Setback To Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP: Four Rajya Sabha MPs Join BJP

for MPS TDPS left with only one only two members in the Raja Subhan will also lose the status of the opposition party now cm Ramesh and wise Chaudhary two of the four TDP Raja sir by MPs who jumped ship and joined the BJP are industrialists and have been under the scanner of income tax Central Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement Directorate as well cm Ramesh's name had come up during the tussle in the CBI between the then director Alok warme and special director Rakesh Astana and there has been an IT investigation regarding a company set to be linked to him as well and on the other hand vice Chaudhary has been on the radar of the CBI and IDI in an alleged bank loan fraud case remember last year it was bJP MP and spokesperson GVL narsimha Rao who called Chaudhary and Ramesh Andhra malas and sought suitable action against them from Raja Sabha Ethics Committee and joining us on the phone line is danaka lanka TDP spokesperson thanks for speaking to us sir mr. lanka now a big jolt to the TDP in that sense has been a key a campaigner of the opposition front but that's not going to continue as a pattern what do you have to say about this recent development so it is it is unwanted but the way in which before I do so by MP has taken decision to speak the pattern kind to the BJP at the time when the Honorable – who party president not available in the India and even vacation for Europe they have taken decision means it appears to be not good because such a long period they do how the Dacian ship of this party and individually scannable he waits till the interim idle reach India and expressly Dave the concern is anger and anguish regarding to the party policies and the approach of the party must actually and the party they may have in Kherson it should be explained all goes to the church are above matters other end and vacation that might be good at least but they have done be the process when come about matters are not available in means one good and one more thing but very in which he no regard and see my mission I do have some a patience because the cases are much older e-mart registered after and he became qualities in ups it's for Easter and the fire is continuing as a personal involvement of some reason are you trying to suggest that since two of these four Rajas of hi MPs were under CBI and IT scanner is why they would have possibly looked that you know joining the BJP as an escape III don't feel like so because there are so many cases we may feel in that way but he's not the Act case for CBI as far as my knowledge is concerned I made various press conference when they are in TDT I very clearly examine the facts of the each case mr. Chowdhury not at involved directly in any case this part of sake of evidence and because they call for him for these cases in respect of Samba Nami company there are four speciall around his goal that's why they are calling that is one issue as far as the image is confirmed very clear that but it was fabricated Dutch way mr. bender who was the prepared fabric a statement get reported that the SP of CBI and Rakesh Astana what he has done in TV was debated via that there is nothing misinformation as far as he is concerned so we should not think about these decision but they have taken the decision due to certain things which happened last five years and especially in the election process in which they haven't involved they might be felt unhappy with the top leadership those are the things which might be impaired apart form but people who have even one big yummy in birthday but their approach is not good they should care about my Rosario suddenly it really can take any position of M he is not available in India they have the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh wise jungin Mohan Reddy of course restored the general consent for the CBI in that sense do you think that the party Carter is already feeling that Chandra Babu is not chandrababu naidu's battle has already been lost is why probably they're losing faith in the party altogether no not at all because the mill consent whether he has he has given our marquee and never influence the Hume remissness as well as your solutions because already those cases remember Thailand there is no consent is required especially for means to cases and the remaining issues are concerned and there is a prima facie order the court guilty but definitely we thought general consent CP can approach and take the case for you sir as far as the temperature can either concern more than 10 BJP ruling states also not use chemicals until now so it is not the issue I think right Sonia mr. Tanaka Lanka thanks for speaking to us on thier Unga TV and sharing your views on the same we will continue bringing in all the latest on this big story also joining us on the broadcast is my colleague and a correspondent inertia Babylon Asha now what exactly went wrong according to the TVP when it comes to four of these ranches of EMPs jumping the ship what is it that the TDP thinks has happened here we spoke to tea or one of the leaders they knuckle the knuckle Lanka just a few minutes ago and he is of the opinion that this kind of a decision should definitely not have been made you know when Chandrababu Naidu was absence in this Happ since this kind of a decision shouldn't have been taken and it's ethically wrong but what exactly went down when we talked went wrong when we talk about the ground levels the grassroot problems that we're only looking at who are under th Canon have not joined BJP just because they have they are they have all these cases but yes many speculations many questions I am having names of two of these joining the BJP party leaving the TDP party for which they were loyal since many years and now many of them are not surprised by their move as a wife who's not jogging has been facing severe several legal problems and he's joining the ruling party at the centre is is only seen as a minister cinnamon skin and now just hold on with that thought we also have a good race shake from the BJP joining us on the broadcast thanks for speaking to the raga TV mr. Gowda shake now your first take Oh what exactly has happened of course it's a big victory for the nd in that sense but a big jolt to the TV p4 off with Sir Roger Sabha MPs have jumped the ship and are now with the BJP C rather than saying that it is a victory for the hostage and sub party it is basically here with three of indle psyche and Indian mentality and we should not forget that today the people of India do not like the way people are doing politics of negativity in the country you look at the record of Chandrababu Naidu ji since past two-and-a-half years he's just doing politics of negativity he moved out of the NDF poll on the by saying that resist they are not keeping as the state of other position especially if it has to be a vote but everybody knows that it was the finest Commission of India which opposed that thing and in spite of that the Narendra Modi government explain one thing to these four Rajas of my MPs who have now joined the BJP two of them were under C be an IT scanner and in fact last year we had gvl narsimha Rao who'd call them mullahs of Andhra so we had all of those allegations coming in from the BJP and now the BJP is extending a warm welcome to all of these MPs what's what's the logical reason behind that so if you go by that logic so by that logic Lalu Prasad Yadav then Priyanka country's husband Robert Vadra mrs. Sonia Gandhi mr. Rahul Gandhi they should all join the party doesn't hold madam actually any public representative I mean the people's representative they have to fill their own constituency and the people and it is not possible that if people's meant it is against the party and the party is still doing that type of politics that the like off Chandrababu Naidu or Mamata Banerjee who are doing the politics of negativity you have a classical example in front of you of this – Rahul Gandhi and first party so old time he was doing the politics of negativity he was calling to protect your head so this was a negative politics and in contrast to that it wasn't remoting who was saying maybe Joe politics of inclusivity so politics of inclusivity scribes of corn and it winds up on the negativity so they have less than full arrest they were is not having any type of why we support that because any public representative has ultimately to see his face the people that ultimately to face his constituency he can't avoid the public sentiment and public sentiment for years could a as if the politics of negativity people of India what positivity and people right also mr. Shaikh now the NDA is only short of eighteen you know in module four majority in the Raja Subhan that in in itself you know is a big boost for the party and for the Alliance at large or now the saffle party will certainly make a renewal push to ratify contentious bills which are like pending in the upper house as well isn't it see it is not just a matter of party we are having majority in Raja tapa as well the major bills of reform this government is all for reform and nobody a beer everybody was still now talking its own for so many years that Indian DS text reform to India needs the political reform the Indian tea traditional reform polish reform or electoral repose but nobody was working upon it it isn't about the government who is working even when we are talking about one station one section that is all the reforms reforms will take place any India once we have majority in both houses because the total work for or see work for India or also a politician what Commission's right thanks much mr. Garre Sheikh for speaking to us and sharing views of course the BJP of the opinion that having been under CBI or IT scanner has nothing much to do with these four TDP MPs jumping the ship and joining the BJP and that much more needs to be done and that a majority will certainly make sense when it comes to pushing various reforms and generally ensuring greater development for the country as well also a lot of other political reactions which have been coming in on this top story listening so this decision was taken mainly to join in building the nation and particularly for the state of Andhra Pradesh because for various reasons we have definitely suffered so thereby we want to emphasize all the issues raised in a periodic necked to be implemented as early as possible and this is the best platform what we thought to work with cooperation and coordination rather than confrontation and computation may encode babka virtuosity Lata who he party isn't a party believes in the politics of positivism inclusiveness sub Cassatt's sabka Vikas or sub kvish was to Sokka Vikas let away from a gay bar hanging or musa pura Brasa higher ke Charu V Nita and appreciate jhemini Nita in K+ notes 3sat Konkani say under position a party antibiotic much booty Putin bogey or porridge tatata SOT hum in Casimir concur TV martín de práctica base on the place behind

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