Shay Mitchell Is PREGNANT! Watch Her Exciting Announcement

what do you think I should name this yep Pretty Little Liars star che Mitchell's got a pretty little baby on the way the 32 year old first announced the exciting pregnancy news on Instagram with this ultra glam pic then in a YouTube video spam in YouTube kind of a tie so yeah I try and use a little bit on each of the problems just I can stay up with it with the kids they say the clip also serves as an announcement for a new youtuber docu-series about her pregnancy it didn't feel right to just put up a photo and be like I'm pregnant and have people just think that everything has been peaches and rainbows this is real life and I want people to come along with me on this journey in real time the baby's father is featured in the trailer he's Matt Babel a Canadian TV host he and Shay have been quietly dating for years and it seems the pair's been keeping the baby secret for a while while explaining how she's been covering up her bump in the teaser a shot of Shay and an Oscars party pops up that would have been back in February this will be the first child for Shay and Matt they experienced a miscarriage in 2018 which Shay opened up about on Instagram I respect her bravery so much that can't be an easy thing to talk about and a lot of people go through that and I think that that she can you know kind of inspire people for the hope of you know life still going on and still amazing things still happening

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  1. “This is real life so I don’t want to just put up a photo” so let’s just do a photo shoot to announce it 😒

  2. I’m so proud of u Shay ur character on pretty little liars is my favorite u r so talented and amazing ur gonna be an amazing mother

  3. Im So happy for her rainbow baby, I lost my first pregnancy back in early April and I hope to one day have my rainbow as well…

  4. I like how they introduce Matt Babel as just a TV host LOL. He worked for Entertainment Tonight Canada! Basically for them😂🤣.

  5. Two of my Ferguson family cousins, Matt and Hannah Ferguson, Bryan and Kellee Ferguson are having two new baby girls. How cool is this?.

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