She Wants ANOTHER Baby

do you want a baby sister it brings a yes you are a good morning Jackson says he's not a boy so he's calling Santa to tell on himself are you talking to what are you saying okay that's fine so for you and Nene what about say you guys have lost all interest in shark now he's pretending to cry now did you feed him too much yes fed him too much who fed him who put all the food in his tank huh are you sure okay Jackson is such a tattletale shark right there we had a scoop some mountain like this slow song so yeah we don't want to over beat him especially because it might get a tank dirty or sooner so but I just hear that Santa's on his way whoa what what later good boy they're just trying to get everything on board hey Santa name is bad they're so cute hey son Ryan Warren Spahn with Santa you want presents has not even good oh I love you why me though I didn't do anything wrong oh we should get this whoa whoa whoa hold on how what a random thing to have out yeah literally guys this is around the time as soon as these kids start walking this is around the time where Karen asks me do we want another one and what do we say can you say no good job high five oh he's pouty now that's right see that's how I am when she asked me no no no wait why did you say can that's what I look like when this morning when you were asking no no no it was being crazy all right guys we've been in the car for about 17 seconds and landed it's already out Jackson he loves lilo and stitch so he's watching that we picked up this picked up this dude right here how was work it was so fine yeah so you work from anywhere evan has a cool job he works on that website that sells poop and just like sends it to random addresses for like three dollars or something like that yeah so if you have an address that you want it sent to put it in the comment no I'm just gonna thats a real business now but he hasn't like that he does something with like software and stuff like that something really boring but I had to get out of the house because from this game did I hurt your feelings I had one too Thurmond I thought it was cool what he does I love sales I love his job I was kidding for all you people who don't know how to take a joke no but I had to get out of the house because Karen was begging me to have another baby and so instead of having another baby dude she's asking me all morning so it's yeah so I took these kids we're gonna go buy baby clothes for Sutton and like some other baby things and make Sutton feel like a newborn baby again so she can stop asking me she's been asking me non-stop where she cried earlier well not like full-on cried like tears coming out like every time around this stage one of the kids like learn how to walk and like more of a toddler than a baby that's whenever she's like I think we should have another one but now this time no we're not having another one so we're going to target we're gonna buy some baby stuff true waking up yeah that doesn't look too comfy that's not gentle oh my gosh start shaking Danny you want to go get toys Nene you want to go get a new fish then any toys that's not that's too hard they named oh my gosh Landon don't go get toys boys you want some new toys Oh should we grumpy oh let's go get toys okay come on come on you know did gonna get you too boy it's okay and baby things for mommy's Super Target feels so weird coming here with that Karen yeah doesn't have to be weird coming earth Oh mommy same you have this one okay you got it oh you want to do it okay come on oh so cute here we go baby slash toddler that's these guys hey guys you guys want a baby sis you yeah he said yeah do you want a baby sister yeah dang idea I'm really bad at this because Karen bites all the clothes so I don't know what to do shorts teased to click big boy shorts no this looks like baby baby style right Tootie there's this too big dude this is something we're talking about there's still it's too big okay all right Oh 12 months right here 12 months looks like a baby thing dude what are we doing we got to buy things that makes her not want one hey guys what are things that make you not want a baby I see you I see you see look Karen doesn't want more toys in the house does she hold you fine okay watermelon smash okay we got the heck out of target before I started raining too crazy but yeah I'm doing the wrong thing I was buying baby clothes for her to be like oh so cute I'm dressing seven and this thing about a newborn you know I should be buying things that makes her not want a baby so guys please comment below what I should do I got her movie tickets because you can't go watch movie when you have a newborn baby right Evan told me I should wear a diaper as a as a protest but have her changed me until she stops asking you're sick yeah so just got that one target now we're on our way to the doctor to get my vasectomy all right just got home hey mama mama I was doing all the wrong things I was going to forget to buy you baby clothes to dress him up but instead this is look look at this guy what is this yeah you can't watch movies if you're pregnant or if you have a newborn no you can't I can't thank you skin okay but not with a newborn and also also look I have a list I've list 50 reasons why I did not have a baby Tinky or any of the kitchen sink because you can't make it in the bathroom stretch marks on top of stretch marks I mean not being able to wear your wedding ring because your fingers have morphed into sausages sex with the fetus in the middle you're getting cankles yeah but I still wear a pad oh that's my toy okay the nine months up brings the ninth month of pregnancy not recognizing yourself in the mirror of true not going to be itself in the vlog taking that first proof after delivery okay no that's my toy so me and Evan at Ella's party remember the Kinect for basketball so I want to play with Evan so no that's for me Jackson that's mine yeah but that but also look look look cut this for Jackson watermelon smash yeah you spin it and then you see if you smash it over your head or not you think you oh yeah I thought it was fun we should play this oh I got this uh train Sutton let me see Jackson hi I can't we're gonna go to my dad's restaurant okay yeah I love you see like three kids you can handle perfectly this is mine this is mine go P Jackson why do you always wait the last second okay open this oh my gosh you teach him it's the easiest we're gonna have to teach him to not do that soon why oh my gosh it's true okay fine you can have this you win take it yeah Jackson look I got you goggles so you can open your eyes underwater okay do you want to go in the water today oh okay okay okay good boy today my dad's always good bye have fun just got them feeding the kids my mom made this amazing dinner tonight this is called chicken and rice oh man this is like what is this zucchini mom zucchini with cheese on it he's probably gonna take an early night hmm yeah are you so sleepy all right let's go to sleep oh my goodness you scared me don't eat son no no oh my gosh okay pick up all these balls pick all this up daddy went crazy with you guys and then he just left did he clean up he already had his night train bad oh I'm so cute tiny and I need another one okay maybe not call me clean valid points today about the you know nine months pregnant not being able to wear my wedding being in it but look what it gives you oh my goodness come on let's get ready for bed I'll beat you you feel really ready [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you go to bed now there yes no you want to play with me I'm your favorite who told you that okay what about landing good landing come yeah okay so he's my favorite too he's playing in my favorite too yeah yeah yeah yeah you're all oh it's in my hand do you want to throw it away from me oh it's in the trash yeah you wanna lay in mommy's bed watch a movie okay let's go you go peepee okay good we're not gonna sleep in my bed but we can watch some movies in there until we go to sleep okay okay okay oh no the baby's not in there I would love to talk with you actually I miss you guys mommy mommy hey I know that wing enjoy it's nighttime snake let you talk yeah we get under Lyndon who farted no mistress Jill I just got landing his boost mommy how abou Stu I means I have to get up and go get it do you want me to leave how will you get up at no keep it did you fart it smells like that's okay I'm mom can you help me yeah look at em I see them are these linens jammies no that's mine okay yeah why you're not wearing the jobless I'll go get his pajamas and then I'll get you boots – and then I'll be back okay – bye how you get your boot Bobby hello you get my B's first I'll get your boost first and then I'll get his jammies and then I'll come back no mommy and Lana can come back mm-hmm mommy mommy help me like a queen is done then you come back okay okay okay go okay oh yes where's my pink alert okay I'll take order please you're not scared they may come on you're not scared did you bring me a half I brought your boost and your jammies but let me take your brother rot yep money and more money you made to have uh only huh yeah I know you cut me I'll fill it up all the way okay okay man your mommy just brought your hammies you know you kissed Halle honey is how we doctor that doctor yes our game is pumpkin right there like this everything now I need drawing on you we're like your size Ka'ala cake okay all right what movie do you guys underwater watch cars cars yeah you want to watch cars – Nene no what do you want to watch you're not sleeping in here tonight we're just gonna watch a movie okay no not that gun oh I thought you were stuck in there yeah I don't want to kiss I don't want any kisses you better not kiss me don't kiss dr. Nene don't you dare kiss hehe I don't want who's farting I think I put that in their lineup that makes perfect sense cause out eating daddy's gonna be so jealous whatever you don't know I'm just glad to finally be taking it easy I mean as easy as you two little kids so I'm definitely feeling it though 100% feeling it now I literally feel like I got hit by bus just plop down laid right on top of me [Applause] this oh we're on the end screen this is awesome welcome to the end of the vlog guys you guys enjoy today's blog and follow us on our social media right here and leave some comments down below I love reading the comments

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  1. I couldn’t write on your live in time but I just wanted to let you know that y’all perk up my mood every day. I get off work at 2pm (pst) every day and it’s not the most fun job. I usually have a few vlog squad vids waiting along with yours but yours are always my favorite and most dependable. Thanks for being the thing I can pass out to for my after work nap every day. And then being the thing I get to re watch while I wake up from the nap

  2. How make you not have a baby never have kids xD jk I dont have one yet I'm 27 years old xD idk how that feels having a baby

  3. You guys need one more baby I would hope it would be a girl!?😂❤️🤷🏻‍♀️❤️❤️💝💕

  4. Hiiii I just got a shirt from you guys I tried to tell you guys in the live stream but you guys didn't see it that ok by the way I LOVE THE SHIRT

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