Sharp Pain Postpartum.. & Date Night Ends In Embarrassing Moment!

hey guys we are having our final date night but that sounds very orbit our last date night with Harold's mom in town she leaves tomorrow morning so we're taking full advantage we are at Outback right now which we have not been to in a while which is Rachel's favorite prepare I'm so excited I'm so hungry I'm going on the Fred Roggin doors so I just sat down and I have the hottest date this is my favorite meal by far we got the walnut aren't you our bread honey butter we got a chopped salad we got our steak and our baked potato Oh Barney yeah we're full now and by the way girls just advise your some dating advice for you one-on-one if you ever go on a date which I'm sure a lot of you do go on dates don't wear lipstick cuz then you can't kiss I was like oh you gotta take that lipstick off so I kiss you I don't know if you guys like this but you put on lipstick and then you're like no but I think you knew that we wanted to kiss you okay anyways we have driven down to DC to get on some scooters and maybe find some dessert or something really our planets upon dessert but we're gonna use scooters to find a dessert yeah sure so love the way we found a scooter a train is going by right now so you might not be able to hear me Harold I was caught in glee oh it's already left me so I'm gonna go find him we also heard possibly a contract going on Rachel's driving this scooter and you're actually not doing a bad job today I can't a tramp it or no you're all ramp it girl you got it ramp it worth it we're at the US Capitol as you guys can see you can't you got to ramp it straight yeah just go right through here there you go oh my terrifying wicked this is kind of fun because I like trust very big arm workout it's barely going and I'm struggling – wow this is beautiful they let us get this close to the Capitol that is beautiful or else ma'am good morning and we ended the blog last night as rich and I were just hanging out we having a good time and we were like you know what we just want to enjoy each other but it is the next morning and what having a little boy's morning because moms get some sleep checks you have I got really bad upset stomach last night Leo come here dude I want to talk about you hurry come here welcome here hurry wait over here he's like that I want to come say you guys he's not coming over here we learned a new word this morning and he thinks it is hilarious because he did it this morning and so I taught him what it was totally a boy's word and he just laughs every time he hears it I'm gonna have to ask him later he's mowing our hardwood floors right now so currently really busy he is not stopping for anything your morning bud poop can you say it did you man dad does need to make you breakfast you could just make breakfast for yourself this morning yep okay let's not just say this word all the time dad will get in a lot of trouble for Mom poop I was just telling mom she just came downstairs tonight and I like kissed her and I kissed Wyatt and it's pretty cool because there's so many people in this house now that I can just like kiss and love on which is awesome because it used to just be raised on why many years ago almost two years ago and like I would kiss on her and love on her but now it's like I wake up and I kiss and I love on Leo and I kissing I love my mom and I kiss and I love on Wyatt he just ran up here stop beatin his breakfast so he could say hey to his little brother they're gonna be playing in no time you know wow honey that is awesome we were just talking about and I'm like running around trying to find things to put baby in you crushed that we're saying it's like really hard for us to like work on the book and I take care of him just because of like holding the baby like one of us always has to be holding the baby so I was like man we need to get this stuff like the mama Roo and all that stuff but you were just saying I just it's this called the mama room what's the thing the rocky place so you guys check this out so most of you guys if your parents you may know if not I want to let you guys know so we brought this thing down I was like hey I'm trying to find the cord I've been looking for the cord for like an hour and Rachel's were like actually this thing got recalled so what's it called again the pack and play rock and play yeah back to play rock play so the rock and play got recalled all of them apparently like all versions because babies were actually dying in it Leo and I we got what is this it's not called that what is it it's called a swing it's pretty simple but when together for Wyatt so we consider it in so we have to hold them oh okay and this is my lead engineer right now I don't know if you guys can see but he is putting things together super cute all right buddy you teaching this how to do it you are okay how do we do it yeah it goes right in there okay okay you've got a good job so far all right let Daddy help you okay I'm gonna help you hey we're not gonna do that young man I need your help for this last part here buddy can you help me put it on here it's almost ready I've no never the charger is but it's honest ready can you lift it up lift it up whoa all right you set it right there set it right there yeah thanks oh yeah almost sort of all right daddy I'll help you okay okay good job bud push it watch push it that's for the baby oh you want to get in it no no I think you're too big mom is he too big mom can you get in there mom's right in the book okay [Laughter] I knew exactly what it was for I know he's I'm trying to like this do it oh yeah good job buddy good job you're so sweet good job bud Wow even helped put this thing together wow that's a little aggressive a little aggressive let's slow it down okay just a little bit like that baby doesn't want to do it a whole lot okay baby's not as crazy as you why why it's just a newborn okay hey bud you want to see something that's gonna blow your mind I showed it to you when you're a baby and you thought it was cool then I bet you're gonna think it's really cool now you want to see it buddy you do it's called a remote-control car come here you don't even see it yet what are you even saying all right look watch this thing watch this hold on so if you gotta try it on see turn on daddy breaking out the Batman car oh my god I was looking for like all the babies I don't like oh my gosh no but it does hurt my face scared cuz you give him his feet [Applause] is that the funding toy we owed you love your new toy I think that yes guys we may have a winner here he's so calm watch out watch out Leo still learning that he can't PU SH but he's learning [Applause] yo this is what you call a super dad it's pretty cool I like I almost want to know it on the other side okay yeah who's gonna go through pregnancy birth this time houston we have a problem I started to try to edit today's vlog I'm gonna laugh at the the few of you who are named Houston on this vlog oh my gosh I was looking directly to you you must get that a lot but um my external is full so dad's gonna take Leo I'm gonna take this sleeping guy and he's gonna go get us some dinner and an external hard drive right hmm and maybe a surprise for Mom good news friends Harold went to the store and got an external so I am able to edit this vlog thankfully so thank you honey bad news is you know how he said he was gonna get me something was it brownies a bad kind here we really come to know it pulls out the box I didn't know are these I was like one named Brianna brownie so she likes no that's not true I mean I do like other ones but specifically the one that you got is the one that is bad maybe Crocker there's every booth everyone buys this one box for some reason and they're not good I like it it's good and I'm like haha no we've been married for she tried yeah you tried to eat it and you were like Matt yeah I know exactly how they pretty good not good anyways we have to tell you what happened at the end of our date night why it got cut a little bit short because oh gosh probably could have been my most embarrassing moment ever and it would have just been so so bad yeah well it would've been funny in like ten years but only in like ten years no it also would have been a scarring moment I would not talk to you everyone I told anyone this I know exactly we were just occasionally last night anyways what happened was we were scootering around and then we decided to stop kind of near the Washington Monument and we were just like hanging out but we didn't realize how far away from the car we were and someone came up and wanted to use the scooter so we'd let them well then all of a sudden my stomach started hurting and I was like oh we should probably go back so we started like walking back and then it's like sharp pain it's kind of what happened to me when we went to the hospital when I was pregnant and thought it was like my appendix or something it hurts so bad like I had a stop I was like kneeling down on the floor like I couldn't walk at first I started on my left side it's a sharp sharp pain in my left side and I was like oh my gosh then we realized the car is like my tools away and I'm like we're screwed we're screwed what am I gonna do I'm not gonna make it cuz then I'm like maybe it's a gasps pain again maybe I have to go to the bathroom like we just ate a big steak like this is not looking good Rangers barking so we keep on going and I'm like honey I need you to run we're still really far so you don't really want to leave me so we kept walking and now we're walking across the Washington Mall so like big oh sorry the National Mall big green space but it's dark luckily it's dark it's like 10 o'clock at night and I'm thinking like oh my gosh like my stomach is hurting so that like I don't really know what it is but what if all sudden like I've got to go in there's no bathroom anywhere this point I thought it sounds like we're about a mile away I was like we need to kind of discuss the real possibility maybe using the restroom in the middle of the National Mall and like how we go about doing that okay thank you I know I was petrified it's like what am I gonna do like I don't think I can make it there's no bathrooms anywhere no anywhere and so it's like you're you might just have to go and I'm like she's gonna take it number two in the National Mall and I'm wearing a jumpsuit so like I mean I would have to take off the entire thing and be butt naked didn't work to the dude bang a jumpsuit things may have turned out differently yeah you can you know they've done it I would have dug out of the grass you know okay to fertilize okay I wouldn't have done that guys I would not have done that but I'm just thinking this is not going well I'm actually thinking in my mind what if I was on like a date this is not my husband or something is happening what do I do like I probably would have just like pieced out ran it never talk to the person ever again but seriously I was thinking that I met like hunched over we're stopping multiple times eventually I decided Mike honey you gotta run so he like runs to the car and I'm like walking there I'm like oh my gosh I'm probably gonna get a jump there's no thinking this is not safe anyways we do end up making it home and it was all good what one for anything that we didn't really communicate well on it's like okay everyone go get the car why didn't know that rate was thinking across the street i disadvantaged I was try it yeah but I was driving up and down the street because I was looking on one side and you were on the other side and we were like after each other out it would've been faster her just to walk to the car yeah it's frustrating but it's okay anyways moral of the story was I was very very thankful there with my husband this is all going down maybe don't wear a jumpsuit it's nothing a date if you stomach or itch or something I don't know but I'm just imagining like all the water things I could have happened I'm just so thankful that they did not happen but that's gonna wrap it up so I love God a lot of people make a difference to be thankful I wish the comments are on because I want to hear y'all's like the most embarrassing moments oh I hope somebody has a really good story like this anyways you can follow us on Instagram and let us know in Instagram because we would love to hear from you

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