Sheila Kitzinger on the fear that exists in childbirth

Subtítles by Toni Harman Sheila Kitzinger
Fear of Failure Well when you go into hospital you become a patient. Of course, you may not think yourself so much as a patient. And a woman who is really being patient about being a patient, when she is in hospital, thinks: “Oh dear, I’ll do the wrong thing, and I’ll harm my baby, or my baby will either be born brain-damaged
because I haven’t done the right thing, Or may die.” And this is very frightening this thought.. Women are apologetic about what they do in birth. They feel that they must somehow have caused something to go wrong. And I think we need lots more education about birth not only in terms of going to classes but of thinking about our bodies in a different way.
Save birth, change the world. Subtítles by Toni Harman, Producer, One World Birth

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