Seven Excruciating Hours of Pain in Labour | Baby's Birth Day Episode Three

welcome to baby's birthday each show joins a mom-to-be and counts down to the birth of their baby reveal in all the drama laughter and tears involved in giving birth because let's be honest giving birth is never a walk in the park to help chart each birth this is the baby's birthday clock it's there to countdown to each mom's to date and once labor kicks off the clock kicks in and times the birth so you know exactly how long each mom's been in labor whether it's two hours or a whopping 20 hours all the action of the birth is boiled down into a half-hour show so we'd better crack on oh my god I'm gonna help paying today today we meet 37 year old Michelle after receiving IVF treatment she's expecting her first child it's the miracle she's been longing for and her emotional and painful journey is just beginning right yeah no y'all look lazy again sitting watch him done in Quincy I saw you ever do you receptionist Michelle Halsey has been married to 44 year old football referee mark for four years they met when Mark was officiating at Bolton Wanderers versus Tranmere Rovers game and Michelle was working in the players bar and I went out giving his cup of tea and he said to me where's my biscuit let me not get any biscuits darling and I thought oh my god he's a cockney oh I understand she went all shivery when she saw me come through the door in the end ended up giving in and having a drink that was it love at first sight mark already has two grown-up sons from a previous marriage and at the age of 24 he had the snip leaving a tricky conversation to have with Michelle he didn't tell me straightaway that he couldn't and then he ran me said he needed to speak to me and he told me that you don't have a sec to me done nineteen years previous charge of us having killed our children are I saw zilch so I gave her the option that you know if she wanted to walk away walk away it was a case of well I might not be able to have any so why give somebody up that love just for the sake of not knowing if he could give me a baby have you tried the reversal but it didn't work it was quite upsetting and then we got referred to a specialist in Manchester so then they came up with the the idea about having it's called a PZ they sort of do the sort of the same sort of thing but they they get the sperm from where it begins with Mark's sperm and live in well but frozen the only way to impregnate Michele is through IVF treatment the hardest part of the treatment is the way you have to change your life for them first few weeks wherever you go you've got to make sure you've got your needles your solutions I can stick that needle enough no way but so mean she done it yourself and you know she's been quite brave really even after extensive IVF treatment there is only a 15% chance of success so tiring it's emotional and then to get nothing at the end of it when you start your period that is the worst the worst day of your life I'm Steve Michele it's the first time she's ever he knows had chance about any children when she found that it didn't work it was it was a very emotional time and then you got to tell people hasn't worked and you've got to face going back into work so the second time we kept it quiet from everybody lovely for us it's work because I remember her doing I was away with the referees and I on a training camp in July and she phoned me up and said haha I've done a pregnancy test I got the the pregnant stick and I'm tapping it on the phone going listen listen I've done it as you say to me I don't believe this of it oh no you know oh yeah now four days overdue and with their new arrival imminent Michele and Mark focus on the important aspects of the birth what's your biggest fear mom while I'm in labor well that's I pull yourself to meet he's gorgeous anyway but through the pregnancy see that it seems to get better and better just exercise obviously the size of it but I mean actual ice in herself she just looks fantastic and she looks better than ever this baby means everything to us we're a close couple everything we do we do together knew enough and it'll just make our family complete now twelve days overdue Michele arrives the hospital to be induced that when the day actually came we couldn't believe it's like Christmas Day for me anyway oh my god I'm gonna have pain today that his women nerves kicked in boring never laugh no nap there the good news is she started to dilate on her own already two fingers width it's just a case of waiting for a bed in the delivery suite a six-hour wait Michelle finally heads down to the delivery suite and the fun begins finally went down to the delivery suite I've where was breaking the waters it's like a sharp Nick you feel it but you don't feel it but when the waters gushed out I was so shocked because expected it to be cold and it was like hot water and it was as though you was weaning the beddingly sleep when you thinking to yourself I shouldn't be doing this but there's something else Michelle wasn't expecting because you're over G by 12 days it's not all common for that to happen when you're out for Jim but sometimes can be a sign of distress as well so I'm just gonna have to put you on the monitor when they broke novartis the nurse explained that the the baby had had a poo inside me and I thought to myself well god this is dangerous for the baby they explained that they put the drip in to speed the contractions up so that the baby could come out a lot quicker Michels rulers we have decided before I'm the minimum I'm mark would be pressing Matt doesn't know what to do with themselves and he hates hospitals in situations like that I think a girl needs someone it took a bit of pressure off of me a mum could take over and you know she you know you know girls are like with their mums they're very close to him and it's just as well mom's here as Michelle experiences have first contraction my first contraction was like a bad period pain I thought to myself well if this is it I can handle this I ended up on my left side for most of them because that's the most common fees position I found that could do but then I was also watching the monitor to make sure that was that a contraction when I saw the lines went up and down like oh my god yes I've got it right was one and then we started to come a bit faster and a bit faster and then the pain really hit it the Midwife said to me don't be marked you need the gas and air do it so I waited for about four or five contractions and then he started to nibble me a little bit but once she giving me that was it there was no getting it off me after sucking on gas an air you start feeling like you're a big drunk but it does not help with the pain but the pain gets stronger a midwife discusses options of pain relief with Mark and Michelle's mum so you know I was talking with the day about you know you are you know painkiller you want to try painkiller first many things get some pain all right well nothing's gonna completely take away what at least children with it we bought Sarah when she's telling you what to do with an epidural you man or me to take the edge off the pain Michele's decided to try see diamorphine but as the Midwife prepares the injection Michele changes their mind with Sara's just about to inject the diamorphine Michelle feels the need to push coming up will Michelle get the epidural she wants don't scream welcome back to baby's birthday 37 year old Michelle isn't labeled with their first child and we left her screaming for an epidural however the Midwife has some good and some disappointing news for her I was asking for an epidural because that's when we bottle went them because the pains was getting so bad I thought I couldn't do this anymore I was looking for an easy way out I weren't happy with her having something like that because it's not it's not sort of natural is it but when that's when they had said that she'd gone past that stage it was too late I was quite relieved oh yes great with Michelle nearly dilated Marc heads off to update Michelle's father and niece oh and take a rest however as if she sensed her husband was taking a quick break Michelle reminds mark just what she's going through most of the way through the labor I did have all Danny mums and of which I knew that yeah give it a squeeze but not too hard but then when Marc Malmsteen I thought you're gonna pay for this sometimes when he kept saying come on it's all right Fiza he got the biggest squeeze ever and I dug my nails in she was squeezing so tight killed me I didn't realize yet so much strength but I did they did it I can see now when people say don't let him get out of your wrist or your fingers because it does a well she's got got food cuts and bruises on my fingers after four hours Michele is fully dilated and the baby is ready to come out it's just a case of pushing here we go when the Midwife had said that I was fully dilated I thought this is it now we've had the pains it's gonna get worse but at least I'm 3/4 of the way through when I had to start pushing I did it a couple of times and then realize that I was pushing but nothing I couldn't feel anything bearing down as Midwife Sarah's shift ends she tries to update the new Midwife Virginia although Michelle has other ideas right mum unfortunately the baby doesn't want to come so midwife Virginia suggests the change of position to get the baby moving I think the medical term is squatting this also gives mark an unexpected new role like a sigh on camera but I mean the smell that was coming up from down it may not smell of lavender and roses but there has been some movement from the baby it's just not necessarily the right movement something wasn't right the Midwife realized that the baby had moved I think I think I remember him saying it gone back to back with me but the headed mood from the down position to across and ideally when the baby is fitting into the pelvis we should be able to feel the posterior fontanelle which means that the baby's gross its chin talk to its chest so it's in an ideal position but at the moment Michelle's baby is lying with its back towards hers with the baby's head to one side Michelle returns to the bed and comfortably into stirrups to allow the doctor to get well her hands in the doctor had to move the baby physically with a hand on every contraction a few of the times screamed of which I got in trouble for don't scream I've never ever felt excruciating pain like I had been even though the pain is excruciating the doctor's handiwork seems to have done the trick and in no time the baby's head starts to appear much to Michelle's bemuse meant the baby's head appeared and all occurred Ihram same was oh it's got hair it's got hair and then on the next contraction of pushed and its head was sticking out I did have a peek at the baby say it was emotional really and all I remember the Midwife is saying give me a hand and feel and it was just like a wet Harry wrapped and I put my hand on it and it was a case and then on the next push I think I pushed the baby's face up it was weird you've got this little head sticking out of your which is causing and Orenda stinging pain but then you get a shoulders and a body that's coming out of you and you don't feel after six hours and 50 minutes Michelle gives birth to a baby girl called Lucy man Michelle's hard work over it's time for Mark to step up to the role of official cord cutter concave I said I'll cut on it kind you know I'm really cutting it tight so once he's cut you think oh you know that's a great feeling he's got el Grande and no sooner has he finished one job it's time for Mark to tell the good news to his father-in-law and nice and unexpectedly on the way Michelle sister and a good day today where is she [Applause] yeah Juicy Lucy I dad when you hear them cry for the first time you think wow perfect everything's right and then she puts her on to you it's I don't know everything everything that's in your mind goes out of your mind and you just focus on that one thing it's lovely bubbly weighing in at eight pounds seven leucemia slips into a little pink number so she can look at best for a granddad Oh Lucy Mia is now a week old and for a month the novelty hasn't worn off well look at the size of me me car so tiny and we've got loads and loads and loads of clothes you just spoil Antje you've got so many clothes and not enough bodies to warm up right yeah the feelings now being a mama just Wow can't believe it I mean me and a dad sit here at night and we just keep looking now even during the day and we can't believe what we've made she's absolutely gorgeous know everybody says that there's gorgeous but she's just perfect in every way as you get older you realize the mistakes you've made and now I've got another chance to bear a daughter and love her as much as I did me other two and make sure you know she gets a good start in life I mean we've got a picture of me when I was a baby in a picture of Mark and I thought she looked like me until I received the picture of Mark today she's spitting image of a dad she didn't come as easy as what most babies compare Lucy was an IVF baby and when I look back now you think that Oh what you go through but when you see what you get at the end of these well worth this and I think there's a better feeling in the world she's fantastic she's gorgeous absolutely gorgeous and I treasure the rest of my days got a fantastic baby a fantastical spurned perfect family what more could I ask for if they wanted to Michelle and Mark have enough frozen sperm to try for another baby whether it work is an emotional and expensive journey they would have to take for now leucemia is all they can think about and they jump straight into the joys of parenthood and that's it pin it and then one down a middle bitten bin it no because it will dry no you get dry cotton wool on earth and give you ten out of ten because we're nothing in it [Laughter] she was twelve days late but leucemia finally arrived and has now made marker Michelle's life complete you

30 Replies to “Seven Excruciating Hours of Pain in Labour | Baby's Birth Day Episode Three”

  1. Damn wonder how old that lady is she looks 75 why do white women wait this long to give birth your child won’t get old to burry you 🤣

  2. what a jackass the man was. He wouldn't last ten minutes if he were the one in labor.. She was asked what she wanted and ignored..

  3. He’s a classic example of a partner that would have been better off pacing the hallway. Not that I blame him.. he just didn’t know how to help her. People are being to harsh with their comments. Don’t forget this is edited. He was probably relaying what was said by nurses.
    I wish I’d not of let my sons Dad in. He completely ruined the experience.
    He was worse than this guy didn’t do anything but flirt with nurses.
    Needless to say he is now my ex husband.

  4. That mark dude needed a right telling off
    Bloody rude..
    How dare you tell her what she needs an what she doesn't.
    An saying she didn't smell good my god
    I don't no how your wife puts up with you

  5. Her husband is awful!
    A) you don’t get to have an opinion about an epidural if you don’t have a watermelon sized human coming out of you, B) each woman gets to deal with labour how they’d like whether that be by silent birth, or shouting, C) what do you think a birthing vagina is going to smell like? 10 month old fluids are pouring out of her…what could you have possibly expected?

  6. I asked for an epidural was told that they dont give pain relief… i had a terrible 3hours of contraction pain…. now am certain i will never do this again am good with one kid

  7. Hate it when they say “don’t scream” I get that they want u too use you’re energy to push but damn it’s the most pain a woman will ever be in I suppose! I’ve done it 4 times, worst pain ever along with gallstones! X

  8. when the induce u it worst pain ever let her hv epidural for God sake n stop talking rubish dont understand

  9. I feel for these mums who are labouring on a bed… laying down is not very productive and it can draw things out. I was so fortunate at my birth center. I definitely shopped around. My midwife was awesome too… just left us to it, which is what we wanted.
    It's very normal when a woman hits transition to want an epidural or even a c sect… it's rough going for some! My girl was posterior during labour and delivery too 😂

  10. it seems like this show is a bit dated, these babies are like teenagers by now . definitely in the early 2000s and nowhere near 2017.

  11. You know, when a woman wants an epidural, give her the damn epidural without negative talk. Every labor is different, and men especially have no experience with that kind of pain and should shut it.

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