Shay Mitchell Pregnant & Reveals Baby Bump In Emotional Video

Shay Mitchell reveals she's pregnant and all of her fans including myself are shocked hey guys Ali with some breaking news because Shay Mitchell is pregnant Wow yeah I didn't believe it at first either but after she posted this pic showing what looks like a baby bump with the caption does this mean I'm allowed to drive in the carpool lane and all times now I guess the answer to the question is yes also as of this recording she just posted a full-blown video revealing this is in fact real Shay just posted to our YouTube channel revealing several moments during her journey the behind the scenes of her shoot a la Kylie Jenner what do you think I should name this I didn't want to come out on social media so early on I was gonna say you're doing a really good job of covering it I'm gonna be so happy when this comes out I could be pregnant I can be like not suck my stomach in Shay also revealed her new youtube series that's coming out called almost ready that will cover her pregnancy and will be released every other Wednesday starting July 17th this is incredible and what a way to start the weekend but let us know in the comments below what you think the baby's name will be and how surprised you are and don't forget to hit the stuff like in Val button for all the latest updates on your faves

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  1. I can’t stand ally. I mostly don’t even both to watch these just because she is in it. Her voice is so annoying.

  2. Pregnant without being married….Long Hisssssss…..Baby mamas everywhere….I never thought she would also follow such a bandwagon.

  3. Fake bitch. 6 days ago she posted a picture on her Instagram and she was completely flat not to mention other photos showed her drinking a margarita. She's using people's pictures and videos. It makes me sick. One thing to never do while pregnant is suck in your stomach it can suffocate the baby. If she is pregnant then she's a shitty mother to be suffocating her child like that. I'm 7 months pregnant and I've never done such a thing

  4. I didn’t even know that she had a boyfriend lol. But I think the name of the baby should be Shawn if it’s a boy or Lily if it’s a girl.

  5. i wish shay could see all our faces when we opened up instagram to her pregnancy announcement! She would be just as Shook as we all are!

  6. Anyone noticed Ali in her white dress on her left hip sticks out more like she has more hip or her love handles on the left side is more then the right?!?! I noticed it in a couple of her videos but I thought I was seeing stuff

  7. I'm so happy for her she was my crush ever since pretty little liars she's glowing so beautiful congratulations to her

  8. Who is her boyfriend? I thought she was single😱😱 OMG!! Congrats, It's amazing👏🏻😍 i grew up with the liars, i can't believe it🤧🤧 i'm feel old

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