– So when we found out we were pregnant with Claire, we called my parents and it was like, like the crying thing. Then with Carson we did like some cute, like announcement with Claire. Like she made like a little book. So, we decided to change it up this time. – [Dave] We decided. Ashley decided. (laughter) – (squeaky voice) I’m pregnant. Don’t tell anyone. I’m pregnant. Don’t tell anyone. – [Dave] That’s the
announcement to your parents? Okay, do it. (laughter) – All right there it goes. (loud scream) (laughter) – How long until they call you? – Like a second, then we can watch and
see when they watch it. – [Dave] Did anyone open it? – (laughing) No. We’ll just turn it up and wait more. – [Dave] Still nothing? Nobody’s opened your stamp yet? I urge you to watch a movie. What if they opened it and
didn’t think you were serious? – No, you can tell when they
opened it, ’cause the triangle. My mom just opened it. (laughing) You told me over SnapChat? (overtalk) – She literally just snapped me back. (laughing) – (squeaky voice) Are you serious? (laughing) – Really, it’s just like silly. I shouldn’t even say anything, but I figure if anything happened, I would tell you guys anyways. You know. So. – We’re so happy for you. – Congratulations. – For your whole family. – Thank you. – Yayyy!! – How are you? – Good. I seriously am not even
four weeks until tomorrow. So, like I should be feeling good. Yeah. If Claire says it’s time for something, it’s just time. (laughing) – It’s just time. She knew she needed a room mate. – [Man Over Phone] She knows this stuff. – Hello. – [Dave] Hi. – Are you filming? – [Dave] Yep.
– I almost died of, like, cook-your-baby-in-the-car-syndrome. And I’m the baby. – [Dave] Sorry, had to grab my camera. – We didn’t really have a good way to announce where we’re going. – [Ashley] First I need a hot chocolate. – [Dave] She’s been having all these, like weird cravings lately. Totally just weird
cravings at strange times. Right now she’s just
demanding hot chocolate. She just has to have it.
– I’m so anti, like, cravings. I think they’re fake. But thanks for your credit card. (laughter) (car door slams) It’s perfect. (serene music) – Awww. – [Dave] Hi. – Hi! I’m Caroline. – [Dave] Hi, Caroline. Peace of Mind scan. That’s what they call it. – [Ashley] Yes. That’s exactly what it is. Let’s go over here for
a second. (serene music) (baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound) (serene music) – [Dave] Checks the heartbeat. Oh my gosh. Wiggle around in there. – [Technician] Yeah. Heart rate’s 160. That’s perfect. – Like a perfect little gummy bear. – Hm hmm. – It’s so cool to see it. It’s like a real thing. It’s like a real thing to me. So, when’s the due date? – January 27th. – My fattest Christmas ever. (laughter) – [Technician] The baby
looks really good, you guys. – Thank you so much! – You’re welcome. – This is so fun. – Yeah. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Aww. Thank you. That was so cute! – [Dave] So cute! – That’s so good that it’s measuring perfectly on time. And look at those little knobs. Two arms, two legs. It’s so fun. It’s real. I felt pretty good. I’m so blessed. – [Dave] When are we gonna
start telling people? – Let’s call your mom. – [Dave] Okay. Right now? – Yeah. – [Dave] Okay. – She’ll love it. It’ll be so exciting. – Ashley’s actually pregnant. Which is why I… – [Mother on phone] Oh, okay! (laughter) Yay. – Ashley’s pregnant. Oh, alright. That’s exciting. I knew there had to be another Claire-Carson coming. (laughter) – [Other Woman On Phone]
I once said you guys were never having another one, Dave. And I just, we didn’t believe it. Rohald, it’s Dave and Ashley. They’re on speaker. They have something to tell you. – Ashley’s pregnant, that really what it is. – [Rohald Over Phone]
Oh my gosh! (laughter) This is actually pretty amazing, since you two haven’t been together for the last six months. (laughter) Did you do this right now? (music plays) – That’s fast. – Do you hear that? (baby’s heartbeat) – What is that? That’s really fast. Is that a heartbeat? Is that a baby? – Yeah. – There’s a baby in there? – Yes. (Claire laughs) – You’re gonna be another big sissy again! – [Dave] You’re gonna
be a big sister again! – And Carson’s gonna be a big brother. – This is so exciting! Carson, there’s a baby! – [Ashley] Hey, Carson! – There’s a baby in Momma’s tummy. – There’s a baby in my tummy. – Right here! Oh, there’s a baby! Oh, I’m so excited! – You’re a momma baby? – Yeah, there’s a baby. – I’ve always dreamed of having a new one! – Do you wanna have another
baby brother or sister? – It’s a baby! (Carson mumbles) – It’s a baby! – So, we’re having a baby. The baby’s gonna be born in January. This will be our first non-October baby. – We took a little more time this time. Carson was a colickey baby. – We’d a lot going on in
life the last two years. We always knew we wanted a third one. And Claire’s been asking for one for a long time. – Actually, like several months ago, she, I was putting her to bed
and she just started crying, and she was like, I’m ready for a room mate. She wanted a baby so bad. – That kinda made us
think about it seriously. – To tell you the truth, we were just kind like, Okay, like. – There’s always like a
certain amount of faith with having a baby. Like, it’s always super, super scary. It’s been like this on
every kid we’ve had. And you never feel, like, totally ready for it. And then… – For him especially. – Then there just comes, like, a moment where you’re like, you know what? I can do this, I can be a good dad. And I’m just gonna, like, have faith. – He’s a really good dad. – That God will help me. I have faith that God will
help me be a good dad. And God will help me be ready for it. – I’m really similar as a mother. Like jumping into a new pregnancy and a new baby. I mean, like, pregnancy is
just the first step, you know. It can be really really hard. – It’s a crazy experience, all of it. Carson’s starting to get into the age where I wanna start doing stuff, like I’ve been doing with Claire. Like start really getting invested in him, musically, because I love music, and I want my kids to love music. – And he’s showing talent,
so it’s really exciting. – And Carson’s trying
to sing a little bit, so like, I know I want to dedicate more time to helping Carson develop his skills. And when you add a third kid in there, that means, like, that time has to be split three ways. And so, it’s a big feeling, ’cause I still have a job. I’m just starting a company right now, and that’s taking a lot of time. I still wanna be a musician, so I’m still writing music. And doing a lot of stuff musically, myself. That I’m gonna have to give a little bit up of the little things. Crosby baby number three, is entering this world January 2018. We’re gonna miss a tax
credit by a couple weeks. – Of course you’d think
about the tax credit. – It’ll cost us a thousand bucks. Ashley is a champ of a woman. – Aww. Been super blessed. – She’s been a little
bit sick. Not too bad. – Not bad. – Pregnancy is just a crazy, crazy thing. – It is. – I wish there was just a zipper you could unzip and
just pull him out, but. (Ashley laughs) Unfortunately you have
to go through, like, some serious pregnancy stuff. – But it’s all such a miracle, and it’s so worth it. I know that I’m gonna love this baby. So, it’s all worth it. – We’re just super excited about our new little baby in our family. (theme music)


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