20 Replies to “Selena Gomez Confirms PREGNANCY!? – The Kardashians LEAKED Blac Chyna's Video!? (Rumor Patrol)”

  1. I feel so dumb cuz joslyn is on buzzfeed videos or something like that and so is drew and i just figured that out

  2. This is crazy if Selena is pregnant with Justins baby why haven't it showed up in news or news paper and why haven't they married yet why is Justin with Haley why?

  3. ALTHOUGH I HATE JUSTIN tbh i think if they actually had a baby it would actually be cute but then five days after they'd most probably split up so XD yup ok bye I bet some celebs only have babies to get more likes on Insta gram

  4. She’s not pregnant , her stomach was just protruding because she had a kidney transplant and they had to bloat her stomach , she’s so strong bless her

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