She's Starting To Dilate!

so before we go to church this morning we are stopping at CBS super quick just to check my blood pressure to make sure it's normal cos I mean my hands look a little bit better but they still kind of swollen which could be normal or it could be not healthy so we just want to double check then we'll go to church really it's good enough like what a hospital yeah all right well since we're having okay you ever used to do this when your yeah I used to do it all the time but I gotta check mine in a second too cuz I've been at a doctor like three months for any reason so I gotta check mine too just to see what's up to make sure I'm good I don't want to be like Jim I don't want to be like Jim in the office yeah you look good that's all right it is pretty good look at your pulse rate compared to mine is this 70 you've been what you have a harder time walking right now I'm gonna do mine one more time just because I've been resting now for a second don't do it right away sit down for a sec breathe take a couple of deep breaths and don't be using muscle like this keep this rest keep your other hand rest you don't want it to be using muscle when you do this you want to be completely at ease I'm serious all right go ahead and breathe as you're doing it did you think I was really member I don't know people used to make me laugh when I did this and then it would be really high and they'd be like what's wrong with you I'd be like you guys are just making me crack up sorry that's doing that to you does it hurt yeah thanks that's better job that's a lot better the pulse is still pretty high at a hundred but these numbers look a lot better your post was one no way yours was 70 you know a lot lower and how we can go to church and not worry about it okay we just got home from church and Justin is busy creating another one of these Google Bell things we have suppo that we're gonna put upstairs on our bedroom door so that he can let us know when he needs to go out in the middle of the night sometimes Justin doesn't hear him and this will help so we didn't do mr. is gonna want to play with it we didn't want to buy one on Amazon so we literally how much was everything like 250 250 or something on Joey so we're just making our own so that he can let us know what do you think he's like I just want to say you've been a teacher today mr. hook I love watching him play with this game we used to do this with him like every night because it just cracks uh-oh are you jealous you have your own boy you're fine lay tail well hello there look where we are we are now at the hospital because Rochelle is dilating slightly so that's fun and she's having a lot of contractions like what would you say maybe one every five minutes or so so not too long yeah you were getting really uncomfortable at home and then your stomach was like really tight wasn't it for like two hours but I think she dropped a little bit because they checked to see if eyes dilating and they can feel her head so you should have seen this in space when they said they could feel her head like no I didn't say that I was like what like you can feel it that's crazy man and then she's like oh your diamond like a centimeter of the lake what 50% I don't know we're gonna get checked again in an hour one hour and then depending on how that goes yeah but tell me the rest is what making up did drink lots of water it works yeah look at that you're getting all print ready I love you okay they just rechecked me after an hour and I'm still only one centimeter which is good so they can send me home probably yes I'm missing there just don't which I couldn't the doctor but I'm sure they're gonna send me home but they said to come back even if something just feels off yourself we're gonna be resting and trying not to do too much Dustin's ethanol could be so cute busy walking over here and over here on this side you can see like all the baby stuff in case he is all looking through like the footprint thing and the little hat so cute huh it's exciting because two more weeks and we'll be here for tomorrow I'm 37 weeks so we're really close guys close to the finish line and if I keep dilating you will see I told Justin though you can go like that one centimeter for they can really a long time I think so I think my body's starting the process of what it's supposed to do oh yeah we are free to go home even our nurse though was like kind of hoping you guys were in labor yeah I want you to have this baby she's like normally if someone's under like 37 weeks which I'm basically at 37 weeks tomorrow she was like we kind of won't don't want that but with you guys I wanted it she supposed to be oh I was just then I could like request her when we're in labor because I love her she was so sweet and then she's talking about like where we live and how she used to live there too and everything she's just really sweet but it's not the time so about two more weeks hopefully she was kind of like yeah your doctor should induce you early and now we could go home but apparently have to stop because apparently someone needs coffee yeah I'm free I'm feeling the facts and needs a shave really bad and I stole not stole it took four of these Hospital cups that are like the 28 ounce cups so I can keep track of how much water I'm drinking still and make sure I'm drinking enough because I had like a lot of contractions when I first arrived and then they mellow it out after laying down for a while and stuff so hopefully it stays that way and when I get home I can just rest yourself everything else is good they said everything on the monitors looked perfect so hopefully she stays that way for another two weeks now she's kicking my rib and this is the first evening in weeks where it's actually been so nice out at night that we might even open up the house and turn the air conditioner because it's so nice out like I think it was the cloud coverage today maybe I don't know if you guys can really see there's still some cloud coverage but like I'm out here in shorts and a tank top and if I was gonna be out here for much longer I'd probably put on a sweater because it's like that but it's so nice I'm gonna help you pan I'm gonna say I'm hanging out with you get some fresh air the quality of the air today has been a whole lot better so that's good and I'm feeling better I've had a few contractions still since leaving but as long as I'm keeping an eye on everything we should be good I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor hopefully to kind of get some clarification on everything but my belly I don't know if you guys can see this my belly hasn't dropped quite yet it's still pretty much the same what can you guys see that she just moved I don't know if you're able to see that on camera but I do see that a lot of the veins are starting to get tight and I ended up getting that line even that's not even and it goes a little bit but my belly is feeling huge the last few days and I'm just ready for her to be here ready I keep on like get telling Dustin every day do we have everything do we have everything are we ready are we ready I don't think I'll ever be ready for her to be here in the best way possible like I'm just like it's not gonna hit me till we're in the hospital today like was kind of like the closest we've been to being like oh it's almost here and I feel like my face is starting to swell and my nose everything is swelling guys everything is swelling but my blood pressure has been consistently good so I'm not worried about it and the hospital doctors nobody else has worried about preeclampsia because my blood pressure has been normal and the swelling could just be normal pregnancy swelling like most people get so that's good but this walk was probably pretty short compared to our normal ones because we didn't really do anything because I'm supposed to be resting so tomorrow I think I'm going to take the day off and just not do anything all day Justin's working anyways all day the only thing I have going on is that appointment and I can just update you guys on that on Tuesday but the doctor basically told me today rest and drink lots of fluids to prevent contractions of you do that and everything but yeah I love that you guys want to stay kind of what my doctor's thinking as far as induction or whatever it might be we do not have an official induction date we just knew it was gonna be around 39 weeks so pretty soon around 2 weeks until she's here hopefully so we can see if I could my belly doesn't look that big with this shirt on but then when I pull my shirt up I feel like it's huge but anyways yeah I'm gonna go back inside and rest up for the rest of the night so we will talk to you guys on Tuesday good night

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  1. Please never blow off swelling or headaches. I went 39 weeks with perfect blood pressure. 12 hours before induction my BP went to 180/110. I just had mild swelling and a light nagging headache at 6pm I was in the OR at 4am

  2. Saw this on my feed and immediately got super excited bc I thought you were in labor! Then I realized I watched this the other day when you posted it and got a little sad πŸ˜‚ I think everybody is so ready for Emma, just as much as you are ! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. I just want to tell you guys that you give me so much hope. Back in March 29, 2018 my son was stillborn. I was 33 weeks pregnant. In the first month I went on YouTube looking for other couples who went through the same thing and I found you guys. You have been a big part of my healing process. My boyfriend and I are so eager to try agin this fall. Congratulations!
    Btw. My goddaughter was recently born on 7/15 and her name is Emmalyn aka Emma. Pretty dope to me πŸ˜‚!!

  4. So excited for you!!! I was 2cm on 7/6 and my baby girl Teegan was born 7/7 at 9:54 😍😍 you’re almost there mama

  5. She'll come soon but it seems like forever. With all 4 of mine I started dilating early but then they stayed in until 41+ weeks. Just keep hydrated and walking. Staying active helps dilation

  6. I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this or not, but if you get swelling, lie down on your left side. Your heart has less work to do in this position. So excited for you guys!! Congratulations!!

  7. OH MY GOSHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR EMMA TO BE HERE I'm literally crying out of excitementπŸ˜†πŸ˜†im so happy for you i cant even talk out of excitement omlπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  8. I can't wait for this baby.. btw I was 4 cm dilated for about 6 weeks.. hang in there girl. Won't be long.. 😘😜

  9. I went in for a regular appointment at 37 weeks on a Monday was 1cm and by 8:00 pm that Thursday I had my sweet baby boy! Lots and lots of walking mama she will be here before you know it!!

  10. She will come when she's good and ready. The nearer to your due date, the better. Good luck! Take it easy, stay off your feet and DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

  11. Omg when it went from one minute you was both doing your blood pressure to the next you was on the hospital bed i cried…I thought Emma was coming OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER…πŸ˜πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  12. I was actually at church when I noticed my hands were SO swollen! I bought a blood pressure monitor and ended up in L&D!!

  13. Omgosh how exciting,i have not been online much over the last 24hours or so and so when i saw your video and thumbnail i squealed with joy
    Cant wait to meet sweet always love to you all xx

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