45 Replies to “Shameless | 'Hello Little Gallagher' Official Clip | Season 6 Episode 4”

  1. "I'm just gonna get a part-time job and save up for my own place." I love how she says it like it's just that easy.

  2. People always forget that Frank does care about each of his children in his own twisted way. Monica completely damaged Frank to the point where naturally as much as he loves his children, he’s going by instinct at this point. His children are a means of money at times and he’ll use that. Before he met Monica, Frank was in college. He’s probably really smart like Lip, he said that all he ever did before Monica was study and work for college. She introduced the drugs, alcohol, and party into his life. I think he does care about Franny cause when Debbie tried to change her name it actually upset him.

  3. According to IMDB Debbie's (or more than likely a double's) vagina is on display during the birth scene. Unless someone is faster than the speed of light, you didn't see anything even remotely looking like a vagina. In fact, showing male genitals is perfectly OK, as often as you would like, BUT, not any female genitals at any time during the entire series. Now for the kicker, female PUBIC HAIR was also off limits. Really? Pubic hair? On Shamless?


  5. Debbie has alot of mental problems upstairs Shes 15 she's too young and it wasn't even an accident she did it on purpose nc she thinks shes ready sometimea what you want isn't always what you need. I think she's lonely at home with every one doing their own thing now so she thinks a baby will fill her emotional needs. She rapes a guy to lose her virginity bc she is desperate to grow up. She finally finds a guy who actually likes her and she screws that up bc she tricked him to having a baby with her. Fiona is the prettier sister who guys chase after and Debbie is the ugly sister who chases the guys away.

  6. I'm 17 right now, and I'm gonna be honest. I have never thought about having a fucking kid now, and I don't plan on ever having one.

  7. OMG little debbie from season 1 is so sweet, pure and filled with innocence and then 6 seasons later she's a teen mother, lol, the Gallagher that surprised me most.

  8. Debbie really was in La La Land when she was pregnant. Teens get pregnant bc they think their ready to be moms and having a baby is so much fun. A real baby is not like owning a baby doll a real baby is alot of responsibility a 24/7 job. I'm 25 and I still don't even want kids yet, I am in love with my boyfriend and we want kids together down the road but were not ready to give up our freedom just yet. We're still young and want to do and see other things first. I know a girl whi is like 23 and she already has 3 kids and their all like 1 year a part. She kept getting pregnant every year whenever she annouced she was pregnant nobody was surprised anyways. Kids are not toys so unless your really ready to change your life then wait.

  9. She was desperate for love and attention and taught getting pregnant by a guy would give her that, she was never taught any better

  10. I love UK Debbie but this one frustrates me most of the time. But gotta love all the characters from both even if it's a love/hate.

  11. So let me get this straight, Fiona went to jail because her two year old brother ate cocaine, Ian is bipolar, gay and did many things to get in the army such as use his brother's ID, he hot wired a helicopter or tried to and stuck his hand on a stove because his meds make him feel weird, Carl wanted to go to juvie and wanted to be a thug and once believed he was a cancer survivor, Molly thought she was a girl with a penis, their mother is bipolar and ran off with her girlfriend and left them, Frank is a freeloader who steals money, gets drunk and wakes up at random places and head butts his kid for no reason. Debbie is now a rapist and had wanted to be pregnant. Also Sammy sent Ian to jail is a wack job and has a son who has an iq of 71. They are all very fucked up.

  12. Debbie thinks shes lretty but she is actually suler ugly on the show and in real life. When she does that weird cringy smile, when she gets what she want. Ew. She like flips her hair. Bitch i literally wanna fight her. Shes a slut off the show too, look at her instagram photo.

  13. excuse me? little debbie is pregnant? how did that happen? I'm only on season 2 she's still a baby herself!!!

  14. first she had to rape someone to lose her virginity then she get knocked up purposely the second time she has sex Debbie what happened

  15. I just finished watching the season on Netflix and I knew this was gonna happen to her and I thought she was the smart one

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