41 Replies to “Sextina Aquafina – Get Dat Fetus, Kill Dat Fetus (Bojack Horseman – Abortion Song)”

  1. Can we talk about how absurdly political the show has gotten, I'm ok if it is but how good would it be if it went back to just bojack

  2. Big mood now that Georgia passed a bill that makes it so that anyone who gets an abortion will face life in jail or the death penalty.

  3. Just came here to say that I immediately thought of this song when I heard BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”

  4. This song is banned in Texas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Utah, Alabama, and all the other red states.

  5. likely never a so controversial theme, was parodied in a song in that ''style'' before, another nasty sample of the crude but perfect humor of this series, anyway Sextina is both a hot but hateful character, at the same time, great combination.

  6. This episode was… weird. It felt pro abortion most of the way through but the final few lines between Princess Carolyn and Diane felt off from the rest of it. It’s like they couldn’t go all the way with being pro choice for some reason. I guess it could be meant to show a strange hypocrisy with the portrayal/view of abortion in the US; but even with that reading it just doesn’t fit well with me.

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