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