for those of you guys who have been waiting for my pregnancy test update today I'm gonna be telling you guys the result this is gonna be my final pregnancy test my last pregnancy test hi guys good morning welcome back to the zebra tribe fam welcome back to our Channel but you guys just saw was that clip of me trying to put soy down to take a nap as of late I've been transitioning her to her crib it's an ongoing battle I had a few sleepless nights where your girl just to say um I probably said go to sleep or lay down a hundred times but you know it's well worth it because I realized that myself I need sleep proper sleep in my bed by myself well not by myself err and thanks to me but just so we have enough room to move around it's been a long time we Co slept and know some people are against that so I'm not even here for it like it's okay it is what it is that's my parenting decision but now we're at the stage where we're trying to put her into her bed so that's what we're doing in that clip moving on also guys for those of you guys who have been waiting for my life my pregnancy test update today I'm gonna be telling you guys the results it's gonna be my final pregnancy test my last pregnancy test or the month so if you guys want to know what's happening I gotta watch the video but I do have it I will have an update in today's video what are you doing you hurt your chin yeah I heard various you can positive her but she did if she's hurt are you thinking injuries Zoe she ran over the doorframe and hit her chin like this against it like five times so we guys this is what I just did okay thank you I just cleaned out the sandbox basically I cleaned it felt this side out first I used I drained it all and just use some paper towel to absorb the remaining water it's just so I could clean it out and give it a clean you know just a clean slate and that's what I just did it to this side as well then we're gonna add more water one of my biggest regret is getting sand sand for this table so soon she's just a little baby she does not play with the sand and because of that it just leaves for a big mess okay that's good okay now we can so as I was saying yeah what only a big regret is just going ahead and filling it with the sand so we're gonna transfer the sand take it out and transfer it into this bucket let it dry and then maybe put it back in a bag or something what are you doing splash is it fun yeah you're splashing and this is perfect right now because the Sun is not on her which is often the biggest struggle she doesn't like to keep her hat on State there she goes see hi Benji hi Benji boy you like the Sun or you've sunbathing give him a hug are you gonna give him a hug you gave him air kisses very nice so we're inside guys we're back this girl was drenched when she came back in but she's now changed and is eating lunch this is actually past lunch but at least she's eating it banana pancakes with strawberries so the bad pig pancakes have eggs in it so she has protein carbs and a fruit is it tasty yeah glad you like it we're heading in the right direction you're gonna have some of this no of course not I feel like she's learning so much that's why I'm going to be doing a baby update for you guys she's 18 months tomorrow so it's perfect timing I will have one coming to share with you guys all the things that she's doing because so much has changed are you combing Ariel's hair she's giving Ariel a makeover come on Ariel transform girl so of course I'm here to give you guys the details of what you all have been waiting for you guys have basically been win for the last pregnancy test because of all that you have seen with what's been going on faint line faint line faint line and it's just been a big ol mess if you've been following the journey that before I show you guys the last part of my last pregnancy test eirick I went ahead and took the test this morning you guys have noticed I've been using the blue dye test and I keep explaining to people that I'm only I've been using it because a first response is not available where I well it is available it's just not a good deal because I live in Canada these things are so expensive like the first response with a four in the package was like $40 or something ridiculous and it was in Walmart which is supposed to be the lowest price every day so I just I was just like I'm not going to bother just like certain things I show you guys and you guys are blown away at the cost yes the difference is if living here in Canada and in the states is it's significant especially when it comes to pricing so I stick to buying those blue dyes the clear blue because at Costco you do get them in a good package for and it's pretty rather inexpensive to me you're getting four for like eighteen ninety-nine so that was the better bargain um if I figure if I really need the pink dye so I'll just use a dollar store one and they're really wonky too so it's really hard it's hit and miss anyways I just wanted to explain this just to those of you who are just like oh take a test go take go get the first response it's just like I'm patient enough to try a few of the tests that I have at home before I run out to just get another one like I'm not at that stage where I'm just like super uh I don't know anxious to run and waste all my money like I want to know if I am and if I have tests that can check and if I can wait a few days I will do that versus just throwing all my coins away next thing you know I won't be able to pay for baby when baby arrives oh you know just I'm just being real anyways I think I've talked spoken about there I'm gonna go ahead and show you my test as you guys can see those that was my result it was stark white like I didn't see anything and that was like Shh off her to me I was I was a little shot I'm like in total shock because I saw the line the kids saw the line and it was on all the other tests if you guys want to see my line progression to getting lighter and lighter I don't know I don't even think it's worth it because it was so hard to see it on camera but you could see the line progression javi saw it the kids side and saw it on consecutive pregnancy tests like back-to-back so it wasn't like it was just on the one it was honestly on three different days because I started testing from Sept day eight days post I believe so anyways like I saw something on eight day 9 day 10 day post and then it just kind of started fading and fading away I'm not quite sure what happened it's just hard to pinpoint what happened and it's so and it's sad to see a line and then it just goes to nothing but you know it's like whatever will be will be I know they want to come across as heartless because I do feel like every life matters that's what's up it's my last test of the month because there's no point in testing after getting that stark white to me I feel like at that point my hope is out the window because I'm actually at that point where it's a day before my cycle starts so it's TMI but that's where I'm at and there's no point because when my cycle starts it will very much tells me tell me that I out so there's no point in taking testing before that now you guys have been so supportive this month a lot of you have been you guys said I was pregnant and said you know and I and I honestly I truthfully feel like I was because I felt so many symptoms I'll tell I'll I'll probably do another video at some point explain to you guys what I've been what I felt I just didn't want to go into the symptoms in the videos with you guys because I didn't want to but a symptom watch is what I didn't want to do I felt things but I'm like is it in my head I was like doubting myself and I didn't want to feel like I was symptom watching but I felt things from early on in the gamin so I'll tell if you guys want to see a video on that I can do a video on that but it is what it is I'm here again and we're gonna we're gonna just move on and go into month two cycle seven knows what cycle seven holds or will there be a cycle seven because this journey is hard it gets hard after a while oh yeah guys I'm probably gonna end it right here stay tuned for my next video hi guys thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe to join the tribe okay

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  1. You are so sweet…. I love that you share this journey. Nothing wrong with wanting to know and being anxious. Zoe is at that age when mothers get pregnant again. Do you watch Deng and Vic? It seems like most vloggers got preggo after their last baby turned 2. So it will happen soon. Stay active and keep watch on your body. I've noticed it with Jamie and Nikki, The Mazelees the Ace Family and a few others. It's coming!

  2. Aw I'm so happy of how positive you are about this whole journey! I know sometimes it can be hard, but you have already many beautiful kids and I know that there will be TWO bold lines in the future for you. It's without a doubt! It will be when it will be and I cannot wait! 🙏🏽💛 Always praying for you and your beautiful family. It will happen when you least expect it! It took 4 months with Zayla and 6 with Ares! You should get the ovulating strips 💗

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