Self Care for your lower back – Baby and Bump Massage

Hi guys So today what I’m going to talk to you about is something really important home care that we often give to our clients. So Lots of our clients come in complaining of lower back pain Massage can be really helpful for lower back pain One of the things that we like to do at the end of our treatments is give them some kind care so this is one of my favorite home Care’s that I like to give my clients and it is The pelvic tilt so it’s pretty commonly given I’m home care I’m often the thing that I find is people don’t remember to do it or they’re not sure the body position to use So I’m just going to quickly show you a nice pelvic tilt So some of the most important parts about a pelvic tilt is the alignment of our hips and the stance that we use So I’m just going to move back a little bit the really important bits with this particular Movement is keeping our legs hip width apart So want to make sure that our feet I lined up with our knees which I lined up with our hips the next thing that we’ll be doing a easy way to check Is to put your hand on your tummy and your other hand on your lower back and what we want you to do is move Towards the wall and I want you to roll so you could probably see my front hand is moving upwards My back hand is moving back So what we’re trying to do is roll in place her lower back flat against the wall And in this position we can rock forward and backwards forward Backwards what the rules help to do is to mobilize the pelvis Lengthen out and stretch the lower back and get you some nice movement This is really important as the leading to birth as well But make sure that your pelvis your lower back is quite mobile giving you more freedom of movement When it comes to birth II So as I said really simple Self-care, but an important self-care movement that you can move use all the way through your pregnancy So hopefully that’ll help you out and we look forward to seeing you soon Bye

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