Serena Is Pregnant and Tyrese Lost His Mind | Did Y'all See

on this episode of did y'all see another basketball cheating scandal Nicki drops the video for the Remy Ma diss record and look who's preggers get into all this team on vigil see welcome to did y'all see I'm a viola more and I'm here with a fab Jamila Mustafa yeah everybody's friend Raven and Lia we have a great show in store for you but before we get into this week's hot topics I need to check in with my ladies we pull up tell me what's up how you doing I'm good I'm Jed like I just got back from California what brought you did Cali no baby no money independent black woman here give us some details yeah I'm a photographer so I was showing with some models you know taking some pictures on the beach with sometimes there are some Swedish models oh that was that was it a male Swedish you know my camera is bang oh okay cuz we just don't know comes through with those nails ah is it clear at the time okay so we got the holographic going on you know all about my crazy things and she's like oh I got you I got you yeah yeah I had a bunch of good things I'm excited for Tribeca these this week Tribeca is coming up okay I love a lot of good films too bad boy yeah boy got that movie come to read you know they do it a bad boy thing what I was just talking about they got a feel dropping the Rough Riders the reunions yeah so this is one beat Rybak Tribeca is gonna be late okay that's pretty much it just working okay ladies let's get into these topics are you ready yeah so did you see earlier this week that La La Anthony has separated from her New York Knicks ball player Carmelo Anthony the news broke first and then a few hours later that day some more tea dropped it got intense because Carmelo was being accused of another woman dating another woman during his marriage and not only that allegedly TMZ sports reports that she is possibly pregnant six months pregnant she works in a gentleman's club in NYC and yeah I'm not here for that that's so I'm so tight in do you see la la like la la add to the bone beautiful and nah that's never the nollie baryon is to go to even had a very good cheated on fiancee gets cheated on no uta' does not matter with that and I feel kind of bad because before I heard that oh maybe she was like a shrimper so then you were like oh it's the typical basketball player all he had you slipped up but I've heard other things saying like you know she has a job or career so my old hold up now this might be a little bit more serious former girlfriend she was on a former show the reality thing so you can tell his his type maybe personalities those from out there now from what I was able to dig up with my shovel things have been rocky for a minute between them too but I heard like they have in yeah like almost separated allegedly like they haven't even been rocking she did an interview a subliminal interview where she talked about separating herself from things and people in seasons who you think are gonna be in your life for forever and then they're not so I think like it was one of those kind of things and I like we said she's bad to the bone and she's not waiting on anybody so their relationship was probably already rocky Carmela was already doing his thing but one thing that she didn't like is that it was never in the public so Lala doesn't like that so I think that this right here is gonna be a deal-breaker completely because she's embarrassed like that's embarrassing and she's been with them he she's older she's been with since he was resting lying night oh listen about up in my white team she's been with them for a long time so within her relationship they had to grow you know and he probably is growing into another direction I feel like people are so quick to let their marriages go not to say that she's just okay in a situation but like when things get rocky it's like okay well I'm gonna just go laugh and go all the way to find the next girl at this gentlemen's club and that's my new girl would you do hmm you Lala what would you do I would do what she's doing I would leave but I'm just saying no but I'm saying like you like you said how it's been rocky for a while I feel like you're supposed to like tend to your relationship at that point not just let things continue and then like stay rocky and then you're right you guys are exploiting other options we want to know your thoughts did you all see this coming do you feel bad for Lala can they overcome this even if he is proven to be the father let us know what you think in the comments ok you guys so let's get into this did you see Mickey Minaj's new Instagram post where Riley was posted up and she's like my good good sis now this is why it's a problem because Riley was on Love & Hip Hop and rye is very close friends with Remy Ma who's also on Love & Hip Hop so you already know how that goes Remy did a diss record about Nicki Minaj but this is where it gets crazy so Nicki Minaj had invited rah Ali to the video the diss track video about rods best friend and not only did she invite her but your girl pulled up to the video now apparently it can be considered business you know this is business so if you don't like her and you don't like her did you know everybody's like that don't got nothing to do with me but come on this is a public beef where it got dirty and raw you can't be playing you can't be taking pictures for one person call some is your best friend then you're in the dish track you know supporting them it doesn't make sense to me but I need to know ladies and orience is it business or is it personal in a situation like that business and in person was kind of the same thing honestly like when the beef that they have in general that's like you know and I feel like honestly I don't even like a picture of a girl who my friend doesn't like if I'm scrolling and I'm like I'm like I'm not even like i'ma keep scrolling oh she looks good I'd be like your friend I'm not gonna like that picture no I don't know the whole background with rock but the overall is just completely shady there's no business in here well you know it is the business holiday the only business is going on is Rob's business and how she's just trying to flip a check and then we're wherever she can get in where she could fit into stay relevant so Remy needs to like totally X that out and Nikki she's being smart I don't feel like rock they're really friends like they say no good good friend she's using me cuz you know they call each other best friends so was below a best friend my good the one of the t when people criticize my I leave for taking the pic with Nicki Minaj she decided that she needed to clear the air about where things truly good between herself and Remy Ma so she took the social media and posted a public letter stating that Nikki's friendship right had been in tech way before she was cool with Remy Ma that's the back story for me so her right so she's saying that she was Nikki's friend before Remy so her loyalty lies with Nicki Minaj I think that's a cover-up late like oh yeah we knew each other way back when you know you just tell people stuff so they can kind of like just move on like oh yeah you know I knew this we knew each other for like ten years what are you talking about trying to make some I looks up say y'all yeah but no girl no you still love me what would you guys do let us know how you handle this situation okay ladies let's get into one of our favorite parts of the game which is called hot mess or a hot mess so let's go ahead let's check out our girl resonate Carter little Wayne and toy your rights daughter and Beyonce inspired senior dress we have to know is it hot or is it not lady you know very age-appropriate and but it's still you know beautiful I love it come on we've seen no senior pictures now what it look it's like too much yes I like it because it's age-appropriate that's hot now which one wore better demi lovato orogeny I think well I would have to say that I do like Demi Lovato it's a little fitted you know I like that but they're both beautiful i'ma still rock out with my girl jump come on alright ladies so our favorite fast and furious look day he my favorite anymore but our boy Tyrese as you know he made some pretty misogynistic comments that he later tried to apologize for but as they say was it a little too late hot mess he has been a hot mess since 2008 and he created his Twitter account okay he what used to be my fave loved his voice I thought I loved him or his personality but when he started spewing out his rhetoric and his views on certain things that's when I was like yeah okay pause hmm you know and he's been doing these comp saying these comments for a while about black women their hair or how its ratchet his preference or what a woman should do with their bodies who they should be with how many people they should sleep with because that's how he feels a woman should be and he's not really apologizing for the words that he said like tramp or ratchet he's apologizing for his tone and the way he said it in the way it came across so he still has the same views but he's not apologizing for that he's apologizing that people took it the wrong way so that's why Tyrese your hotness to me I'm happy about his his apology I felt like it was nice that he was talking about his mom raised him better and how it made him feel some type of way because even his wife side-eyed him and was like what is wrong with you but he can't apologize for thinking how he thinks I mean you could not like it and we don't like it I don't like it like I don't know if sometimes celebrities forget or they think we forget like that you really have lived different lives like amount of only one never remember when Tyrese was doing this old baby boy stick am I the only one that remembers when your boy was wearing these white beaters looking out the window crying talking about his love signs like I mean this is what really throws me off mentally like you can't talk about women not having natural bodies or being ratchet or or or not treating themselves right or being ho when I don't think that you're booking how our grad students to be in your videos so I'm just trying to justify or trying to distinguish what's real and what's not real what era cuz five years ago he was doing one thing ten years ago now you got this fast and furious I don't you know I don't know I think it's a hot mess now our girl mrs. Jackson if you're nasty she shared her first photo of her beautiful sunny side and he's gorgeous aren't you guys know that she's getting a divorce from her husband and she's going back on her tour for unbreakable but what did you guys think about the little baby the baby is so cute madness I don't know whose cheeks are more pinchable here in this picture oh they're so cute I'll have to say this is a definitely uh I got a roll with yeah all right ladies for this week's winning segment Serena Williams announces that she is pregnant with her first child with her fiance Alexis Ohanian winning also winning this week are Viola Davis taraji P Henson Susan caliche Watson and Oprah who were all named some of the people's most beautiful women for 2017 but the guy goes congrats ladies and rounding out our winning circle this week is blackish star yarsa Heaney who did the damn thing and it was slept it to every college she applied for no word on which college she will be attending but you can take your time when you have so many colleges to choose an HBCU HBCU can't redo our know Howard is the black harvest so I don't care about what school she goes to baby HBCU yeah we enjoyed this show and we know that you guys did too so let us know what you thought below or on Twitter Instagram Facebook snapchat using the hashtag Dijon soon and don't forget to turn on those notifications and subscribe Oh

23 Replies to “Serena Is Pregnant and Tyrese Lost His Mind | Did Y'all See”

  1. Pertaining to Tyrese I mean I know it can happen but why did he buy his mom a house 2015 and she passed away Dec. 2015.?


  3. Tyrese Never was checking for Serena. she's too dark for him because hes dark. Hes just Shocked Hes been dating Bi Racial. The first Bi. Racial wife he married her for a green card. Half African And British.. New wife. Non. Black. So Stop Crying Tyrese.😒😒. Common Serena dated three years he has a 10 year old Son. told Serena. He wasn't be a Husband And Daddy Again. Common told Wendy. Serena is the one who got Away. he said hes sad..But Happy for her..And Shocked😱😱😱… Tyrese Like the Rock Said Your A Cry Baby And Tyrese Who…😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Truthfully it's a sad situation with a lot of the stars half of them don't know where to turn they are up in down , being affiliated with all types of stuff. Stars only tell and show what they want us to know as much as the public would like to sympathise with them and dig deeper into their lives a lot of them are not marrying for love but to be impressive. I'm not saying their feelings does not matter but my true belief is this, the real stars are those that work genuinely hard to supply for their self and families, those that work to build their legacy and not being a sell out for fame. But I have nothing against them everyone has free Will to live their lives how they want.

  5. I would really love to see you bring real issues to the table. Serena having a baby does not help a single black person out here, Lala's going to be better than us all and Tyrese, well who cares really. There is too much happening daily for us to close our eyes and pay attention to such distractions.

  6. Ty-eek! 😝 has been a hot mess since the beginning in that Coca Cola commercial. Never saw what anyone saw on him. Yuk! πŸ’©πŸ˜πŸ€’

  7. Ok I'm 1:20 in arr ALL of you brods gonna talk about your… I don't care. Can you just get to your title heading!? We really care uour making money in California with photography.

  8. Tyrese may said that in a different no body is perfect but black women put them self in that position Black women use 2 b the most strongest women I new some men don't like women dressed sluty they don't have 2 they talk about these white girls in daisy dukes now they dress worse look at how majuartie of em dress it's sad so that's on them

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