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  1. They TRIED to talk about it in a respectful way. Telling you as a special needs mom, they FAILED. I don't blame them though. They haven't HD the baby yet. If they do and watch these images again, they will know what I'm talking about.
    For example, the "healthy baby" they talk about. I have two very HEALTHY autistic boys. Also, the praying and wanting for a certain child is never met. A child is his or her own soul. As they should be.

  2. I actually think Shawn and her husband worded it very respectfully and it didn't come across like 'oh yay, it's not disabled babay, because if it had been, we would have aborted it'. I don't think they are to blame for this. They only did the test after the doctor advised them to, and I think it's their decision, if they want to know for sure, and I think it's alright to want to be prepared for what will happen. A baby with down syndrome often does have health issues at the beginning of their lives (heart problems mostly) so I understand the need to know for sure, especially when you are not familiar with chromosomal variations or other differences from the 'normal' outcome 'after' birth. Yes I have worked with children with down syndrome and I also think that there definitely should be more education about the subject of them being just as human as us and that there is no need to be more scared for a baby with down syndrome than one without,because: yes, MAYBE they'll need more help learning new stuff or MAYBE take a little longer to learn to walk or speak. But those baby's are definitely not 'suffering' from anything other than their often related health issue (heart). They are able to live as much of a happy and independent life as we are (though some maybe in a different way than what is seen as 'normal').
    That said: it would have been the today shows job to educate people that there is nothing wrong with having a baby with down syndrome, not celebrating for a couple that they 'gladly' won't have a baby with DS.

  3. Thank you for not turning off the comments here. Because the East Fam do on their videos. I personally think that if you do that you are not for YouTube.

  4. I’m pregnant and we did genetic testing. That way we would have more time to prepare our home and ourselves for anything that could possibly happen. I see nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared.

  5. There needs to be more space to shed light and love to those with down syndrome or any other child who may not fit in the category of "healthy baby"… Too often families and children with special needs are marginalized and sympathized… and in reality they need to be CELEBRATED. While I'm sure not harm was meant to be done by this segment- the Today Show really missed the mark and the opportunity to advocate and include all families.

  6. It’s so sad that people now a days still consider a baby with Down syndrome “unhealthy”. As a mother of a 6month old who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth I can truly say I am so sorry you are missing out on one of the sweetest most loving baby you could ever meet.

  7. Being a mother of 30 years of a special needs daughter,😇I'm sure Shawn and her husband did not mean to upset anyone.🙏

  8. Why shine a light on a celebration of not having a child with DS. You’re agreeing with this idea that a child with DS is lesser. It’s honestly disrespectful and hurtful to the entire disability community, which already suffers from so much from society and how it views them. Love your babies no matter what! They will be beautiful and amazing and smart and capable. Health doesn’t equal worth. So both you and the East family should feel ashamed about the hurtful impact your videos had.

  9. Although I do understand the struggles this couple have been through I do find the way Today worded this a bit offensive and I believe that many will find it VERY offensive. Just because a child has DS does not mean they are "unhealthy". Also, though it is likely that the genetic testing is conclusive it is not certain. I know many that had genetic testing and it turned out inaccurate. Maybe they should do a little research on DS. This is exactly why parents who have a prenatal diagnosis of DS are told that people feel sorry for them. That is devastating. I'm by far not a cream puff who believes everyone and everything must be PC but this is not quite well vetted .

  10. Today Show Team:
    I write regarding the show “Shawn Johnson gives uplifting update after pregnancy complications” on July 22, 2019.
    One hopes the thought behind this piece was to showcase a journey of a set of parents-to-be, a celebrity couple who are favorites to many, to extend a sense of support even to those with difficult journeys.

    This was badly executed and ended up being highly disrespectful to people with Down Syndrome and to families that have welcomed babies with Down Syndrome. Good for them that the happy couple received a negative result. But they and the show have no right to wrongfully cast a positive diagnosis in such a bad light using words like “so scary” that they finally can “breathe for the first time in weeks”.
    Receiving a test result is a highly personal experience that can be exhilarating or gut wrenching for any parent. This should not be shared on national TV in such a way that people who were not in the same page, people who happened to receive the opposite results, are left with a projected sense of “so sad to be you”.

    Did he producers not sit to think a minute what message they were sending to families with people with Down Syndrome?

    Was that message supposed to be “too bad but you’ll are not the viewership we’re going after” or “ we don’t have the sensitivity or the thoughtfulness to set our ignorance aside and look into the lives of some who did happen to get a positive diagnosis”? Because that’s what came through. Loud and clear.

    This was such a good opportunity to convey some real support and strength to ALL your viewers and you have failed hard and not just missed the mark but displayed ignorance and tasteless, while grossly insulting a significant population of your viewers who are struggling against discrimination on several fronts.
    Hope someone has the sense to right this wrong in a meaningful way.
    A parent with a lovely child who happens to have an extra 21st chromosome

  11. Distasteful… No thank you Shawn Johnson and the Today Show. We don’t want your small minded, off-hand commentary on so many of our lives touched by so many different bumps on the way -bumps including a Down Syndrome diagnosis.

    We are quite happy, contended, and find fulfillment in our lives – no matter our chromosomal makeup. Our rich multidimensional lives which you special people find (/gasp/) “so scary”.
    So thank you very much.

    Shame on NBC for making a buck off this while sidelining a sizeable set of people who happened to fall on the other side of getting results from genetic testing.

    Yet another example of shameful, lazy, and insensitive reporting by a show on national television.

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